2019 HONDA FORZA 300 | Review | first impression

I got the honour of being the first person to take this little 300 out , check out my opinion on it ..
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yo bro says:

BMW c650 sport is the best looking to me, but this ain’t bad.

thomas laux says:

How big is the wheel?

Andy Franklin says:

Great review. I’ve got a Vespa gts 125 at the moment. And taking an a1 mod 1 and 2 shortly. And have fallen in love with the forza. Don’t suppose you’ve tried the 125 Forza version have you?

steve eames says:

Hello on your test ride did you notice it crashes and clonks behind the clocks over bumps or ruts in the road ..

Jet Libunao says:

Sub’ed! Love the jokes MrFish

robert robhog says:

great video thinking of downgrading to a scooter would this take over to france or spain and back

The Lenawee Trekker says:

Oh great, I just bought a 2015 Forza.
I really liked the adjustable windshield on the ’19 Forza.

David says:

thanks for your review I’m thinking about jump from pcx to Forza,I;m just a bit scared that is it to big for zigzaging between the cars here in Bangkok……

Taemeister says:

How many accidents occur on this road on a monthly basis?

Chad Fulton says:

I have a 2015 Forza 300 and absolutely love the bike. I wish they would make a 500cc variant of this new styling, that would be the perfect scoot!

Rodney Albertyn says:

How easy is it to check the valves? The PCX is an ordeal.

Dan Thewlis says:

Great review.

lazer tag says:

why can’t they just make the seat compartment fit a full size helmet…

EFA22000 says:

Great review. How does it compare to vespa gts 300? Funwise.

Garry Miller says:

…i certainly agree with you re the Forza and scooters in general. Being almost as long thighed as you, i also had the same ergo problems with the Forza when i owned it. I absolutely loved the ride, especially the performance of the CVT, but the tailbone pressure drove me crazy and i could not sit for more than 20 minutes before becoming intolerably uncomfortable. I kept the bike for a season, but never could adapt to it. For taller guys like us i’d guess the big adventure bikes offer the most comfort (feet being positioned much farther back). I still enjoy cruisers though, and ride a Honda CTX700N along with my Honda CB500X. Both of these bikes just squeeze into my comfort category requirements and i would like to trade up to slightly bigger machines. For instance, a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic and a Suzuki V-Strom 650 or 1000. We can always dream can’t we.

jackwednesday says:

Great review mate, would it happily sit at 70-80 on motorways without stressing the engine out? Cheers.

David Milnes says:

Well mine has arrived, looks gorgeous, sounds a bit tame on standard silencer but I can live with that. Bought a used top box for £80 and the OEM rack as the keyless OEM box is not coming to the UK initially and even a keyed box is best part of £400 with the VAT. Going to winterproof it before venturing out and it’s a shame to get it mucky.
Very pleased so far.

Marty B says:

“Luckily my wife has cataract” LMAO!!! too funny hahaha

Chesster Dingcong says:

i love it but too expensive


I have a Honda Foresight FES 250. Had it 19 years now still works fine, i’ve looked after it and now the sty;e is somewhat different I am often asked “what is it”? I’ve been a honda Man through and through have tried other makes but always come back to Honda. Totally indestructible like the Cub series were in their day. Taken the Bike everywhere over the years. Still running smoothly as well. This Forza if I could afford a replacement would be the foresight’s replacement for me.

2018 -2018 says:

2:05 its look like an owl.

Andrew Ghost says:

not bad just tat the handles is abit low for me and the mirrors cant see wats directly behind…i am 183cm, used to ride a tmax and i can almost straighten my legs forward

Jos Koevoet says:

I’d like to know what’s the diameter of the holes in the discs. What disc locks are compatible / would a 6 mm pin fit, or 8, 10, or even 12 mm?

Guy Edwards says:

I like the idea of scooters too. I’m not afraid to say it. Haha

Doug Est says:

I’ve read the new ones are not as fast top end as the older due to a new transmision, is that true?

A Photographer in Thailand says:

Thanks for the video , can you link to the 2019 colour range

Alan Loo says:

Which bike is better the Forza 300 or XMAX 300?

Jos Koevoet says:

I found that people say on forums that the Forza is more comfortable, but I rode both the Forza and the Xmax300 and found the suspension on the Forza harsh over potholes and cracked roads, while the xmax i found more forgiving. Anyone else has that experience?

Sweet Guy Traveler says:

it s for thai people, short legs…will go honda shop soon to make a video here in pattaya.

Sjaak Schulteis says:

Good for me… I have short legs… 🙂

Mamatha harika says:

Can u tell me that how much it is, and it id there in india???

Raymond Ramone says:

What a beauty!

Cristian San says:

Cracking scooter !

S _ I says:

Nice video and beautiful scooter. Can you travel 300-400 km in the day on national and mountain roads? Or is the engine too small?

Christopher Sellars says:

Thank you very much, not just for the info on the scoot, but actually more so for the tour around Chipstead, Walton 0n the Hill, Box Hill, Dorking etc. 🙂 …. My stamping ground before moving to Bolivia and Brazil where I’ve been for the last forty years .

Hawk eye says:

How does it feel over the bumps

kyotosal says:

Excellent review, thank you……Sal : )

bruno91716 says:

bonjour The chronicles of mr fish.
vous dites que vous êtes une personne de grande taille et que vous avez un peu de mal pour positionner vos jambes sur ce Forza 300.
pouvez vous me dire quelle taille vous faites ??
I’ll try in English … hello The chronicles of mr fish.
you say that you are a tall person and that you have a little trouble positioning your legs on this Forza 300.
can you tell me what size do you do ??

Chauncey Mesina says:

it kinda looks like a squirrel or a dog’s face. from that point of view. 😉

Wild nFrantic says:

Enjoyed the review as I have done your others – as I currently own a 2013 SH300 and may change soon, would your money go on the X Max 300 or the Forza 300?

Mike Mayberry says:

Just a quick follow up on my Forza, has it’s first service, and now done 800 miles, no problems whatsoever, great fun to ride and comfy.
Now for the bad stuff, nothing wrong with the bike, but Honda, what were you thinking about when you priced the heated grips and the fancy top box? Honda grips around £480.00 fitted, I know I can get others cheaper, and wait for it £750.00 for the top box including the rack and plate, but not sure if it includes fitting, passed on both and got a Givi rack and box, fitted in under 10 mins.
If you take in depreciation from riding the bike off the forecourt, the price of the bits mentioned is around 25-30% the cost of the whole bike, don’t think Honda will be selling many of those.

包茶 says:

Maybe you can try SUZUKI Burgman 400,that bike’s handlebar is very close to the rider.

Ming H. says:

Is it worth it to get forza instead of pcx?

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