2019 Honda Super Cub Review

It was only seconds after hopping aboard the 2019 Honda C125 Super Cub that laughter started to erupt. Despite rainy weather and cool temperatures, we journos couldn’t help but smile on the new Super Cub, and we hadn’t even left the parking lot of 4077 Pico Blvd – the site of the original American Honda HQ. This is the effect the Super Cub has on people; even those whose job it is to test ride every motorcycle under the sun. It’s cute, it’s inviting, and it’s just fun. If you can’t have a laugh on it, you’re dead inside. In a world where digital media is stealing away everyone’s attention (including yours since you’re reading this), maybe the Honda Super Cub can reinvigorate motorcycling in America just as it did 57 years ago when the original Honda Super Cub (called the Honda 50 here in the States) arrived on these shores.

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2011Kestrel says:

The Super Cub is priced a bit high, but I love how it looks. I would definitely go for a demo ride and give this bike some serious consideration if I liked how it felt as much as I like how it looks.

But at this time Honda has no plans to sell the Super Cub in Canada, so I guess that won’t be happening.

Bernard Bernabe says:

How can this have semi-auto tranny while other expensive bikes need to have aftermarket ones?

40 Love says:

$3,599 + tax, fees, license, insurance etc-I’ll get a used Corolla.

makis pas says:

Price in greece 4500 usd you can buy a second hand skoda octavia 1 rs turbo with 180 ps

Collin Miller says:


Khắc cảnh lê says:

I had an original 78 cub 50cc a few years ago. I’d rather drive the original for a lower price. Here in Asia we can get a clone for about 600 dollars and it’s almost as good as an original.

progste says:

I don’t get why anyone would buy this instead of any other scooter or motorcycle. Also $3599? What justifies such a high price?

Undead Gadoo says:

This bike and the Monkey are $1000 over priced…

David A says:

Like That Honda is bringing some of the old stuff back but DO NOT REVIEW THE PRODUCTS WITH A COMPANY REP!@! WTF ??

J G says:

How is it a “review” when a dude from Honda is literally standing there. This is not a review, it’s an _advertisement._
No shade on the bike tho, it’s rad.

ratswordoow says:

I contacted a dealer to pre purchase one and was greeted with an inflated price. When I asked the dealer what gives? The response was they estimate the demand to be high…. so his price was warranted. I lauged, hung up, and crossed the scooter off my list.

Michael B W says:

Since 2003 I’ve been riding a 1997 Honda Dream 100, an incarnation of the Super Cub by another name. I learned to ride on the CT90 variant back in 1966. The major differences from the original are the 100 cc engine, CDI ignition (the original had contact breaker points), and the front forks (I kind of liked the leading link set up, but it didn’t have much travel). My Dream has done nearly 285,000 km (177,000 miles)…. engine overhauled @ 227,000 km…. has a new gasohol comparable carb and I am getting better than 130 miles per US gallon (a 30% improvement on the original carb: see it on fuelly.com.) I’ve ridden small bikes with disc brakes, and agree that they are better, but still find the drum brakes adequate. Interesting to see this new incarnation of the Super Cub, but wonder how much better it really would be for day to day use compared to the 22 year old machine that I picked up for about $500, 15 years ago?!

Geoff Gyro says:

The CUB HOUSE in Bangkok has a big inventory of these and the MONKEY too

Richard Ahola says:

great city bike. Here in Argentina the Honda Wave and chinese clones is 90 percent of the market. Honda Wave U$S 1000

ZioN DannY says:

Such an awkward presenter.

super23 super23 says:

No more than $1,500 and Mr honda would sell another million here in the US

J G says:

Pretty sure calling something a “Review” that is actually Sponsored Content, is a violation of YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.

raspucin70 says:

“Review”, lol. Its advertisement.

Gerry Nightingale says:

*Blahblah…blahblahblah, blahblah?*  (‘Honda’ already had ‘dealer-sponsors’ in Cal. in 1960! The ‘dedicated building’ was later,after sales were more than could be supplied! People went nuts for them…and tons of teen-girls wanted one) (I rode a ‘CM-90 Super-Cub’ from new in ’68 for three-years virtually every day of my life…from my 14th. B-day until I got myfirst car, a ‘hand-me-down’ ’64 Ford ‘Country Squire’ wagon…(that car’s worth a fortune now…who knew?) *Why is it that all of these so-called ‘Reviewers’ always have nothing but ‘smirks & half-assed ‘jokes’ to say in regard to the ‘Cub’ & ‘Super-Cub’ models…the very bikes that created ‘modern motorcycling’ from almost nothing?*  (Uh…who the fuck’s ‘afraid’ of a ‘clutch?’)  And what’s with the flat statement that ‘Drum-brakes are weak?’ The fuck they are! (‘Drums’ fade from over-heat…new ‘drums’ vs. ‘discs’ will stop as fast as disks will!) It’s simply much easier to ‘bleed-off’ heat from a disk than an enclosed ‘drum’ brake. My current ‘ride’ for a few days after two-years is an ’08 “Metropolitan” with  the ‘Mighty ’50’ liquid-cooled engine…it rides likea ‘baby Cadillac on two-wheels’ and with scrupulous maintenance looks and performs ‘showroom fresh’.I’ve put 9,000-miles on it to and from grocery shopping in 2-years…and the only ‘failure’ I’ve had was all ‘my bad’ because of filling only the coolant-reservoir and not ‘topping-off’ the radiator as well when I serviced it with fresh coolant…I got 2-miles from my house and the *EXTREMELY* bright-red LED ‘over-heat’ lamp came on…and the engine went into ‘limp-mode’ that allowed me to ride at 4mph instead of ‘get off and push’ mode! (did I mention I bought this scoot ‘used’ from a ‘Craigslist’ ad? I just happened to see all the many photos and the huge amount of descriptions of the ‘gloss-black/gloss-gray’ Honda and it seduced me instantly…crying at me to ‘Come get me and take me home with you where I belong!’ so I had no choice but to do as I was told) The Honda already had many ‘performance upgrades’ done to it (nothing ‘radical’ though…nothing you could see or hear) and tops-out at 42 to 44mph with a 225lb. rider! I’d love to have the new ‘2.0’ version ‘Super-Cub’ but can’t afford it right now…maybe I’ll see one in the future on ‘CL’…but I’ll never part with my ‘Metro’ over something new.

