Should you get a Chinese bike? REVIEW (Chinese bike hate and myths and misconceptions)

ThatDumbGuy – Should i get a Chinese bike and Chinese bike hate and myths and misconceptions



Some people like to shit talk Chinese bikes (motorcycles) by saying they have plastic tyres, rust for a pastime, brakes don’t work, bolts come undone and all around hate on the Chinese bikes.. so in this video I talk about my experiences with the Chinese Huoniao HN125-8 and how it isn’t anywhere near as bad as they try to make it out to be allowing you to save money.

The rundown;
They don’t have plastic tyres
The brakes do work
Parts are easy to find for the Chinese bikes
They are considerably cheaper than jap equivalents
Don’t believe every horror story written by an idiot
They don’t rust as bad as people say
The bolts don’t rust away or vibrate loose if you check them before your first get on the bike.
The MPG is amazing for a 125cc 4 stroke petrol motorcycle with a OHV push rod engine.
They have a decent top speed that can keep up with the flow of traffic without any problems.

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edzeppel says:

I own a 2010 Dongfang DF250 Bobber. It has 25,650 something miles on her. Transmission let go at 25,000 around about three weeks ago. New motor with balanced crankshaft cost me a little under $800. Been back riding for the last 650 miles, and then some. Metric bikes are worth it. Have only replaced standard goods, battery, and such. New tires at 15,000 miles,. Everything lasts if you take care of it. My bike cost me new out of a crate delivered to my house $2400. 7 years later, still putting miles on her. Funny thing, most replacement parts are all pure Honda OEM. makes it easy to do minor work and maintenance.

Ricky Evans says:

My Chinese bike when i had it, i ended up parting with it at about 18k miles. The only things new i bought in the entire time i owned it, roughly 4yrs, was a new set of rear view mirrors, chain and sprockets (which all bikes do after X amount of miles), and new rear shock absorbers just because they were a colour to match the bike, nothing wrong with the other ones.

Anything else i bought or changed, was just for my own pleasure, not due to faults or breaking

Was well maintained. Key is just to look after it

Midnite Rider says:

I just got a Chinese copy of a Yamaha Tricker. The bike is great for my needs, but realistically I understand it’s not a Yamaha, If I take good care of the bike, I know it will last me. And, the bike isn’t as durable as a Yamaha, but I won’t be pushing it to it’s limits anyhow. I think the Chinese bikes really fill a need , I couldn’t buy a new Japanese bike, anyhow, so, I’m glad they are sending decent bikes from China. I am looking forward to the day when China sends cars.

goofyfoot2001 says:

I ride a 1200 sportster but I’m looking at one of these cause I love dual sports and not paying five grand for a small jap bike. Can’t imagine there is anything on these I can’t fix if needed.

michael koncal says:

Running it without carb. mixture screw? The pore exhaust valve!

Blackshuck says:

wasn’t that long ago people were saying jap cars were shit now look at the roads lol. Fact is if its right for you then fuck what others think they aint got to ride it have they.

Slim razor says:

where did you get those bike i need the information pls

Icansee u says:

These Chinese crap should be banned in the UK, these are worthless in China but being sold as triple the damn price in the UK ripping people off. Anyone with half a brain should realise why they are cheap? The engine is ridiculous sounding like made of plastic, China knows how to attract consumers by making them look the part but don’t be fooled these won’t last nowhere near a Japanese bike.

SilkySlim says:

Yes,..they said the same thing about Japanese made cars, and electronics in the 70’s,…but we found out their products are far better !!!

Kim R says:

Conservative haters tend to lie about a lot of things. The Harley legend crowd doesn’t seem to know Harley is full of Chinese parts now. My Chinese clone chain saw always starts and cuts well. Can’t say the same about more expensive brands out there. Maintain your equipment people!

Mark B says:

I had one of these for a bit. I regret not riding it very much. I lived in London at the time and the roads scared the crap out of me, so naturally I rode a push-bike instead…

Motocycles And Stuff says:

Have the reliability and overall quality of Chinese bikes improved much since this video from nearly 6 years ago?
I’m liking to get a Sinnis or Lexmoto but undecided on which to go for

Lane Splitter says:

Would you say it is usable to work as a courier?

