Yamaha Smax 155cc VS Kymco Racing 180cc and CPI 250cc

Yamaha Smax Kymco Racing CPI 250
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cwt52888 says:


Korruptor says:

The SMAX is brand new to the USA. Decided to do a Google search on it and came up with an M13 vid 🙂

FuzzyTrees says:

Dang m13 no reason to get mad that someone got excited to see your face. If you keep up the whole “secret identity” thing people are going to want to know what you look like.

中中陳 says:

但 racing 180 怎可能輸
大罐 2秒 smax 就看不到車尾燈了吧

risinglotuswind says:

On the thumb nail Brad looked like your son. I was like damn! that kid grew.

吳厚儒 says:

雷霆王是尾速才猛  更何況這樣試車根本不准 爛!

The Boy says:

I think him not showing his face is better, it leaves you to like I guess use imagination like reading a book..you imagine what people look like

Southern Illinoisan says:

M13 worried about his marvelous Canadian face!!! ROLF!!!!!

Conspicuous Live Media says:

24million people on one tiny island + tiny narrow roads built before there were cars… also scooters are really cheap and most Taiwanese are kinda poor.

laes25 says:

I wouldn’t actively look for M13’s face anywhere. But with the recent comments made in this video I feel very chastised in having a bit of curiosity. I’d gladly point anyone to Mordeths face if I found it somewhere. I’d love to point the way to someone I look up to. It didn’t cross my mind showing his face was that big of a deal to warrant the remarks lately. If that’s his wishes, so be it.

Girthama says:

Is Brad by any chance back home visiting family right now? I saw a guy who looked just like him at a gas station in Tennessee today. It might have been one of his inbred family members.

Wan Lu says:

155cc against 250cc? Where did your brain go? Why not compare with bikes within 10cc? It would be more meaningful.

Vrublevskogo says:


Alferow says:

On a straight line a monkey could do it, no skill involved what so ever…unless you count changing gears as a skill then…just no.

M13 says:

It’s a pet peeve…somewhat irrational but it annoys me nonetheless.

skeletonpuma says:

That 250 should have pulled away much faster! I can’t believe how slow that 250 pulled

po polo says:

your mommy so sad tXR? idiot Chicken oil monster?

Supra Zi says:

Oh, the first man didn’t get helmet, becarful:D

Ken Masters says:

saw your balls hanging out on that video

Michaël Cox says:

M13 = the Stig. He gets fired if his identity is revealed 🙂

frankkwow says:

that the opponent knows when he is suppost to trottle

M13 says:

Yes, 180cc is slower than 155cc.

張家銘 says:

THIS IS racing king 180CC?

Shawn Lee says:

Hey M13 have you ever tried the SYM wolf classic? if so what’s your opinion on it?

M13 says:

So they know how fast I’m going to say it. The first time is an example. The 2nd time is for real.

Conspicuous Live Media says:

I’m pretty sure I missed this the first time, so at least I’m glad M re-upped it.

gerbilbill says:

I’m so stoked that this scooter is coming to the USA.  I have no reason to come to Asia now.

Wan Lu says:

needs ABS

張翰昇 says:


Louie Leung says:

shut up the smax is has far more mods than both of the racing king and the 250.get a tmax and will kill the smax easily

nilirali says:

I really don’t see a problem with it, he’s like Stig on 2 wheels, I like the whole anonymity thing.

M13 says:

Well….if they did that they’d be a pathetic loser. And pathetic losers don’t spend thousands to fly around the world going on adventures. They normally just sit at home making lame comments on the internet. 😀

angeldemon821 says:

Radiator?!?!?!?! LMFAO!!! Its the VARIATOR!!!!!

Unedited says:

I don’t see an issue with him wanting too hide his face, But in one of his vids’ like 3 months ago where he wore his motorcycle bandana he looked like Eminem… Just throwing that out there 🙂

惡 123 says:


jacob pancher says:

your cool dude

Clyde Ng says:

why do you say 1 – 2 – 3 – Go twice?

Danfranschwan2 says:

nice helmet

AJ Rosemond says:

he has had multiple videos with his face anyway

patrick carter says:



World Traveler东北 says:

wtf is the big deal. its just a face, he has one, just like you and I have one. everyone has one. so what. deal with it, or don’t watch his vids lol.

Ramius Rosin says:

You guys are stupid kids. No safety gear ?

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