Should you derestrict a motorbike? – 50cc Motorbikes Restrictions

A frequently asked question I’ve seen on my Aprilia RS50 Videos.
Should you de-restrict a 50cc, Is it safer and what are the risks?
This video is solely my thoughts and opinion.
Any modifications or derestrictions are done at YOUR own risk.
Any questions or queries please comment below.


Joaco Bot says:

What if I get pulled over? Am I fucked?

Cuan McQuaide says:

Stupid question, will it still past the MOT?

Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer says:

the r125 and the nsr and the mt125 are all four strokes right?

Kerbal Zone says:

that sounds like a 4 stroke

Dylan Larking says:

Ahhh I know where you are now, you drove past my nans XD

leoshark 0507 says:

so im 16 now and i really want a 50 cc , however my mum and dad are very skeptical of me having one and wont allow it due to how dangerous they think 50ccs are (although my dad rides an 1000cc bike and a 750 cc ) i am uk based , are they that dangerous ? ive never riden one before and im not too sure whether they are right or not

PotassiumShard says:

in relation to this video, I must ask, if you (yourself) were for to derestrict a 50cc bike, would you have to consult any authorities prior, to be legally secure?
I’m just asking this because I really don’t have the money to buy a new bike (125cc) although, I don’t want to break the law by derestricting my 50cc.

Charlie Jones says:

I’m going to ride it as stock and see how it goes if I’m holding up traffic then I will unrestrict it then

ThePureGamer says:

Earned yourself a sub

f preston says:

if your doing 30mph, you are an accident waiting to happen . be very aware of large trucks

Tom Lynam says:

It’s stupid for 50s to be restricted I’ve had a rs50 and a rs4 50 they both reach 70mph which is much more realistic that 28

Ryan M. says:

If I have a cbt am I allowed to derestrict a 125 to a 185? (Yamaha r125) if not am I allowed to do it on a mod 1?
If I have a cbt or mod 1 and I get pulled over by the cops or take it in for a service and they find out, will they take it away from me?

Julius says:

immediatly derestricted my bike when I bought it. does about 60-70 mph now.

AndaBoss says:

someone should take this to the government to change the law.

Mark Forrest says:

a have a reija rs50 it goes 59mph

Matthew Horner says:

where can i get my aprilia rs50 derestricted

Elvar Traustason says:

i got a Suzuki tsx 50 can rech 80/90 km/h

beNi Xx says:

Lets say Derbi Drd 50 modify:
70cc cylinder kit
Racing crankshaft
Louder exhaust and there you have 12hp bike (90-120kmh)

azizpajmxn_ says:

I have a piaggio zip 50 2 stroke if I derestrict it do I need to get a sports exhaust or anything or will it work as it is

NIC001BAR 7 says:

If you derestrict a 50cc moped, how can the police find out? and how will they stop you?… say I’m 16 years old and i chose to derestrict my 50cc moped and ride it, how can i get caught and found out ?

Peter Collet says:

What’s the average top speed for a 50cc bike? I’m new to biking and just wondering 🙂

TheGazWaz says:

Stupid Law… Yes.. but it is still the law and if you get caught or are involved in an accident you’re not insured, your riding a vehicle against your licencing restrictions. They will throw the book at you. You’ll lose your bike, your insurance will pay out but then come after you for the payments and will cancel your policy. That stays with you for the REST of your life. Every insurance company from then on will hike your premiums up because of it. You will get at least a 6 month ban and 6 points on your licence.

The police are becoming a lot more wise to this and are impounding bikes and putting them on dyno to gain the court evidence they need to prosecute you.

Yeh… great start to your riding career. Do it properly. Stick with the 50cc for the year then when you’re 17 you can go for a nice chunky 125.

Sorry… I’m an old git with full bike licence on a 1200cc. When I was your age I did the same thing. 50cc fizzy de-restricted and got 70 on the clock. Loved every minute of it. Rules weren’t so strict then though.

Ride easy.

Soap says:

what exhaust r u using?

Danielle Owen says:

I currently have a 125cc lexmoto matador moped which feels sluggish. would you advise getting a geared bike at 125cc instead of it?