J M says:

As quite a few people here are saying…..Chinese bikes are just Japanese bikes with cheaper parts. And for the most part they are. But where do you think those cheaper parts are? Those nuts and bolts you hear about breaking on the header pipes and other areas of vibration. Cheap, low quality, soft metals. Do you really want one of those cheap bolts to be one on your front forks or triple tree and have it fail when you are going around some curve at 50 mph? No thank you. If you want to take that chance, you go right ahead. And don’t tell me about how you have had your Chinese bike for 5 years now and never had that happen. All that means is the odds are quickly stacking up against you. Good luck to you.

Cameron Bromley says:

right, the thing with Chinese bikes (and vehicles in general) is that the import cost to get the nice bikes into China is so high, so they make copies that don’t cost so much. bikes are easier to make in general to Chinese bikes are generally quite good, it’s their cars that give them a bad name. personally I love Chinese bikes, currently have a baimo renegade 125, runs great (it’s like a single cylinder version of a Honda shadow or something for comparison). all I will say is check the gears, putting it back into neutral is a bit iffy on mine.

Some Guy says:

what bike is that, out of interest?

Jasper Ezekiel Domacena says:

i have a Chinese Bike

it’s a Lifan cloned Honda CG 125
it has got a 12 hp 150cc OHV Carbureted engine and a 5 speed transmission
i ride it for casual round town errands and such

well i got to say for a $1000 bike it sure can do lotta miles in a tank of gas
i replaced it’s sprocket to bigger it can accelerate better besides the place here has no straight roads
i replaced it’s chinese disc calipers to jap one one’s with a Nissin Brand
i replaced it’s carburetor from it’s stock to a Honda brand
i replaced it’s chinese tires to a better one
i replaced it’s ignition system to a Honda
one’s you replace all of those you’re all set and done
it’ll be as reliable as a Japanese bike

i rode it everyday for almost 10 years

i also have a Honda CB 750, a Yamaha RD 400 which rides like a champ indeed

but i like this Chinese bike in terms of practicality, round town riding, minimalist gas consumption and ease of maintenance? a Good chinese bike is a way to go

like you can do an oil change, adjust it’s valve clearance and tune it’s carburetor in under 20 minutes

Cov Yammie says:

The likes of the lexmoto venom are amazing a work mate of mine we ride day and night 6 days a week rain and shine and nothing has gone wrong with his China bike well over 10000 miles now and yes I mean 10’000 miles no typo only thing that it suffers with is surface rust on the exhaust the dude is 15 stone and pulls to 60 easy I’m 10 stone and my Yamaha ybr is just a tiny bit faster but I’m less bloke shorter and lighter so I believe there an even match for power yet that sed lexmoto is the only China brand I could ever recommend

Sean says:


John Jones says:

Don’t worry the same thing happened with Lada cars when they were sold in the UK people used to say exactly the same i.e. nothing worked they weren’t reliable etc etc but in reality they were a good reliable car and those in the know used to buy them repeatedly.
I was one of those people and I still drive mine now and its thirty years old.

jdogg661420 says:

i want a honda grom 125. they cost 4k !!!! its overpriced for sure most streetbikes are not overpriced though esp used ones. if its your first bike get a used 250 or 300 and you can sell it for as much as you bought it for. i think a chinese copy of a 125 might be worth it though because there is no cheap grom under 3000 even used. and if they are heavily modded some are even at like 6000 lol

pmw650 says:

I see that your rev counter is broken.

Ricky Evans says:

My CBT instructor actually didnt mind Chinese bikes, said theyre affordable for people who want to get out on the road for some experience, and as long as you maintain them, theyre fine. And that goes for any bike. but he also said he absolutely sees no point in spending a fortune on a 125, and never will.

Dan Clepper says:

13,000 on my v twin rust no leaks sprocket upgrade..65-70 mph all day…seems to run better all the time..

Lewis Cast says:

I own 2 Chinese motorbikes – Cafe Racer and one Enduro Can watch some videos on my channel. Love them.

Carlos Tom says:

Got a chineese bike, 3 years old, change only the rear brake once and a coil. Most of the time i get 85 m.p.h. this bike is a 200cc bike.

Richie Breckenridge says:

Nae offence but wht a piece of shit m8 lol

Andy Reid says:

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s a Japanese bike from 50cc to 350cc lasted up to 5 years and were lucky to hit 15,000 mile, let alone 20,000 miles. A friend’s Suzuki GP100 lasted 18,000 miles and then the conrod snapped. It transpired that it had been fitted backwards from the production line back at Suzuki!!

Some of the 70’s Jap 2 strokes (Suzuki always) had seriously crap electrics where is the fuse blew or the battery became disconnected at night, all the bulbs would “pop” because of over voltage.

