2014 Honda Metropolitan Giorno Review

A not to critical overview of Honda Giorno /Metropolitan 2014


Christopher Car Reviews says:

to Ferge Merge: water cooled means there is a liquid that runs through your engine to capture excess heat and the liquid then flows out of engine and the the liquid is cooled outside the engine.  the liquid then returns in the engine and repeats the process. ps, reply button does not appear next to your post, have a good day, thx for watching

Alexander Croft says:

love the older versions

FreddyTech says:

How many km do you have on your scooter now ?(update video)

Cedric Lekish says:

Still undecided whether to go in for the honda metro or the yamaha vino. i would like to know between the two which has enough sitting space to accomodate two persons

Max B says:

Awesome little scooter, also picked one up because of Honda special pricing. I am thinking about figuring out a way to possibly mod the trunk space/fuel tank relocation from Honda Jazz. Also, if it has fuel injection it Does have a fuel pump for the injectors. I believe, even though the fuel is gravity fed from the tank, there needs to be a pump to spray in the fuel to use with fuel injectors at high pressure. So let me know if anyone else was wondering to mod the met/giorno. I also think that Jazz underfloor tank is slightly higher capacity, and having enough trunk space to fit a full size helmet would be a nice feature. Now it’s only big enough to fit a 3/4 helmet, with a full face visor no problem. Fuel injection, plus the kick start is defiantly an awesome combo, wish my 250r had a kick start lol.

Gerry Nightingale says:

“Not liquid-cooled?’ No electric ‘fuel-pump?’  Which ‘Earth’ are you on? Or are you just plain stupid???(my vote goes to STUPID! You know NOTHING concerning the ‘Metropolitan’/’Giorno’)

Larry Witte says:

I just bought 2 metropolitains 2013. I thought these were water cooled

MrRdporto says:

Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

John Lumapas says:

Can you ride it with a passenger?

Pizza Wala says:

1) Does it run on gas?
2) How to fill the gas?
3) What is the range of km’s you can if gas is full?

Christopher Car Reviews says:

to John “Keith” Lumapas , no you cannot

Andrés Felipe says:

hello there
how fast can you go??

Rinconmaniac says:

Thats weird the honda jazz was water cooled and has an electric fuel pump. I haven’t looked at the Giorno’s drive train, but I’m sure the Giorno would be the same. The radiator is located behind that air shield and the fuel pump is down by the gas tank. You can hear it prime when you turn the ignition to on.

Jeffery morgan says:

I have the same scooter and luv it, great mpg and fun to ride.

David River says:

Got same in Candy Orange. Fun lil bikes for city traffic, handles like a 20″ Schwinn. lol Good vid.

Paradise Road says:

…gravity fed fuel injection…interesting…   🙂   …

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