Honda Forza 125cc Scooter long-term test review

Ever thought about escaping the spiralling costs and cramped carriages of public transport? Well, so too did Auto Trader’s Phil Kendall, who has spent the last six months dodging tube fares and living with a Honda Forza 125cc. The Forza is a super-efficient scooter that features engine stop-start and a combined fuel consumption figure in excess of 100 miles. But does it stack up as an alternative, affordable commuting solution? Time to find out…

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Auto Trader:


Ray Low says:

you did’t talk about the performance of the bike which is quite sad for a motorcycle review.

Chirag Nayak says:

when is it coming to India

Shaqiri says:

why people will go for this over the vespa?

galih wahyutomo says:

That acceleration from 0 at the end of the video really grinds my gear.. It may need at least 150cc to add the torque for acceleration

Aman S says:

when its coming to India

sydjaguar says:


Fernando G says:

The price of 5000 Euros for 1.25 cc is just crazy.!!

Colin Burnside says:

Don,t accidently put diesel in the petrol tank. It,s a nightmare to clean out the system a full strip down is required. As the petrol tank is in the bowls or the chassis.

Siddhant Verma says:

sir may i know when honda Forza 125 launched in india
and whats the price of bike ?

Wyattchoi A says:

nice review

balsara 675 says:


Reisen mit Ramón Patrique says:

the fucking windshiled is why i don’t buy this thing

vishagan sheagar says:

finally a bike after so long. More more more

jpracingph says:

It will take three years to make back the 120 pounds a month just on the cost of the scooter.

DogsofWar999 says:

Looks nice but i’m glad i chose the CB125F

DontTouchTheWatch says:

It’s just too expensive compared to the PCX 125. The Forza 125 costs £4,400! You could buy a nearly-new city car with much better top speed and cruising speed for that amount which will have very good mpg, low insurance, free tax, and the same or cheaper servicing costs, and you won’t have to be exposed to the rain and snow. You also have to factor in the cost of gear – once you’ve bought a good helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, top box, etc. you’re looking at over £5000. So what is the advantage of the Forza compared to a city car? The only thing I can think of is filtering which will make your journey quicker but it’s also dangerous and how a lot of bike accidents occur. I just can’t see why anyone would spend this kind of money on a 125cc scooter. At least the PCX 125 is more reasonable at £2,800 and it’s much easier to buy a nearly-new one too.

Reko Sri says:

I’m just wondering if there are any electric bikes available on the market that is similar in spec/range to this Honda Forza…

Soufiane elbeida says:

how about yamaha x max 125 ?

patkawasaki says:

the pcx 125 is about 2/3 the price. not as big as this, so a different proposition with less weather protection & storage. both easy to run, and likely to be trouble-free, being Hondas.

Made Dharma says:

This is best scooter for commuting. Vespa? Meh…just fat ass scoots. Not quite good.

LightWorker61 says:

Why is my 2015 PCX150 limited to 61MPH? Makes no sense.

roof pizza says:

Umm, concave mirrors.

Callum Williamson says:

symbol market turkey pattern decision scared humanity rapid stick separate

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