Honda Elite nhx110 Review and Ride (lead 110 scooter) top speed

A little overview of my honda elite scooter and taking it to its top speed


Richie DeCosta says:


undertaker says:

Fucking retard English people don’t talk like that u fucking prick

lowkey rookie says:

don’t buy any Chinese bike lol, that is true

Amadeo Bessa says:

Nice video. Dude, please, how tall are you?

Dezmente Gamer says:

precisava ser em portugues …..

phatrides222000 says:

Get a ninja 300 get 70mpg and not look like a fag.

Holy says:

my 50cc does 52?

Danger smith says:

they’re fun to race at tight kart tracks if you have buddies on the same size rides.

penny lucy says:

Very good review…nice one.

Bob Sissons says:

What’s wrong with the guy’s commentary? It’s clear and inoffensive – you could learn a lot from him, or do you need to use bad language because you can’t string two words together properly, or is it the only way you can get noticed?

Lloydee Banks says:

My scv 100 does between 55 and 60 mph. I find I get 60 if I use good quality oil such as Mobil 1, my bike absolutely flys on that oil

Kathie Christ says:

nice review. looking for a used one for my son and even though your review is “old” – nice job1

bcbingman1 says:

Richie, how much do you weigh? Trying to determine what my max MPH might be…

Kymberli Bryana says:

Thank you so much! I hopefully am getting this bike used ! Fingers crossed !

joshua carbery says:

Why does it say your have no fuel

Denzell Logan says:


Richie DeCosta says:

I think (In America anyway) that 2010 was the only model year. In Europe there miight be no differences

Rob Mulero says:

Where do you buy your tires from? I’m having a hard time finding a matching set because of the different rim sizes. And Honda prices for tires are more than $110 for a set. thanks.

Amadeo Bessa says:

Thx Richie =-)
Have a good ride!

Richie DeCosta says:

Thanks for the kind words!

Lloydee Banks says:

Lol vtec on a bike

Dr Drax says:

the buzz you hear when its cold is the fuel injector. or it should be anyway

Christopher Spohr says:

Honda and Apple Collaborated to built a Scooter lol…

Richie DeCosta says:

Good luch on your search, they are very fun 🙂

Amadeo Bessa says:

Nice. I have 6′ 1.25. i am thinking about buy one for me, but im worried because i am tall. I am not sure if i will be confortable on the bike. Any thing to say about that? I will check this bike soon, but im thinking, that maybe, i should grab the honda pcx 150. Damn.. hard choice lol

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