Honda Elite 110 Scooter Review

Scoot-badoot!!! Just picked up a 2010 Honda Elite 110 Scooter. Here’s my first thoughts and an overview of the different features of this scoot. Overall, I think it’s a great ride and I’d highly recommend checking one out if you’re in the market.


Justin Anger says:

o u know im gettn me one of these right herr.
its nice

Clyde Ng says:

How does it ride around 45~55 mph, torque wise? I have a lot of expressways around my area that ppl speed up to 55.

Bradley Suarez says:

Is an injection system better than a carburator?

Flitzer999 says:

@TheVans1998 I got mine in August 2010 for around $2700 out the door at Planet Honda on Rt. 202 in PA.

Yoshi says:

cool i want one

Brian O says:


Thanks for your response. That is very helpful to me in being comfortable with my plans. It’s really best to ask someone who actually owns a Honda Elite rather than just asking the sales person who wants to sell you one or going on the Honda web site. So thanks so very much for your reply.

TheBiggMan78 says:

thanks dude this video was very helpful!!!

Flitzer999 says:

The licensing depends on the state you live in. Unfortunately, it’s not fast enough to go on the highway. Other scooters however, can go on the highway.

Flitzer999 says:

@libbymycat I think it’s real comfortable. I’m 5’9/185 and the passenger I’ve had on it the most was 5’4/120. It’s hard to say how fast it would be because where I live is hilly just about everywhere, but I could see 48-49 mph being realistic on flat ground. With a passenger, I’ve never had any problem on normal non-highway roads, even with the hills. It doesn’t seem to slow down that much. It does slow down, but even on the steepest hill, I’ve still been able to maintain 35-40mph.


Japanese quality.

Flitzer999 says:

I believe it was $2500 or $2750 out the door at Planet Honda in PA.

Leebeast99 says:

Where did you buy this?

charles43110 says:

If you have long steep hills you could be under 30 at the top. This scooter runs best cruising at about 38 mph. If you want to do 50 a lot, or hills daily, GET SOMETHING ELSE. Imagine a car that FLAT OUT topped out at 52. Would you drive it on a 55 mph county road all out revved up? HE SAID IT BEST, “around town” is 100% correct. It is an around town city or township road bike. It isn’t a low cost motorcycle. Don’t use it like ia 52 mph racing bike. It is not safe to race around on.

Brian O says:

Greetings. I am curious. How comfortable is it for a passenger? Both myself and my wife are not real tall(5’4 – 5’6) and both weigh between 120 – 130 LB. Do you know how fast it can go with two? I’ve read where it will get up to about 48-49 mph with two people. I am looking at one soon to purchase probably in March. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Old Grumpy says:

Oh one more think you video was very useful Thank you for that

Flitzer999 says:

@StrangerEnterprises Hey thanks! I think this would be a great first scoot. As long as you don’t need to go on the highway, it’ll do everything you want it to do. So far I have like 1300 mi on mine and it hasn’t skipped a beat. I spent about $2500 + taxes, so about $2700 out the door from the dealer in 2010. If it was still 2010, I’d say $2300 would be fair because taxes and such will bring you back up to about $2500. Now it’s 2 model years old, so I’d offer him $2000 and see what he says.

AudiophileTubes says:

I wish Honda still made the awesome MB5. It was a 2-stroke, 50cc ‘screamer’ of a small motorcycle, built in the early 80’s. When the ‘powerband’ kicked in, it accelerated like mad, and it could easily hit 60 MPH. It felt a lot bigger than 50cc’s, and it was fun as hell to ride. The manual tranny was great too. Cost me $590 brand new back then! How I wish I never sold it…

Flitzer999 says:

Pick up something larger for freeway speeds.

scootertrash70 says:

numbers are abreviated or roundep so sum 125 arent realy 125cc
d u

Flitzer999 says:

@leatherhikaru I don’t know anything about the governor on the scooter, but it must be electronic either regulating the fuel injection or regulating the ignition.

Xcorgi says:

Does this require a moped licence, motorcyle licence or just regular drivers licence? Also, is it legal to ride this on the highway? It looks really cool and I would love to get one.

Flitzer999 says:

@TarHeelKid100 Well tough call, but if I was going to invest a couple grand in something, I’d just do it the right way. Insurance is less than $100 a year, which is way less than a ticket for driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle.

Benny Li says:

Wish Honda sold this and the PCX in Canada earlier. Ended up with a 250 cc Kymco.

Alex's Bikes and Motors says:

one of the best scooters available today. So much nicer than my chinese gy6 scooter.

mason stoll says:

@mikepags oh kl i was thinking of getting one would u recommend it for the amount of money it cost ??

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