Honda Navi – Quick Review

We don’t remember when was the last time we got excited about riding a vehicle that is powered by a humble, commuter-oriented engine from a scooter. But today was the day when the little Honda Navi arrived to the OD Garage and here’s what Shumi thought about it on his first ride out.


Rohan K says:

There is NO fuel gauge

Fhaty lion says:


Ильдар Юнусов says:

джилера ДNA кто не догоняет это перелицовагый джилера ранер с трубой рапоркой сверху и декоративным фальш-баком сверху. то же самое и этот мутант только зделан он на базе индийской хонды ЛЕД 100…в принцыпе-здорово и логичьно! давно уже задолбал этот стереотип-скутер это табурет а мот-это ножная коробка…почему нельзя поставить на хорошый скутер (маленький или максик-не важно..)большые колеса ? прикрой экранами дырку для ног на той же большеколесной хонда СН или априлия спорт сити(малагути СИАК и т.д…)и это-прекрастный тур.мот!

Razor Reznov says:

perfect bike for 12 year olds

bharath medala says:

its just a luna

John Doe says:

looks like Luna

Arun Kottolli says:

This Bike delivers exceptional value for money – especially for college students who will love all the attention and the peppy drive in city roads.

Best part of Navi is the changeable side panels. One can change the color of the bike by just changing the plastic panels. The entire kit costs only 6K!

Navi is extremely nimble, agile and maneuverable – when compared to any other bike/scooter! This makes it the best suited city commute vehicle. College boys will love to pull off amazing stunts on this little, lightweight & yet quite powerful bike. Though Navi is not as powerful as Honda Grom, it is still capable of doing lots of amazing stunts on it.

Small/petty shop owners will love the compact size, auto gear and light weight of the bike – and the ease of riding in congested market streets. The small size & light weight of the bike – translates to ease of parking – which is a BIG BIG advantage in inner city.

Based on Auto Expo display models, I expect Honda to release other accessories such as side panniers and back luggage box, which will make this peppy bike even more practical for small business owners.

Navi also promises to be the first practical bike for Women in India. In India, women riders tend to shy away from real bikes – may be due to social pressures and due to the fact that historically bikes were heavier and difficult to handle. The light weight of Navi and gearless operation will help women overcome the historical reluctance to ride bikes.

One major miss on Navi is the lack of fuel gauge! This implies that riders will have to rely on the fuel tap to determine when to refuel – i.e., when the fuel runs out when the tap is on “Main” position, switch the fuel tap to “Reserve” position and head to the nearest fuel station. This limitation will put off lot of women riders!

I suggest Honda is add the fuel gauge in the future release, and also release the off-road version of Navi. Though Navi is not really meant to be a serious off-roader, our Indian city roads are often worse then dirt tracks found in US/Europe. The pot holed roads of India are worse than martian surface! So an off-road version with provisions for panniers and luggage carriers will be most welcome – especially in tier-2/3 cities!

Delhi Roadwarriors says:

no fuel gauze ?

Sayan Chakraborty says:

It would be a weird question will the seat suffice for one rider and a passenger sitting sideways??

Virendra Kumar Sharma says:

it should have a frame like TVS Xl, that makes it very good .

Srikanth P says:

We expect more automatic bikes in India.

Bacha Vince says:

Is it aitomatic

Monojit Mondal says:

I have convert to it to a electric+petrol bike, add 1000w motor in front fork, and add lithium battery in mid hole, running amazing as well as petrol and as well as electric, in electric mode speed around 55km per hour, with a millage of 65km in a single charge, everybody can do that.

Hari Haran says:

Honda Moped aka Honda XL …………..

deepak desai says:

Can’t wait for the full review, but I wish they released grom as well to our market

Uncensored says:

what a dumb decision not to change the gearing or power,if its meant to be a fun bike

MAZ H says:

Love it or hate it, but u can’t ignore it!!!

Rohan K says:

in an amusement park , kudos !
engine is placed behind so hows the handling & turning

k.bhavik siva says:

does it have a fuel indicator

Arun Menon says:

first review awesome 🙂

Jagged55 says:

it’s like a cross between a from and a zoomer

Fam says:

Everyone’s doing a review at imagica haha

Carlos Bonilla says:

it looks like a toy..

yudhistirs says:


Medhaj Shetty says:

that’s imagica !

GoManGo VLogs says:

i hava a feeling it will not go down well Indian customers.

Caayotee says:

I foresee McDonalds placing a large order for this bike for McDelivery. 🙂

Mayur Jadhav says:

Did anyone notice a single Ladies Sandal at 3.00 secs. ???? Why is it there??

Video Buff says:

reminds me of the Rajdoot…
nice clean review..
kudos brother

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