What size scooter belt do I need

If your Chinese scooter needs a new drive belt and your belt has shredded. There is a solution to this problem. Here is the solution to your problem. This video will guide you to the correct belt size for your Chinese scooter. If you need a belt or any Chinese scooters visit our web site at www.rollingwrenchdenver,com. If this video was helpful please subscribe to our channel.


Pirate Labs says:

My 50cc 10″ wheel scooter came with a 17.7 x 681 belt and I could only find one place on line that stocked them.  It is a Chinese belt.  Do you know where I can get a better grade belt in this size?

Thank you.

Paul Hyde says:

should I be using a different size belt

Hey Joe says:

thank you so much!

Norma Thompson says:

Hello, please can someone help me, I have a Skygo 125cc scooter, and I really don’t know what size drive belt to buy or even where to buy it online

Rolling Wrench ATV Scooter & Motorcycle Repair says:

Is there such thing as a 400cc gy6?

JrRob Perez says:

2009 eton electric scooter ??? what size drive belt

Freddy Rodriguez says:

would it fit


Hello! i want my size for chinese sccoter HAOJIN HJ 125 T ( 125CC -4T) year 2005 end tyre 10′

osi lara says:


Robert says:

Could you possibly tell me the difference in a ‘669 18 x 30’ VS ‘669 18.1’? @Rolling Wrench ATV Scooter & Motorcycle Repair

Paul Hyde says:

what’s up brother this is my problem hope you can help me out.in the past 2 months I have put onto Gates belts on my GY6 short case, with a 100 CC Big Bore Kit.both belts snapped within a month of each other.I am using the 669,18,30

Jahrern says:

My original belt is 723x18x30, got 12″wheels and im definetly sure its a long case. Can i use the 729 on there then? or do i have to have the same? cause im kinda struggling to find the same. Even on ebay

Nathaniel Lawson says:

It’s not at all a “Boring” video Buddy! You did GREAT. I know it helped me a ton. Keep teaching us….keep helping us grow.

Kayley Purrett says:

hi, i had the belt changed on mine by a garage. but the ride doesnt feel like it did with the old belt. its a 125cc and a could comfortably reach 50-60mph and it felt stable. now if i try to take it above 45mph it feels unstable. could they put the incorrect size belt in and thats causing the problem?

Boe Heffner says:

Real good info- Thanks-  God Bless.. Boe

Rui Gomes says:

My tires are 21 10 8 could someone pls tell me what size of belt I need ?? When he talks about tire size I don’t know what he’s talking about ?? Size as in how tall ..? or thickness ? Or is he talking about rim size ?? Sorry I’m lost. Pls can someone help me out ..!

Kevin Penne says:

cool man thanks , the dillweeds on the web site recomended an 842 2030 for my 150 . NOT. way too long thanks for the heads up on the good ones , exactly what i thought.

doug st.laurent says:

You just saved me bro from buying a shortcase 50cc belt i checked i have the 12 inch rims!! awsome man would have wasted 17 dollars and a 2 week extra ordering time!! good stuff

Helen Green says:

I took ur advice about the bigger belt.. but it’s still not right. Would u have any suggestions?

Ray Watson says:

The belt I require is a Bando or equiv 799 18.5 30 ,It is fitted to a Peugeot Sum Up 125 2008, can you assist as I am really struggling., to find it?

Clausen says:

my belt now is 842-20-30 and i just order a 828-22.5-30 i am wondering what will be the difference or it will couse trouble one’s im rolling with the 828-22.5-30?
from what i undertand,
842 is the circle size of the belt,my belt is kinda lose thats why i chose 828 so it will give me a little bit of a snug from the varator and the clutch.
20 is the width of the belt, im thingking that it may help to go more top end cousing the clutch or the spring to squiz more.
30 is the hight of the belt.
is it gonna couse a trouble at the end or is my clutch will be on strees cousing the whole clutch to wobble?
does any body have try this set up yet?
i would love to know the answer.
thanks for posting this video i learn alot about belt.

Elijah joseph Santos says:

115cc same belt to the 110cc?

Freddy Rodriguez says:

mines is Scooter Drive Belt 729 17.7-30 but I got I got 729 17.7 28

clive willis says:

my honda nsc50r comes with a stock belt 785x18x30 .will a polini 769x19x30 fit ?

Lee Boontiam says:

how check belting kxct 200i or different model to use

TheHondaJay says:

what if you have an 11 inch wheel

Laura Jimenez says:

I have a 2005 Twist N Go and the belt was shredded I am having trouble finding the right belt.

kattemissen says:

1:50 thank you, I was very confused because og these two identical belts with different names

R1300 GSX says:

can you provide me the size for Honda Elite 125cc 2014?

VON LON says:

my belt broke on my 150cc the belt was 842 20 30 i ordered a kevlar for 23.80 on amazon same size and its to small …even though the sizes are the same between the two ..what do i do? besides spending crazy money with these guys around here ripping us off.

paul fullagar says:

good video was very handy

tjgrafiks says:

ah ok…i ordered 3 belts. 742, 835 and 842. so i can use two of the 3 lol

clive willis says:

I live in the UK i can buy a normal belt for my honda …let alone a Kevlar one ………..where do i buy them from DAMN IT

Juan Martinez says:

Definitely subscribe that for the info so if I have a 13 in. Tire 250cc what belt would it be , the it has right now is real loose, or is there a way to tighten it up some more? Pls reply

Raimundo Daniel Muhammad says:

olha quebrou a coreia da minha 125CC SCOOTER e nao sei aonde eixei a quebrda e preciso de comprar outra por favor podes me ajudar porq nao me lembro do referencia

tjgrafiks says:

how do i know what size kev belt to get. i have a keeway 150cc with 12″ wheels. my current chinese belt is 828X20.1X30. so what would be the best replacement 742, 835, 842…etc…i don’t have a clue lol

Tiffany Bunce says:


Erin Turner says:

could i use a car belt on a 2011 vip 49cc?

Freddy Rodriguez says:

yes no

Rowdy Reble says:

will a 669/18/30 fit a 2stroke 50cc scooter?

SOVEREIGNDesigns says:

what would be helpfull is the width in regard to variation….length as well. these are just the OEM replacement numbers

sicnarf sevet says:

hi can someone tell what is the problem of my PGO GMAX200 for always cutting my new belt, the size is correct and i don’t buy china made

SPSL Vloggers says:

Whats 12itch wheels? For belt size 50cc

Raimundo Daniel Muhammad says:

Nao me lembro aonde deixei a partida

Elijah joseph Santos says:

115cc same belt to the 110cc?

Mercedes Benz says:

listned to your video took your advice and bought a gates on amazon for $22 and it came  yesterday in the mail and its made in china? wtf

Samuel Jacobus Britz says:

I have the scooter, 2014 Motomia 170 Sport. I want buy a new drive belt, because the old one did broke off. The service put the 856x25x30 drivebelt, but it kept 3 months, then it broke off again. The other shop did say I must buy 835x20x30 drivebelt. Why is it different? I want know about the specific size of drive belt for Motomia 170cc. Their band size is 13″. Thanx Sam

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