Voltbike Metro Plus Electric Scooter Video Review

http://electricridereview.com/voltbike/metro-plus/ The Voltbike Metro+ is one of the most affordable electric scooters around, available online in Canada and the US for under $1,000. It uses a heavy due to Sealed Lead Acid batteries, pedals don’t really work and there’s only one gear (use the twist throttle most of the time), limited 6 month warranty, Voltbike has been around since 2012. Several locking storage areas (some don’t close very easily), alarm system and remote start, LED lights and turn signals, fenders, four colors, suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

While technically the Voltbike Metro+ is an electric “bicycle” it really looks and rides more like a scooter. The lower top speed and folding pedals mean you don’t need to have a license or insurance. The battery is fairly heavy at ~62 pounds but stored low and centrally on the frame. Considering this thing costs under $1,000 you get decent value (especially with the one year warranty) but some of the storage compartments don’t work super well, the ride is kind of stiff and it’s just heavy and possibly difficult to service if you get a flat tire. Replacement batteries cost ~$500. The bike does include an alarm system and electronic start. It comes with two fobs in case you lose one. The battery offers 36 volts with 20 amp hours and is a sealed lead acid chemistry SLA.


Robert Fyfe says:

What does it cost $900 70 bucks shipping not bad

Tarek Haj Mohmmed says:

I am 13 years old can i use this Scooter



Butimar Seabird says:

nothing on how to recharge ???? access etc …….

sunil s says:

When will this scooter’s comes to India

Billzloveschelsea says:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get this then because I’m 6’4.

Nokia 6 Polat says:

gimme dat

Bubba X says:

whats the max weight i seee some say 160 i see some say 225 some say 300
what is the max weight and can someone 280 ride it?

ferkemall says:

If you buy one in the UK they would cost £2000 thats why not many people buy imported stuff unless you have more money than sense you just get ripped off !

Wayne Rhea says:

idk I think if you’re moving that much weight that you need 1000 watt motor just to get you that extra power.

The one says:

I have the same bike but i don’t know how to do a remote start. Can you tell me how?

Melanie Weaver says:

I have one very similar to this one, have had it for over seven years, have had to replace the batteries once because my charger light went out and I fried the batteries. Don’t know what kind it is, because I don’t read Chinese. Gets me around but you’re not going to depend on it for very long distances without recharging it. Takes a few hours to fully charge it. A mistake some people make is trying to travel in heavy traffic, since it only goes 20mph you will find this very difficult. I usually take the back way when I can.

Sabrina Williams says:

how do I get plates from DMV for electric scooter without it doesn’t have any serial numbers on it making a model how do I make it legal so I can get plates to the cops keep stopping so I need to get plates for the bike or I can’t write it and it’s my only source of riding around town in my neighborhood

Tarek Haj Mohmmed says:

I am 13 years old can i use this bike please answer yes or no

alex042687 says:

$900? Must be a turd. You get what you pay for.

Alonzo Branson says:

They still make a machine of this type?

ankit ambilkar says:

such a calm cool review of a subtle product. keep up bro.

Clearanceman2 says:

It’s pretty slow considering you are 135 pounds.

Nokia 6 Polat says:

ima get a one like it

DJ Skunktiss says:

You can make the scooter reach upto 60kmh(DOWNHILL) maybe 40-50kmhon straight roads, by simply unplugging the ”SAFETY WIRE” This wire is the wire that sets the max speed of the scooter to 30 but by ”Cutting it” (its really close to the throttle sometimes under the panel at front) it will reach much higher speed, this is illegal but the chanches of police giving you a ticket for this is minimal. Just a little tip for all you Fast n furious people there

Martin Hong says:

I saw some pictures that it comes with mirrors, does it actually come with mirrors? Also what is the life cycle of the battery?

EbikesPlus says:

Uses to have this. It’s nice

Fabiann Official says:

how it work with two person on it?

L John says:

Pile of crap

Michael Michael says:

I wanna get one an drive past nyc traffic

B Spin says:

Looks like a good value.

Robert Fyfe says:

I like this 🙂

Bronzepony4u says:

What would you prefer? The giga bike or this one?


Is it road legal?

Sabrina Williams says:

how do I get my E Bike / scooter tuned up where can I get it done at that’s local in Long Island Hempstead in New York

Danny Murphy says:

dear god this man is 5’9″ 135lbs and he looks like a bear on a unicycle on this thing!
I have a Schwinn S350 electric scooter with a 750 lumen headlight, LED tail light, side view mirror, smart phone swiveling mount, basket, bottle holder which i use to house a 5 watt bluetooth speaker, and a simple locking cable. I got the scooter on craigs list for $100, battery was bloated and wouldnt hold a charge so the seller actually spent $110 on a new one for me when i told her about that issue. So ya the whole set up was just over $190 bucks (woulda been 300 if i paid for the battery). it folds easily, it weighs 58-65lbs, goes 18 mph on level ground with a 165lb rider (now that it has a new and seemingly more potent duracell 24v setup even though it’s technically the same output) and, lastly, it goes about 8-12 miles on a charge – that metric is heavily dependent on rider weight/cargo and the type of terrain travelled on, tire pressure, even the weather seems to influence the range. Battery stores carry replacement electric scooter batteries, when the kind woman who sold this to me bought replacements they were model specific and required knowledge or directions to install. very straightforward.

James N says:

Wow what a waste of $900. Save up and get a proper scooter. A top speed of 20mph is worthless, you want at least 45mph in North America to keep up with traffic. Maybe this is ok for ultra dense Asia, but we aren’t in Asia….

tubeseek41 says:

What about rinding on a dusty road or in the rain ???

Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell says:

goovvoovioogvovovo vovovoovovggoogovvoo vovovoovovggoogovvoo y

esmail vlogs says:

good bike

Eb Emerson says:

Why pedals. Is it motor or man power bike.

Danni Ariseno says:

9:33 That magnetic key LOL. Because ordinary key was not enough for us here in Asia. Theft were very clever so adding more lock was necessary.

mangreat71 says:

I’m traveling 12 miles to work and back from work, is it better for me to get a 500 watt 1000 watt or 2000 watt electric scooter ? And which 1 will have a better performance ?

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