WK 50cc GP moped review on problems mark savage



jack sim says:

hi mark how much would you charge to fix my pugeot trekker off road

David Edits says:

just discovered your channel today. thanks for making these great videos. I have learnt allot already!

jack sim says:


touching gorilla says:

I’ve got that exact bike apart from mine is 2012 and runs well and I’ve got 20,000+ miles on it and still hits 55 no bother and sounds nothing like that but what bike would u say it’s like so I can get parts easier

Jamie Cotsford says:

hi I am the one who got that WK 50cc got new engine for 100 and the moped is running spot on what do u think on 70cc kits

GoddessORainy says:

hey man just found your channel and im loving it you seem like a real cool guy do you think you can give a newbe a bit of advice im looking to get a moped used from around 460 to 550 in the up you got any fort on what to look out for when buying sorry if i put this 2 times spell checks a pain in the ass

Robert Richardss says:

I think it’s a copy of aerox

Nathan Wells257 says:

What’s the best 50 cc moped have a Chinese moped now was going good there for the first couple of moths but keeps let me down now

jack sim says:

ok thanks mate

Jamie Lawrence says:

i got a moped what runs ok. for a few miniutes then cuts out. then wont start for a few mins and then does the some. any ideas pls

jack sim says:

ok let me know if you want to add trekker to your collection soon lol

Bas Molenaar says:

Hey Mark, i have a 2012 yamaha aerox LC. You know the concept of burning out a 2stroke exhaust? I’m noticing some performance drops and people are recommending me to burn out my original exhaust. Would u recommend it aswell? Thx

Joe Bullock says:

If I want to upgrade my rollers, air filter and my exhaust on a piaggio nrg do I need to upjet the moped ?

Yodings says:

Piece of shit lol

kali Exclusive says:

love your top tip lmao

Saphire says:

Its crazy seeing for far the videos have come, from 480p to most of them being 720 60fps, very good quality on the newer videos and glad to see your channel has grown, shown you to lots of my friends and they all watch you aswell! great work.

Ja Ti says:

I know that scooter as a CPI Aragon GP, Austrian manufacturer, my cousin had it, it was very good and powerful scooter for its price

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