2015 / 2016 Honda PCX 150 Review / Ride to McDonald’s Drive-Thru a la RidingWithTom

I take my 2015 Honda PCX 150 for a late night run to the McDonald’s drive-thru. It’s times like these that having a scooter beats having a motorcycle – sorry Tom! Link to RidingWithTom’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BTyCCFlR3o


Val T says:

Aloha I wanted to know if you can show all the basics of the Honda PCX 150 and show us the how to learn how to ride it for the first time? I’m a female that wants to go purchase a white one and I have never road one before. Can you help pleas? Thank you kindly.

FiltreoxD says:

Do you need license or registration?

Noel Burger says:

Scooters rule

Van Hogan says:

I have the same bike here in Memphis and I love it.By the way your shadow keeps beating you. LOL

Chas No says:

Great video! It’s people like you who create the conversation about the great bike that is the PCX. Yes, it’s just the most awesome urban/suburban machine ever, so it’s not for the magnificence of blazing through the vast open spaces of the American West, and it’s sad like that, but where we live, and for what we need, in our little urban/suburban spaces, it’s the nuts! Get you to McDonalds and home, with no hassle, and great efficiency? Yes. It fills your belly like that, and really, what more do you need, besides necessities? A hopelessly pretentious, and expensive, and ridiculously inefficient Harley? I don’t think so.
My Japanese friends at Honda work very hard to take care of me well. I appreciate that. They matter to me. 🙂

Anthony Weiner says:

Can confirm, the PCX will not set off any drive thrus…

TheKnightAle says:

Hey Greg, I watched all of your videos on the PCX and I gotta say that its one sharp looking machine, I wish you safety and lots of fun.

lonestartex1 says:

Will the scooter fit thru a door? Can you measure the width and length?…. wondering if it can fit inside a room for storage.

LightWorker61 says:

Not fair your in Florida, sell my Hog, get my PCX & sit & look at it for 4 months 😮 Stayed a week in Pinellas Park with a frat brother, fished every night all night off piers, went to Tamp Hi Li…………. it was cool. Fished of Gandi bridge.

carla Jones says:

I have pcx 2013,,,love it

A Mature Rider says:

I believe scooter accidents have to do with them being too quiet. You can hear if not always see a motorcycle coming.

Leslie Denise Huey says:

this is automatic right?

Surf and Nature says:


post more videos around town greg!!! thank you from california usa

Jazeeb Karbelkar says:

Hi Greg! I love videos 😀
And I love PCX but shitty Honda dont wanna launch in India .

Huey H March says:

Thanks for the review/footage.

Quantumfarts says:

He Greg, I weigh 260 pounds. do you think this scooter can get my fat ass up a hill?

Scott Pink says:

Love your videos on this scooter! Do you still have it? Any issues with it so far? How many miles have you racked up on it!

Chas No says:

I replaced the cheap looking plastic exhaust cover with a stainless one that says “PCX” on it, but I don’t see them around anymore. It gleams, and I love the look of it, every time I see it. Not cheap, but very glad that I spent the money. Here’s an obsolete link that shows what one looks like:


If you can scrounge one up and bolt it on, it will gladden your heart that you did so. Makes the magnificent PCX look like it should have looked from the factory.

Leslie Denise Huey says:

ps, how far on a tank of gas?

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