2015 / 2016 Honda PCX 150 Review and Highway Test

Review and highway test of my 2015 Honda PCX 150 and comparison to my old 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300. Sorry for the abrupt ending – my GoPro ran out of memory. Link to CagerOnTwoWheel’s review of the PCX 125 in Portugal that I mentioned in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_sFSrYcZtU

I traded my PCX for a 2014 Interceptor VFR800: https://youtu.be/4NtCHJTT22c

Link to Motorcycle.com’s “Highway Hopper Scootout” comparison of 2015 Honda PCX150 to 2015 Yamaha SMAX that I referenced: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/highway-hopper-scootout


Chad says:

Glad to see scooters making a comeback. I had the Honda Elite 125 and later the Honda Helix 250 back in the day. Great, great memories. I may have to look into getting this one. 🙂

Al Mullen says:

50 is fine for mine, it will go 60 but is a shaky ride.

Guybrush Threepwood says:

Outta breath brotha

Houssem Hizi says:

is it good for long ride about 300 km ? n what about gazoline ?

jamez page says:

would you recommend this scooter for a high schooler that is also in band that has to take a person home? I really want to get a scooter bc i dont like driving the car and im thinking about getting a scooter

Art and Shit says:

I bought a 125cc direct bikes scorpion recently for £900 but the mirrors aren’t correct. One of them faces a little too high up. And I cant correct it…

Mark Walters says:

I’ve been doing my research I believe that the PCX 150 is for me, at 66 years old is the best deal going. I pretty much lost most of my Ricky racer tendencies. There is nowhere I have to go that I can’t get there by the back streets. Good review thumbs up.

Mateo Torgy says:

Great video.
How much do you weigh? I’m 230 and worried that it wouldn’t survive on a one-mile stretch of highway on the route to work.

Sigitas Shields says:

I cringed when I saw your legs… not even jeans?

jesuisravi says:

I fear for your knees. I wear knee guards and elbow guards every time I go out on my bike, and I go out every day. I know how easy ti is to fall off, having done it 3 or 4 times. A knee coming down hard onto asphalt is a misery I intend to never experience again.

denish sahu says:

nice pcx honda but india me kab aayega

Troy H says:

I’ll keep my People S250, 75mph top, cruise all day at 65mph

Gary Hall says:

Great video

DontTouchTheWatch says:

Hey nice video man, I’m thinking of getting this bike. This is a weird question but when it rains are you meant to dry the scooter afterwards so it doesn’t rust?

Brian Pacheco says:

I’m 6’3 and thinking about this for my first bike (as opposed to an R3 because I need space for carrying stuff and make most use of it in a city). Would I have any issues fitting on this bike?

rocky boss says:

Honda why u did not gave the kick start too… Honda missing the main thing ..

Nicolas Salazar says:

Is the motorcycle driving test harder than the driver’s license test? Also don’t you need to take a driving test with the motorcycle just like the drivers test?

Eric Ashtin says:

I’m 2 minutes and 30 seconds in and I had to pause the video to let you know that I appreciate your overview and all…but you’ve gotta get all that heavy breathing under control, man! You’re stressing me out, you’re making me anxious.

Navin Waghrer says:

what is louned in india

Tiago Frankenstein says:

Thumbs Up for Portugal <3
Subscribed for that


Very cool videos, Please keep adding more .
Thank You!!!

John3:16 God Loved The World says:

what about yahama nmax 155cc

Mohit Bhoge says:

please comment about vibrations

Noel Burger says:

I have a burgman 400 and I use the power. I can put my jacket under the seat and take everything with me.

Train Monrovia says:

I fear pot holes and small creatures running across the street. Is it fair to say motorcycles are safer because of their bigger wheels when hitting something on the road?

Stuffyou100 says:

If the tires weren’t so skinny I’d be tempted

Yodaismycopilot says:

Would love to hear more about your reluctance to use the Ninja 300, as I’m still debating between scooter and motorcycle as a first bike. If you had put a large top case on the Ninja do you think might have been inclined to use it more?

BlueAlgon says:

Nice review.  Good video and well narrated.  Too bad you ran out of memory.  I went from a 300cc scooter to a 300cc Honda motorbike.  Now I’m considering adding this scooter to the stable.  While the motorbike has a superior ride, the frequent shifting is not as efficient in town as the CVT.

maurice13166 says:

Not really ‘incredible’ storage unfortunately – doesn’t fit a proper helmet

cbr9927 says:

I ride a 2011 PCX 125, dealer had a blowout sale on a 14 Forza. Give it a shot, what a big letdown, the Forza handles like a pig, and just no fun. Did not feel that fast, fun or agile to warrant opening my wallet. For the money Nothing I have ever ridden rides like a PCX.

grahmhw says:

hey greg my 2015 pcx 150 has keyless ignition. This is a 2013 model

zvkeria says:

are the pcx range semi auto or full auto

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