Honda Forza 125 12 month review

A short video and thoughts of my Honda Forza 125 with having it over 12 months now, Its the best 125cc I’ve owned simple as….


Busstheleng says:

Do you use a car too? Lovely bike btw

MiBandit says:

Good practical review you covered the pros and cons very well.

Nnnuuk says:

Nice review, and pretty much what I have found with mine. This scooter gives a feeling of great confidence, more so with Michelin CityGrip tyres fitted instead of the stock ones. I find it stable in strong cross winds, comfortable for long journeys (I’m 6.2″), and a lot of fun to ride. I’ve averaged up to 135 mpg,. The only problem that I have encountered so far was a nut dropping off the near-side brake lever pivot. I fixed that with a Nylock.

Gary Sutherland says:

Great review thanks. I’m torn between PCX and Forza. The lightness of the PCX is a huge advantage as I have to reverse it out of a long gravel driveway (full of cars). I’ve had big heavy motorbikes too but just want an easy to ride buzz about town machine? Forza certainly looks way better than PCX. Kawasaki J300 looks great too but I believe it’s a Kymco with better paint-job/graphics.

comedyman112 says:

what’s the max speed on flat? i’ve always tried to avoid maxi scooters with 125cc because of the added weight compared to the normal 125cc scooters

jock P1000 says:

nice review mate..
unluckly,forza has not release yet in asean..
i wish i could have it soon.

David Buckle says:

I phoned GT Motorcycles in Plymouth today and enquired about buying a Honda Forza 125, they don’t have any in their showroom & when the bloke phoned me back he hadn’t been able to get me any information from the Honda website. He said he’ll call me back Monday. Are these bikes difficult to get hold of? I need a new bike ASAP. Also how much was the top box including fitting? Good video by the way, thanks for posting.

KimJongWins says:

how much was the top box?

buggeroff says:

Where do you live in the UK that they use a lot of road salt ? I live in Edinburgh and I haven’t seen road salt for several years . Even in a winter where it’s used you might see it once a year .

Bobby Bugatti says:

Looks awesome! I don’t think we got that colorway here in the states. That’s my only set back from getting my own. We only got the red.

Gerry Nightingale says:

Do you have ‘WD-40″ in the UK? Or some equivalent  to it? When you park…give those metal-parts a good ‘spritz’ and you’re done! The ‘WD’ will ‘float’ the salt-particulates off as you overspray till it drips.I’ve tried light machine-oil for the same purpose…but it seems the oil tends to ‘trap’ the crystals in-place rather than flushing them off. The ‘WD’ sprays much better than oil in any event, and it definitely won’t harm any plastic portions.(I’m something of a fanatic w/cleaning and maintaining my stuff…and still do things ‘on a budget’)Nice video! I wish I could afford this ‘Forza’…but maybe next year! I’ve loved ‘Honda’ since 1968…their quality and toughness are well-earned legends! I like something ‘not too big…not too small’ and this 125 seems about right for me.

dim12 dim12 says:

4.800 euro in Greece.Ha ha ..they must be crazy for 125cc…..

brandywell44 says:

I think the high price of it and not having a standard immobiliser is a serious reason not to buy one. That and the much cheaer price they are abroad is another

Adrian Nicholson says:

Your bike is covered by the Honda 2 year warranty, take it straight back to Crewe Honda and complain about the rubber buffer missing off the screen support. That should be fixed under the warranty. If they quibble don’t buy from them again

Paul Leggett says:

This was useful, I nearly upgraded from my pcx but after a test ride I found the pcx MUCH faster to get away from the line which important when committing. Also as a Tallish rider at 6’1 I just couldn’t get comfy with the key housing in the middle. I stayed with the pcx, just a shame about the storage.

Stevie Burrows says:

Lovely looking bike, very good review thanks for posting.I hope you have many thousands of miles of fun riding it

fletchdownunder says:

You said it is the best 125 you’ve ever had, what are the main benefits over the PCX you had before?

Jonathan Douglass says:

Had my forza for just over a year. Had a couple of falls, my right rubber thing for the screen has gone missing aswell haha. My centre stand has broke so only using my side stand. Got mine in moon dust silver

TJZone8 says:

If your on a cbt btw, You need an L plate front and rear, Otherwise you can get points on your licence and your insurance is voided if something happens.. also they can seize the bike >.< pass a test quick lul xD

Vadim Smith says:

What rubber you got on there, looks good!

NiallMedia says:

hey mate I am getting one of these soon. What is the top speed you have had out of it?? Cheers

figurehead1971 says:

Consider using some mouldable Sugru rubber to replace the missing rubber, dries totally waterproof, in fact you can add more to the original even and stop any vibrations totally.

ismail efe says:

125 cc ? 250cc ?

Tor William says:

how can it make 70kmh on the flat when it clearly says it go’s 120kmh – 135kmh on other drivers .. u superhevy or somthing ??

1650million says:

Nice review mate, great that you focused on its problems, unlike other reviewers.

May I ask if you noticed a significant difference when going uphill (say 10% hill) compared to the PCX? (I hate trucks breathing down my neck when I´m going uphill and I¨m still not sure if the Forza is going to spare me that…)

Cheers, mate.

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