2019 Honda Super Cub – First Look Review

Honda has produced over 100 million Super Cubs since the model’s introduction in 1958. It’s also the bike that was used in Honda’s legendary “You meet the nicest people” marketing campaign. The Super Cub is back for 2019, with the engine out of the Grom and style that’s straight from the ‘60s.


PRICE | $3,600
ENGINE | 125cc air-cooled single
FRAME | Steel underbone
FRONT SUSPENSION | Inverted 26mm fork; 3.9-in. travel
REAR SUSPENSION | Dual shocks; 3.3-in. travel
FRONT BRAKE | Two-piston caliper, 220mm disc with ABS
REAR BRAKE | 110mm drum
RAKE/TRAIL | 26.5°/2.8 in.
WHEELBASE | 48.9 in.
SEAT HEIGHT | 30.7 in.
FUEL CAPACITY | 1.0 gal.
CLAIMED WEIGHT | 240 lb. (wet)
AVAILABLE | January 2019
CONTACT | www.powersports.honda.com


Sam Toshner says:

$3600? Phew! That’s a good price! Why aren’t Groms that cheap?!

MrBojangles says:

$3600 is absolutely outrageous. You can get a Super Cub for ~$2000 most places in the world. Moto sales continue to plummet in the US, and manufactures wonder why.

You Toober says:

Priced less than the Honda Monkey.

Alan Dampog says:

I wanna buy one… thou I’m not sure why…

CrazyLegsMcGee says:

Anyone else think it actually looks good? I like the color scheme and wheels.

I have an awesome name says:

How to start the Honda Super Cub 2019:
1) Hold the key to the chrome part
2) Hold the unlock-button on the key
3) Press the ignition switch
4) Turn the ignition switch
5) Turn on killswitch
6) Press starter.
Now that seemed a bit complicated…

DaBrute says:

its keyless ignition but you still have to take the key out of your pocket, and push a button, and flip a switch and then finally start it. yea that makes perfect sense…

Jake Morrison says:

No clutch? This is literally the only reason I would rock this bike. What the hell. Theres barely any people that ride an auto bike…

seacare amara says:

when , oh when will they produce a 250cc cub.?? i will surely buy it

Alex Bellany says:

Please dont buy these….please

Kingsoupturbo says:

Funny considering all through Asia you see them with like 4 people, and its got a single seat for America!

Thomas Elliott says:


Vinh Tran says:

This and the Monkey is overpriced.

hondacubber says:

Thank for getting a review of this history motorcycle at its inaugural debut in America.

Rye J says:

3600?? you could buy SEA version honda wave for 1/3 of that price.

roscocsa says:

Get fob close, hold button, put your left battery in and you shake it all about. It’s a supercub… give it a normal key. Sheesh.

Hooee Phone says:

Disc brake, lame
keyless, lame
Not red, lame
Display, lame
Paying money for this, lame

Greg G says:

Pretty ugly bike. I wouldn’t even call it a motorcycle.

Jeffrey Murillo says:

OMG it’s so pretty that I want one

trezaei says:

Love the wheels, love the headlight, looks are okay but I’d have to see other color schemes. Love the disc brakes. Love the enclosed chain. The cub needs to come with a small passenger seat or at least a bracket for stuff to carry around town as standard equipment. Keyless start feature should be optional. I’m sure the guy demo’d it badly too. I would think as long as the bike senses the key is near it would let you start the bike. But if you have to press the button on the fob then it’s a none starter. Oh and people complaining about the price, that’s actually a lot of stuff for $3600 but I agree it’s probably the most they could get away with. At 240 lbs it’ll very likely be much slower than the Grom but should be tolerable. Form factor is true to cub but a little too big IMO.

Michael Large says:

Australia’s most sold bike courtesy Australia Post https://www.apbauto.com.au/wp-content/uploads/fresh-approaches.jpg

Jonniethai says:

Love it ❤❤❤

Goddess Sky says:

$3600.00?? Nah, I’ll pass.

David Semick says:

Unbelievable: it doesn’t have an old CB-style long seat for passengers, no rear rack, ridiculous key fob start, and $3600 USD. Especially, with what I see as these failings, this is easily a sub-$3000 machine. Why not just throw a leg over and do an actual road test?

BitOfEverything says:

Really wish it had a traditional manual kick start as well as a back up

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