Honda Metropolitan Scooter CHF 50 Consumer Review

This is the first day I had my Honda CHF50 Scooter out on the road !!! It was exciting and new and fun. I wanted to give as much feedback as i cold so that you guys could see what a great ride this little bike is. Thank you for watching.

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Zone Television says:

@eliasnyc1 There are some out there but they are getting top dollar on Craig’s list and some dealers have them bu tthey get snatched up pretty quick because they are so damn good. .. i had just clocked over 2000 miles on mine and all I have done is keep the oil changed .. Honda scooters are fast, tough (trust me i live in the city) the vid here was a trip on the back roads so i could show speed and acceleration without too much traffic. I spend $4 ever 2 weeks or so for fuel 93 OCT.

joe waz says:

why would you buy a speed gun when you can download a GPS app… lol

Zone Television says:

@wolfmanradio Thank you for posting !

Zone Television says:

@eliasnyc1 $2,100 brand new ! I’m doing a long term review of it soon !!

skelter901 says:

@eliasnyc1 Your local Honda motorcycle dealership would be a good place to start…

Nungesser xx says:

@ZoneTelevision thanks man

skelter901 says:

@eliasnyc1 $1630 out the door

mjayvh says:

There’s something so satisfying about the simplistic nature of a scooter.

Zone Television says:

its rated for only 1 person .. you can fit 2 small people but only for a very short distance would that be advisable. It’s really only made for 1 person.

skelter901 says:

Great video! I have the exact same Met. You’ll get every penny out of your purchase. It’ll run forever. If you haven’t been to urban yet you should check it out. Good Met site.

Max Salem says:

was this registered as a moped or a motorcycle? thanks

EpiDemic117 says:

@ZoneTelevision wow that’s awesome! what state do you live in? and what is the cap on CC that can go without registration or insurance?

Clayton Hartin says:

@ZoneTelevision thx for telling me that

Zone Television says:

@poet79ful Yes absolutely. I have over 2,100 miles on mine this year. I have road it for hours no problems nothing. It is built very well and (if you have mostly level roads) the scooter will go 40 mph all day long.

EpiDemic117 says:

they should get rid of the metropolitan and BRING BAKC THE CUB! or just bring it back in the more modern wave form. I don’t freaking get why they took em out of the U.S. market. Must of had to do with low demand. But they didn’t market it well enough. And the displacement they were selling was to small! it was like 70cc Now they are making them with 125cc!!! WTF?? why does mexico get them and not us! this is outrageous! such potential with the cub design.

EpiDemic117 says:

i always thought it would be best to go with that instead. Because after riding my gramps trail 90. I can see where they came from. It’s EXTREMELY versatile and utilitarian! It’s what we need!

Zone Television says:

Yes they are .. some people have no idea.

Zone Television says:

If what you mean by Class “B” means under 50cc’s the answer is yes. This is technically 49.6 cc’s (50) Most states only require that you have a valid drivers license and you wear eye protection.

Nungesser xx says:

@skelter901 how much did u buy it?

CandyLaStar says:

hey I’m thinking about a getting a scooter but I really need it for shopping and carrying stuff… It looks like a great scooter but is there much space for storage (I know I could use my backpack but would still like more storage that is tied down) any advice is there a better design or is there extra options for people who want to carry about 2-3 bags of grocreys?

Larry Witte says:

I just bought 2 2013 and they both only go 34 mph. Thats ok

Zone Television says:

@MrHeavygamer 600 miles is the manufacturer recommended periodic oil change. I did my Fisrt Oil Change at a little between 800-1000 miles. Currently, I have over 2200 miles on with no problems accept replacing the battery under warranty. Keep it clean the brakes adjsuted and oil changed Spark plug, and fuel filer. I use HIGH OCTANE 93 Fuel exclusively (prevents engine knocking) .. I can go 6 weeks on $4 of gas 2-6 mile commutes every day.

Zone Television says:

@tcbecht88 If you are riding a lot yes .. if you are just using it a few miles a day then once every season is sufficient. I have had mine 12 days and have almost 400 miles so i will be changing the oil soon… and yes .. i was going to buy the Vespa S 50 but i couldn’t justify the extra $1,300 for the same performance. I may get another one next year or later this year not sure .. Its not a Crotch missile but it will put a smile on your face… and everyone else’s too. 🙂

Zone Television says:

@EpiDemic117 I think the Met has many strong attributes.. the top speed is impressive for a 50cc I have had it out to 43 mph on a flat .. and back roads are fun too. Its by no means a “crotch rocket” but getting through traffic is a sinch and that is why i got it .. plus No REG No Inusrance No Property Tax required in my state 🙂

Gerry Nightingale says:

Only one real question…where is YOUR HELMET? Even one of the ‘bike-type’ helmets are vastly better than nothing!(oh…many want more speed? To get up to the ‘magic fifty’ mark? Just change-out the piston and head to a 72cc or 90cc or a hundred…whatever you like and is available ‘on-line’ suitable for the ‘Honda’ engine, and upgrade the CVT-belt and associated parts needed for the higher-output…you’ll have more power at speeds over thirty, and still ‘run sweet and quite’ like a Honda should)

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