andystm says:

I have a 1970’s Honda cub, 50cc tuned up to 100, I will never have a bike with so much character ever again

cagednm69 says:

Everyone moaning about the price and hoping it would be priced this side of $2k is ridiculous. If you don’t make the same pay your employer gave you 10 years ago, why do you expect new bikes to cost the same? The people who make these bikes also get a raise, the price of metal and other raw materials also have gone up, tyres are expensive, so is oil. Please learn to adjust for inflation. $3500 is pretty much a good price for a Super Cub considering that most 300cc motorcycles today cost nearly $5k and aren’t even half as good as this on fuel efficiency which is what made the Cub the best selling vehicle on the planet, plus they’re indestructible if you watch that video of a Cub thrown off a 3 floor high building and still starting up. Plus look at the fit and finish on the damn thing and compare that to a cheap Chinese scooter this side of $3k, its chalk and cheese people!

tom jones says:

Heaven forbid Honda include Red and White color option for America.

AJ says:

Why is the price so high? And no Passenger seat?? These are about $1500 here in Thailand, and you get a passenger seat(They probably couldn’t sell a single one if it didn’t)

Roland Métayer says:

I am a Canadian and I am a little pissed off by the fact that Honda will not import these small Honda Cub motorcycles into the Canadian market . Honda seems to treat Canada as if its some kind of a third world POOR as SHIT market , where very few people have any money at all . I would like to remind Honda that back in the day when they first started to import their most of the time BROKEN DOWN RUST BUCKET Honda Civic cars to Canada, it was Canadians that per capita purchased most of their back then , Shit Box Honda Civics . We purchased a lot of small Honda Civics for a good reason and it wasn’t because of their quality, that I can assure you . Canadians purchased a great deal of Honda Civics back then and even today mainly because of the price we pay for gasoline here in Canada. In Canada, we pay a great deal of TAXES on our gasoline ! ! Furthermore, in general, the Americans are more into larger CC motorcycles . Hence , I will be VERY SURPRISED if the American market really embraces this small Honda Cub motorcycle. Good luck Honda ! ! !

Kamarul Amin says:

In Singapore this Honda cup selling at $11000 Singapore dollars (around $8000 US dollars) ridiculous!

νικος γιώργος says:

4:14 dude mentions Honda’s disk brake novelty and ABS, but “forgets” to mention that drum brake at the rear and that the ABS is only working with the front wheel…

Gear Head says:

Love this bike. I hope it sells well in the US so that they expand sales to her in Canada

Jeremy D says:

I think I’ll buy a lightly used one from an early adopter and dodge all the fees.

Markos Man says:

The story…. rewritten

A T says:

Pretty girl at 4:20 needs more screen time.
What were you guys thinking???????????????

HighCountry Pioneer says:

No thanks, my pcx 150 is much better.

Geoff Gyro says:

E Cub should be out soon.

terry broderick says:


Fred Dobbs says:

That price is of course way too high, but odd also. I live in Thailand and the Supercub, as another commenter pointed out is about $1500. What is odd is that the bikes I look at (bigger bikes mostly) cost anywhere from 30% to 100%+ more here than they do in the states–30% if it’s manufactured in Thailand (like Triumph and several Honda models and others) it’ll be closer to 30% above US price. If manufactured outside Thailand and imported, then 100% (or up to 400% for some luxury models).
I remember the Honda 50 and Honda 90 as a kid in the US in the ’60s. The price point and the ease of riding made them a big hit. I believe they couldn’t call them “Supercubs” because Piper Aircraft had a souped-up, aerobatic version of the Piper Cub called the Supercub.

SunzOffski says:

100mpg so they give a tiny tank so you only get 100 miles per fill up, dumbasses. They did that with the new gold wing. Oh it’s 20% more efficient so we reduced the tank capacity by 20% so you don’t get to go further between fill ups.

bob nicholson says:

Is a rack available for a top box on this bike does any one know???????????

Tommy Gun says:

$3600 is a damn rip off. Screw you.

nimay13 says:

Pricing is way off. With that price you can get Yamaha top of the line underbone. T-150/Y15ZR.

nafhan qudsy says:

Are troy from indonesia?

GeoffwithaG says:

An ad is NOT a review. Host/presenter has no charisma, or didn’t bother preparing. Or both…
Love the scoot though.

Andrew Fairweather says:

Congratulations to Honda. What a breath of fresh air.

Danny Murphy says:

I want honda to make a high compression, race built DOHC 125cc 4 stroke super moto for the street. With honda reliability

ZnenTitan says:

Just the thing for hipsters who are nostalgic for a time before they were born.

Jurgen Treue says:

I had a step-thru for eight years when I lived in Laos. Without reservation, I can say it was the best town/city transport I’ve ever owned, bar none. It was my main form of transport and rode it rain, hail, shine.

I’m seriously considering getting a new Honda Supercub as a second bike.

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