Why I changed my mind about KYMCO

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YOUP says:

my left ear loved the video

PurpleTips Live4Love says:

I have a kymco 50cc and I love it. Looking to buy a 150 or 200.

Simon Warchol says:

I have such Kymco Myroad 700. Are these mirrors accessory? Where to buy such ones?

Jan Alexander says:

This was one of the most shitty video’s I’ve ever seen.

kevschel says:

so many “i dont knows” tsk tsk…

James Kottinger says:

Hoanda and them were partners back in the day, until they figure things out for themselves and dropped them.

Keith Lynch says:

Have had a Kymco ATV for 8 years,
Best one f the seven I have owned. Buying a new bigger one this Christmas.

Tim S says:

Boy you sure ramble on and on and on!

asri azmi says:

Kawasaki and BMW rebadged Kymco as their

ashy_2002 says:

Kymco = Honda Quality ….. Do your research they make things for Honda from engines to handlebars…. their 250 venox is a diamond…………. its VTR250/Rebel … mix engine + a large VT500/750 chassis … they last for years …. 40000 miles + with reg serv

Barry Diamond says:

I have had a tgb and sym from Taiwan both excellent. I now ride a wolf from China it has Taiwan quality.

Robert Taylor says:

Taiwan stuff is well built, my sym joyride 200 is a fantastic, had it 6years with nothing major failures to report.

Louie says:

Notice you did not thank god for a beautiful day. I know it was overcast and not too sunny, but you should thank him for the good and the bad, and the hurricanes and storms and quakes and wars and…all the crap of this world. But…he loves us.
I agree with all those who believe you should maybe, just maybe, at least read up on the bike you’re about to review.
Even over my shitty speakers I can hear it’s a twin and not a single pot.

Ed Victory says:

Your business needs to offer Kimco 150cc Spades.

Doctor Cheng says:

u need travel more dude
taiwan is the capital of scooters, they make the best scooteer in the world , Europe love them too

Taiwan scooteer and bicycles are the best in the world bar none

this.scooter is for cruising, if u want sport u need ride ak550 from taiwan
downtown 300 and 350 is best mid scooteer sold in asia and Europe made in taiwan also

china motorcycle is crap
vespa is crap
taiwan kymco is excellent bike

made in taiwan = excellent
made in china =shit

bill2526 bill2526 says:

I had 1 of these they are so top heavy its unreal…no good for corners

Chuck Wood says:

Was this posted to a KYMCO forum? See lots of hate from scooter douche bags.

BikeStuff says:

Surprised? Kymco been making scooters for 50 years. Good to see the Americans are loosing that “MURICA” brainwashed pride and accepting culture.

Michael Polkabla says:

Shouldn’t you know what your M/C and your scooters are about.

1BrotherMack says:

Dude rule #1 is PPE comes first when riding scooters and or motorcycles, you broke the first rule right away, shame on you !

Eyangelos Mixalopoulos says:

Megascooter engines from Kymco are trusted by BMW in her own megascooters, and also as a range extender engine for the range extender electric vehicle version of the BMW i3 REX.

Bert Graef says:

sticky note on a windshield?

Enlightened Idiot says:

Fine if you like it. But you want to sell it. Right? Biased much?

Oren Nidam says:

This is stupid. Nothing to learn from this dude.

David Jaeger says:

For someone quoting from the Bible. Fir your information Kymco never made a 700 cc scooter. Like you state that it is. And 10000 miles ain’t squat…Honda helix 250cc scooter’s I have seen with over 100000 miles. But get you facts straight before making a video review by on scooters.

Thisthatandtheother Chan says:

Did’nt they hire some of the former engineers from Honda?

Jeff250lbc says:

If you don’t like his opinion don’t watch.easy as that’s.

Kyle Copeland says:

My Kimco super 9 was the best ,fastest longest lasting water cooled 50cc moped ever. now outlawed in the USA.

DreamWave Dave says:

I think Kymco scooters are outselling other brands in many other countries. I have an Agility 125 and it’s great. More affordable than a Zuma and I think it looks better.

TheBudgie29 says:

I am In the UK and I love My KYMCO Agility 50cc Scooter. It has a Bomb Proof BMW Four Stroke Engine that Is still as Tight as the Day I bought It. I get around 60 Mile an Hour out of It so really quick. I recommend You get the 125cc Version as well.

Sebastian sansa says:

Kymco made Motors fue BMW scooters

Paul Silva says:

Doing a review of a bike… but you don’t even know how many cyclinders?? Mannnnnn.

aronjames pineda says:

It’s a very good scooter company in Taiwan . The only scooter or motorcycle I won’t buy is if it’s made in China lol

William Shakes Beer says:

KYMCO makes great 50cc scooters, but when it comes to big scooters or “real” motorcycles, there are better options available. It’s mostly about the money, you wanna spend on ur ride. Another good thing for me is,that they are still into ATVs and such. Enginewise…I think they build the motor for the BMW GS 650, I believe, but I might be wrong on that. Cheers from Germany.
My actual bikes:
2015 HD Streetglide
2016 BMW K 1300 S
2019 Suzuki Burgmann 650 Exc. will come soon
Cheers from Germany

Dylan Gross says:


JKOtv says:

Set your audio lane to mono next time pls. But good video!

Apollo X says:

why Americans have a hate for scooter?!

Richard Tidyman says:

One of the worst reviews I’ve ever watched. It be better if you actually learned a bit about the bike instead of discovering it while riding.

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