2016 Honda NM4 Test Ride (Grand Theft Auto Bike)

Page for this motorcycle: http://www.ctpowersports.com/2016-Honda-NM4-inventory.htm?ID=22214608&Brand=16&Type=1787&fm=1

Visit Central Texas Powersports in Georgetown to see this bike, and many more in person, and let me know what you guys would like to see me review next!

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Walter Majors says:

So is this a scooter that looks like a motorcycle?

Sergio Miranda says:

Looks like the motorcycle version of the Pontiac Aztec

swizie lift says:

I want the.cam am but I might get this

takubus74 says:

review might not be bad, but lose that horrible rap music!

MoviePrince says:

This is probably the best review I’ve seen of this bike! I would’ve bought this bike quicker had I seen this….

Amazing machine!! Daily commuter…JUST DON’T TRUST THE FUEL GAUGE

Cris J says:

But is it so cool?

Darin Matthews says:

Couldn’t watch more than 1:40 because of the shitty music.

Lambom Rkinin says:


shaun woodman says:

Nice bike, crap rap music.

John Brown says:

In comparison to the rest of the look of the bike, the handlebars look like they are off a bicycle.
Flimsy cheap piece of tubular metal.
Dropped the ball there totally.

Falcon Sawcon says:

Does it have a navigator.

Soloman Grundy says:

Music is DODO if that is what you call it

一合三 says:


matty d says:

“Feels just like a car” really?

James ORoyt says:

Be a better review if not for that lame music.

Max Rockatansky says:

this bike gives me vibes from akira and judge dredd’s bike xD anyone else?

Brandon Hamilton says:

Daaammmnnn, that bike is so fucking hideously ugly. Looks like a cruiser that wants to be a sport bike, and is inbred. Uuuuggggllllyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

сладкий медвежонок says:

I don’t believe it can do 100mpg at lower speeds. The computer is over optimistic as a selling point. 100mpg is what a 50cc scooter gets. The gas tank on the NM4 is too small, the side case luggage is way too small. The brakes are poor even with a single disc up front. Even the Burgman 400cc has dual disc up front. The gas tank is too small at 3+ gallons. Not a bike that someone would want to buy. I predict it will sell for a few years then be removed from the Honda lineup much like the Silverwing scooter. It will sell for a few years up to 2018, as it’s more of a niche bike.

Travis Dinunzio says:

It’s odd looking

Nemo Bantay says:

Looks like akira’s bike


This reminds me of the bike from DREAD ! And can someone tell me do you have to put ur feet in the front or is there feet rest in the back ?

dang dang says:

Thumb down for the music what the fuck was that

Darwin Dwelle says:

Thing looks like street hawk lol.

carlos coldman says:

put the music up your ass

LateNite says:

Ugliest bike ever !

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