They also rusted, mainly the 4 stroke exhaust silencers, which needed replacing after 2 to 3 years as large holes would suddenly appear underneath (Yamaha XS 250 / 400, Honda CB 100 / 125 / 175, CG 125, etc.).

The average life expectancy for a 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Japanese 125 was less than 5 years / 15,000 t 20,000 miles (unless it was a CG 125) usually dues to corrosion and terminal engine demise, regardless of 2 stroke or 4 stroke motors. They weren’t built to last cos they needed folks to buy new ones and not have a good choice of good second hand older models available.

So if a Chinese 125 manages to survive more than 5 years and more than 20,000 miles then it is already done better than a 70’s Japanese 50cc to 350cc motorcycle. They’ve come a long way and improved a lot since the riveted valve headed horrors of Chunglan 125 or nylon bushed transmission of the Chunglan “Star Way” (Referred to as the “Chubnob Stairlift” around here because of its lack of hill climbing abilities).

Most of the notoriously seriously shite brands are no more.

Kha Zix says:

If you don’t want the premium price of a jap bike, the answer is simple…. Buy a used but fairly new Spanish bike like a derbi or rieju , or a Korean Hyosung v-twin built to the exact same quality as a 500cc Suzuki. China bikes are sugarcoated turds,

FishOnTwoWheels1 says:

The rev counter is broken lol

jacob davies says:

I had a chinese 125, broke within the first 5 months, took it to 5 different garages most wouldn’t take it, others couldn’t fix it. Took 4 months to get it fixed in the end. The problem was, everything, when a problem was fixed something else broke, and then another thing and another and another! It was very slow, stalled a lot and was interesting to handle to say the least. (AJS JSM 125). I may havebeen unlucky but I dislike chinese bikes, they are built out of paper clips and duct tape!

mike ock says:

I have a chinese bike as well and it is fantastic, the point of chinese bikes is to be cheap and simple for those like me who dont make a lot of money and want to get into biking, mines a hanway raw 125 and has now done nigh on 8000 miles and other than chain adjustment and oil changes its not had to have a spanner to it im having the tappets done and thats only just to make sure they’re not out of time, the tyres are grippy like shit to a blanket its nippy, the pull nought to 40 (mph) is rather quick, i thought, and after that itll go on to do 60 (i don’t want to push it anymore as it does start to sound a bit bad) but 55 is a reasonable cruising speed, starts first time everytime on the button (hasnt got a kick) the suspension and brakes as a fat lad like me are good bit bouncy on some dodgy back roads but absorbs everyday bumps and lumps with ease tge brakes could be better (but i have dot 3 brake fluid which does come with problems or so ive heard so it might not be the brakes as such more the fluid) but having said this even on emergency stops grab a handful of brake and jump on the rear brake itll stop fairly quick, its insanely light its only 110 kg which can make tge handling seem bad at high speed cornering but its just the fact that you have to wrestle it down as its lightness makes it want to stand up (at least that how it feels) the single and only thing i can and do complain about is the soft metal exhaust which rusts to nothing in the slightest bit of damp unfortunately for me now the rust is in and theres not a lot i can do but id reccomend with a 125 to strip the factory paint and get it sprayed properly or do it yourself if u can and then give it a coating of acf50 or similar product it sticks on (the first day of running u will notice a smell from the new paint and acf50 but that goes away) then when it gets a bit shitty wash that off then dry and re spray with acf50, thats the best advice ive been given and will be trying it some time this winter will be trying it, also im going to do my license this yr (A2) and am looking to get a herald 250 upon which i will be getting a stainless steel exhaust. I think ive said enough now.

Gary Russ says:

I own one of the peace sports 250cc honda rebel copies made by Bashan.. I have almost 10,000 miles on it in 6 months.. I have replaced a few things, changed the headlight to led, brake lights to led, and a chain.. I love mine and get all kinds of positive comments.. It’s my sixth bike

Sgt Robuck says:

Trying to get people to waste their money on cheap shit

JL says:

Your tachometer works great. Ha ha ha.

David Hobbs says:

I have a chinese bike 3 years now problem maintenance is key look after it it looks after you ,have a vespa px with a 177 polini kit now that’s another thing hard to work on and a pain in the ares so thats going don’t get me wrong it’s quick with the change in get with that another bike maybe a sinnis

Ashir Javed says:

The Chinese make products in different price categories people should buy a better one and not the cheap one, stop comparing the cheap ones with other “High-End” products and they will automatically stop pointlessly whining so much

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