Honda Forza Review- Video Tour, Review, Price, & Overview

With over 5000 kilometers and two countries traveled, the 2013 Honda Forza 300CC has been put through its paces. Before purchasing this motorcycle in Thailand, I combed through the internet for reviews and information in an effort to dissuade myself from buying it. Before making any major purchase, I always look for a reason not to buy something. If my thorough search for negatives turns up few and far between, then I know the product is worthwhile, or too new for criticisms. This seems to be the case for the 2013 Honda Forza. Here is my comprehensive review of my experience with the Forza.

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Ali Jazani says:

would you recommend this bike for every day commute ?

Venu Madhuri says:

Hey, Will it suitable for 5 feet height woman? 

Tony Duong says:

Hello I need some advices : I actually own a pcx 150 and I am short, 164 cm or 5ft 4″.. I waas wondering if the forza would be ok for me? I really like it

Vagabondman says:

Great review. Forza looks great in black. It only comes in an ugly orangey red here in the states. Never been to Thailand, but lived in Taiwan for awhile. Miss the huge selection of scooters there. Here in the states pickings are slim.

1WEEBLE1 says:

It’s really 279 cc

gillan64 says:

Good video ! Just want to let you know that 87 gas burns cleaner (less additives) than 91, 93. It’s about preventing the high compression engines from  “nocking” and it has nothing to do with “cleaner, better” gasoline. It’s a marketing myth. If that engine can ran on regular gas DO NOT put premium. Cheers!

arcanum70 says:

Picking up one of these things either tomorrow or early next week.  Even though I don’t ride 2up, I have heard that I will still want to change those rear shocks (don’t know if I want to wait until the warranty is expired or not though).  Not a fan of combined breaking either, however the reviews and literature that I read was that it is linked to using the rear brake not the front, so I should be good there as I rarely use my rear brake unless it’s a panic stop.  Great vid, thanks for the info.

Iram84mx says:

Would you recommend Yamaha Majesty over Honda Forza?

DynamoUSA says:

Thank you for the great review, going to get one soon! I also viewed your webpage and learned a lot there too.

Chris Ocean says:

Best Forza review!

Carlo Santiago says:

Lots of helpful info. Thanks!

Roachji says:

Are you planning to get the larger windscreen? Thinking about getting a Forza 300 as well in a few months time figuring it’s probably worth the extra money over the PCX150.

Gary West says:

I went and looked at a forza at the dealer sat on one I am 6′. tall it did not seem like there is leg room to stretch out, maybe 5′ 8″ or shorter might be comfortable, i may be wrong, but it look like it is more for the height challangered

Weerapon Chunkag says:

great review good info. thank you!

STARKEY75 says:

I’m riding a Honda pcx I love the style, so I’m glad the forza looks like the pcx big brother, I’d definitely get one, when I upgrade

Matt Garrett says:

I think I’m more impressed with the fact that you rode in Thailand LOL.  When I was there, I watched the riders in awe and thought to myself, NO WAY!  🙂  Nice vid, and nice bike!

jim5099 says:

Note: a kilo is a weight. a click is universally recognized as a kilometer.

Oleg Volobujev says:

I also suggest change original suspension for YSS gas ones. Im also add front fork stabilizer. All together about 6000b cost. Then you have a very smooth travel. specially if you drive all day is super helpful! if you have a chance to change for more wide tire is also good

Oleg Volobujev says:

super cool. I read your article about ride it was super useful! I bought Forza 4 months ago and now I also plan to ride around Thailand. if anyone wonna join, super welcome!

jelacio says:

hey thanks a lot for the info I’m thinking to get this HONDA model instead of the BMW C 650 GT for the price an durability   

KingKralj says:

Is this a good very first vehicle? I am planning on getting one when I get my permit or license.

Jacob Glen says:

nice review

ENJ4321 says:

I think I missed it, but how many cc is it? I’m in the USA, but have lived for quite sometime in the Philippines. I’ve noticed that in a lot of states people don’t have as much love for scooter riders than they do for motorcycles. I have a car and have had other Chinese scooters.

Siper2 says:

Great review!

Suzi Banks says:

I was wondering how much did it cost to get your registration and plates in Thailand
Thanks in advance

Pascal Orczech says:

Been riding the PCX for the past 5 years in Bangkok and thinking to get the Forza. Have you driven it in thick BKK traffic (rush hour) traffic? Is it easy to go between the cars? With the PCX it’s no problem. The mirrors of the PCX go above regular cars but are on the same hight as pickup trucks. How about the Forza?

Supat Juthachutima says:

ถ่ายในไทยนี่หว่า จังหวัดไรอ่ะ มีป้ายบอกเทศบาลตำบลอะไรซักอย่างอ่ะ

7A says:

My 640 pound Wing had the same kickstand arrangement. The big one is called a Doublestand. Yeah. Just step on it. I always do that when fueling up.

Orbital Tube says:

Good review but kilos are a measure of weight not distance!

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