De-restricting a bike may seem a good idea, however if pulled over or involved in an accident, you could find your insurance is void.

Uw4ntSum3 says:

Here in Sweden we can get a 50cc when you’re 15, my birthday is in December so I have bought a Derbi gpr 50 to practice and it is quite awesome :D. I’m thinking about upgrading to a 125cc when I’m 16, maybe the mt if I can find a used one. Is it weird jumping from 50 to 125cc and could you take a look at lightmodehelmets? I’m thinking about buying a kit.

x gamerT x says:

Should you buy it derestricted or would the insurance company notice

Carriedscroll 49 says:

your in maidstone?!?! you went passed my nans house near mangravet avenue!

Connor Barry says:

i have just gotten rid of a 50cc yamaha aerox deresticted , they’re dangerous restricted , hopefully getting a mt125 now

grob 4ari says:

aprilia rs50 is too good but sound is bad , what should I do to fix him and make him sound more sport (hope you understood what I mean :p)

Jacob Kearton says:

what if youre 18, like me, and hoping to get on a bike to shorten the commute, ajs jsm 50, and modify it? or just get a 125. all the roads I ride to work are 30mph or less

fieldmarshaljoe says:

Great video I completely agree. I’m doing my cbt tomorrow and if I pass I’m getting a keeway superlight125. 2 questions, 1) where would I go about getting my bike de-restricted? Would a garage do it for me or would I be able to find tutorials on how to myself? 2) are all 125s restricted? Or are some actually built for that exact output performance? It would be a bummer to find out that the bike isn’t restricted and just performs slow lol.

PoopFluff says:

I’m not allowed to derestrict mine because apparently it voids insurance

Dax McKinlay says:

Hi. i am almost 16 and live in the middle of nowhere so it would be pretty useful to have a bike. Am I only restricted to a moped or can I get a geared motorbike? i keep on hearing different stories. thanks. subbed btw

Ian Allen says:

The law on 50cc is it should not do more than a maximum of 32mph. A moped (rideable at age 16 with a provisional licence and a cbt.) with a maximum speed not exceeding 32mph (most around 28mph) is classed as such. If you de-restrict a 50cc, you would be riding a motorcycle class scooter / bike. If you are 16 and ride a de-restricted bike and it can go over 30mph, you are not insured or licenced to ride it. You could receive points or a driving ban for not being licenced, more points for no insurance as it will be invalid and could possibly have the 50cc confiscated and crushed. The police have portable speed devices for testing moped speeds at the road side. It is a lorry tachograph connected to two rollers. The back wheel is placed on the rollers and a policeman twists the throttle to full revs and it will indicate what the top speed is at the rollers. The tachograph has a tacho card in it and the speed is recorded.

Evolution Bro's says:

I agree with you also that the restrictors are pointless because u get a lot of drivers in their cars that are always sitting really close to you because they are impatient and are also always in a hurry you would be able to travel a bit faster and it would allow you to keep up with the traffic better and it would not bother anyone.I got my 50 cc brand new and I have not had it derestricted but it does 45 -50 mph dunno what’s happened their Lol thanks for your advice 🙂

MichaelTechGaming says:

ITs so stupid! in denmark where i live you can go MAX 33 KMH If you get caught doing 35km you WIL GET a ticket for “SPEEDING” and if you get caught while your bike can do 43KMH you get a ticket for TUNING WTF going slow is so much more dangerous in trafic than being able to go with the flow of the trafic

Filip Petersen says:

Should I keep my 50cc scooter or sell it and get a aprilia rs 50 from 2011??

Tyron says:

Where can we go to get it derestricted

Dave Roaf says:

I started riding at 15 back in the late 80s. I had a 50 for about 6 years, then did my 125 test. Since then i got a full car licence and didn’t notice that I had lost my bike A1 entitlement?? I have now decided i want to get back on a bike for fun so can ride a 50 on my car licence. But i don’t want to be stuck doing 30 when i know its going to be too slow on the roads where i live and would need to do 40 to stay with the flow of traffic. I begrudge having to redo my 125 again so would love a 50 that can do 40mph. how easy is it to derestrict a bike (don’t care about take off speed just top end cruising speed.

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