Replace Scooter Front Brakes & Adjust Rear Brake “How To”

In this video I show you how to replace the front disc brakes and adjust the rear on pretty much any scooter.
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Michael Jackson says:

I highly recommend this video, he does an excellent job in explaining the how to do it and I am very impressed and it does work very well

Sin Bizz says:

nice. thanks

Zachary says:

HI please help!! i was riding my taotao 49cc moped. and for some weird reason the front brake does not work ?!?! i can bring the front brake handle bar all the way down. how do i make it tight? please help

Robert Buth says:

thanks now ill get some pads and ill put them on. this video was what i needed thanks have a safe ride.

David Currie says:

Does anyone know what that metal tab is called. I lost that piece and need a new one

teeburshow says:

i have this problem after replacing my brake levers, my front brake lever is too far from my fingers. what i wanna know is how to adjust the lever a little bit closer to my finger so i can have a better control. my lever dont have a span adjusting knob… thanks in advance…

Mike Melchiorre says:

Hey , I’m glad you took the time to make such a quality video ; I seen you tighten the rear brake , but you didn’t say how far would be too far , isn’t there an indication of when the brake shoes need to be replaced ?

Shane Kneeshaw says:

Talk about wasting brake clean

bike life says:

oh cool this will save me some money thank you very much now all I need to do is just buy brake pads that’s it

MyAcresOfDiamonds says:

Do you know why my moped would be hard to roll backwards when pulling out of a parking spot? feels like the brakes are catching

GalthT says:

Just trying to get info on doing a rear brake fix on my oldest daughter and fiance’s e city scooter. The right handle grips to the handle. Looking at this video the rear brake is on the left. But on theirs I believe it is the right? If that is the one for the rear brakes? The handle appears on, it’s the cable that either is stretched or just bad. When I tightened the back bolt it seemed to work. Then would just go lose again. My daughter was riding one day and fell on the right side , causing the handle to hit the ground. Seems I may need to replace the whole cable.

nichlas ullerlund says:


john wayne says:

great video   ty

Alex Atrocity says:


Alfredo Antonio Reyes Lopez says:

hello friend, a question which is the name of the track being between the way the brake fluid and the clamp that holds the brake disc?

aaron nash says:

Super helpful, much appreciated!

Robert Huffman says:


Chris says:

how to fix squeaky brakes

Ramiro Valdez says:

does this work for the sliverwing

余晖 says:

what about rear wheel..

Alexis Batista says:

My front breaks lever on my scooter is too soft and it wont even pump. Can someone help please,what do i do?

John DiCarlo says:

Hi N…followed your instructions and my squeeky front brakes are quiet as a mouse. Didn’t need new pads…just a good cleaning. I also adjusted the rear as you show in the video. My only remaining issue is the rear brake is still very squeeky but I don’t see the brake assembly that i can access like the front.

Alvin Canzon says:

really useful .. subscribed

Luke Hill says:


WePeople Esperanto says:

Project Disclosure on you tube.

Student2912 says:

Thanks for this video! I learned from it.

gonebaddog123 says:

great video going to place pads and front rotor on my 49cc sprint bintelli sprint scooter and your video is what i needed not paying 80 dollars and hr for some one thats wnats to tinker with trying to figure how to replace it

monstercolorfun co says:

Becuase the force of a metal sander is not enough to clean the disk, and the hydraulic brake needs to be maintained every 2 years.

comedyman112 says:

how the hell can you use a chain to secure this scooter?

elbato10 says:

Thanks dude.

Victoria Suarez says:

Thank you!

ismael rivera says:

I’m actually upgrading my 50cc to a 100cc and I’ve been watching ur videos as reference so please the more the better thanx

Optimus Prime says:

Thanks gonna try my one sir but do you have to bleed it? Do I top up with brake fluid? How often you have to change the brake fluid at what mileage or kilometers is regular change? My brakes are grinding so I need to change them.

nick cx says:

my front brake when i press it,it kind a loss..
how to fix that??

Ruckus Tom says:

Great little video.  That probably saved me about $100 – since following your instructions I can do it myself.

John DeShaw says:

Very well done, efficient, planned. Thank you.

DontFuckWitDreDay says:

Thanks, I will try this on my 2011 Honda PCX soon.

PvXVape says:

try not to hit your paint… hits the paint haha

jim crabtrey says:

yeah me too bolts attach to Fork are Alan and all four are extremely tight. Any suggestions

DreamingWolfsMusic says:

Hey brotha, I want to know if you can adjust the front brakes, I can’t find anywhere where some one tells how to do it?
My front brakes are so loose, there is nothing , not even friction at all.

Nthefastlane says:

Buy the items featured in this video! Click here:

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michael white says:

helpful tips. Thanks

Chad Simmons says:

” HEY NTHEFASTLANE “WOW im impressed ! My sisrers garage is metal pole barn with dirt floor where i ( LOSE ) about everything i drop on the ground ” BUT ” i love my sister & every inch of her 100+ acer missouri farm & ill bet your sister is nice THANKS-4-GOOD-VIDEO

Iam Irish says:

After the mechanic adjusted the rear brake on my Vespa Primavera 2015, I put my scooter on my centre stand and it was stiff rolling backwards.  I also felt it was difficult to depress the rear brake lever.  There was very little play and it took quite a bit of force.  Any thoughts?  Great video, thanks.

Fernando Coelho says:

Great video, thanks!

Catharina Persson says:

when u have taken out the brakepads can u/i try to brake and see if the thing puches? please answer! good video 😀

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