Vmoto Electric Scooters | Fully Charged

My first ride on a scooter, electric or otherwise. Great fun, makes complete economic sense and, oh yes, no toxic fumes for others to breath as you scoot along.
More info: http://vmoto-uk.com/
Music by Jonnie Common http://www.jonniecommon.com/
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Adam Fan says:

Check out Gogoro (https://www.gogoro.com/tw/en/) ! It’s another well-designed electric scooter with smart battery swapping system

Mark Iliff says:

Glad you said Vmoto aloud – I misread it as Vimto

Dr John Dicence D.L. Lilavois says:

DrPH John Dicence Dixon Lincolm Lilavois student Harvard University doctorate

houndofzoltan says:

Technically, and logically, a push bike doesn’t have pedals … and I think you’re talking about a pedal bike which some people do refer to as ‘push bikes’, but it makes no sense.

Anyway, love the show.

Dr John Dicence D.L. Lilavois says:

DrPH John Dicence Dixon Lincolm Lilavois student Harvard University doctorate

Cory Wilson says:

:’D “That’s Me Horn” Silly Cracker

Michael Birkett says:

hi Robert whats all the new hype about super caps being used instead of batteries? I would be nice if i could get a comment back please. I love the battery scooter, I have been using one for over 2 years now, but mine has 3 wheels

James Baxter says:

I wonder if they will sell in the USA

epSos.de says:

There are multiple moto sharing companies poping-up across Europe.

Most of them use the electric scooters, because it’s more economical for them to recharge the scooters by swapping the battery.

Daniel Rooke says:

Are vmoto-uk still trading?

Butimar Seabird says:

2k …….. they cost 500£ in china ….. come on

Olivier Magere says:

This too expensive. The mid range model cost the same as a Honda pcx 125. And as someone has pointed out, these cost less than £1k in China where they come from.

Ally Barr says:

good advice be prepared someone pull out at everyside road friend was killed by white van not looking .

gyeomusic says:

in KFC malaysia, they uses electric bike for delivery, which they’re similar to the one in your video, which they are also made in china but rebadged by a malaysian company called eclimo.

Arifur Rahman says:

Love her shoes.

tan hock jun says:

she have a sexy accent…

Ed Wilko says:

inserting that u don’t need a cbt. I was under the impression you had to have a cbt for all scooters upto 125cc or 15bhp and was the law. guess is different for electric bikes?

Zack Davis says:

Love the show! Could you guys review the Boxx Corps scooter?

Cwyfan ap Rhys says:

Isn’t that scooter covered under the AM category of a standard drivers licence? Surely, that means that `L’ plates (and `D’ plates in Wales) are not required.

DaKen says:

Must check gogoro out!!! That thing is no joke

MrStroller4u says:

That accent of hers!!!

uttaradit2 says:

Lived in Nanjing – they are everywhere with dedicated bike lanes. And very cheap – £300 for the type of machine advertised.

Jose Aguilar says:

Can these be used in the United States?

shaneweightman says:

Bit of bull shit 99 percent of rev and go bikes in the uk are 4 stroke ,, not many 2 strokes about now

Dr John Dicence D.L. Lilavois says:

DrPH John Dicence Dixon Lincolm Lilavois student Harvard University doctorate DrPH 2017-2019. Candidate permanent residence United States.

Sir Dunnock says:

I want one, now!

Wobbegong says:

When I visited southern China (Canton province) last year, the city was full of electric scooters. There was literally not a single petrol driven one. I don’t know if it was government subsidies or just resource monopoly and cheap labour combined but those things were as cheap as 320€ new. When I told people that this was surprisingly progressive for a city where the air makes your eyes burn, they told me it had been like this for years.

exwhyz33 says:

Honestly Robert, you’re like a cross between a drama queen and a kid with a new toy, but you do bring a lot of joy to us. Thank you! Go check out the sleek Gogoro scooter with its battery stations as well as the Mahindra Genze 2.0

Jack Picko MSport says:

i drove a leaf the other day. first time i drove an electric car, and i adored it, but i think i need more time at driving an electric car to get used to it before i think about getting one permanently.

Steve Rhodes says:

I own a couple of cheap electric scooters here in China . They are much cheaper here , but also lower quality . Everybody has them . The lead acid batteries last a couple of years , and a new set costs about $100 here . The range slowly decreases as the batteries slowly degrade , and you replace them when it becomes a problem . They are just fine for short hops and are quiet and clean . Only about 1% of people wear helmets while riding them in China 🙂

Stuart Fisk says:

It’s a great concept but I’d need far more range and something more powerful. 30mph simply isn’t safe if you’re having to ride around many parts of London.

Jon Jennings says:

It suddenly became quite clear to me as I was sitting in another traffic jam on the way to work, scooters and motorbikes are the future. So I did my CBT and bought a little Yamaha YZF R125, it does 70mph easily and costs £12 to fill, which takes it 300 miles or so. This to me is far more environmentally friendless than for example a Prius and takes less space on the road or parking bay than a car. Electric scooters and motorbikes may be the future, but simply using a normal 125cc motorbike doing 100 mpg has got to be an environmental improvement over a car.

Kent Reed says:

I would like to see a model that can do 70 mph with a 100 mile range and an extractable battery. . Would I be able to buy it in the USA???

Robert Kitchen says:

Im from Liverpool but love Islington

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