Honda PCX150 Review | Pros & Cons | BEST 150cc Moped/Scooter?!

A full, very detailed, owner’s review of my Honda PCX 150. A great 150cc scooter and arguably the best commuter on the market. A little pricy, yet it offers great value and economy.
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==My Gear==
Action Camera | Xiaomi Yi –
DSLR Camera | Lumix G7 –

Helmet | LS2 Focus HiVis Yellow Modular –
Gloves | Cortech Street –
Jacket 1 | Speed & Strength Overkill –
Jacket 2 | Tourmaster Transition –

Exhaust | Coffman Shorty Slip On –

==My Bikes==
2015 Yamaha FZ-07 (MT-07)
2014 Honda CBR500r ABS
2013 Honda PCX150

All music by Joakim Karud
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Honda PCX150 Review
Best 150cc Scooter,


carl blanton says:

59 years old with nothing to prove. I seriously considered the PCX 150 but riding back to my home town involves a 15 mile strip of highway with an speed limit of 70 mph. I finally paid the extra cash and got the Suzuki Bergman 400 due to safety concerns.

Sea Level Cain says:

Its a fucking scooter…
what do you mean “pros”
There are only cons.

DawsonEdiger says:

Stop calling it a bike bro. It’s a damn scooter

fzrrider582 says:

dang on dang on gay scooter bros wearing dang on hi vis wtf ….lol 🙂

mrcaptaincrazy says:

I am a fan of the PCX.

OWL OpEd says:

I think the 2017 has ABS. Mine (2015) has combined brakes. My mirrors are terrible. I see mostly my shoulder. I ride in strong wind. When I first got it wind terrified me but now I’m okay with it. Practice really. The new 2017 scooters have what looks like a great glove box but haven’t seen it yet. I don’t mind the fuel gage. I find it a great bike. I put 5K on it in 2016. I’m brand new to riding and glad I learned on this because I might be too scared to ride a larger bike. I’ve put another 1K on it so far this year. But it’s my only bike. Commute mostly. Ride some weekends and that’s the only time it lacks a little. When on long rides to nowhere I sometimes wish I had a motorcycle BUT this thing is way more forgiving on mistakes. I’ve never locked the breaks. Mine seems to stop well but I know no other bike really. Last year, my first year riding, I had to overcome some fears. So I think the other pro with this bike is that if you are determined to ride, to overcome some fears about being out there, it’s a much easier bike to learn to control. So it’s less likely to rot in the garage than the bigger bikes that get sold with under 2K on them.

Charles D Wilson says:

Biggest issue with scooters in the USA is the fact that most people have been clubbed over the head with the Chinese brands over the years. My self I have always wanted the name brand Honda Suzuki Yamaha but the price seemed high (Quality cost). I am in line to get a brand new Honda PCX (Got turned down for a Burgman 200) and hope to take the handle bars the first of May. As someone who is disabled the 150-300cc range would work for me and still be safe from getting run over. I have plenty of open road here in S.C. and my biggest issue will be …. My fishing poles lol Keep up the good work youngman and enjoy the PCX.

Hajile Serpud says:

during the recession of years back… I had to park my car and was able to fix a 150 scooter for my daily commute… that thing saved my life, house and family

Ernest Scott says:

Bought new in 2013.  22,000 miles and loved every single one of them.  Smooth at 69mph tops.  Still looks/runs like brand new; only tires replaced.  With after market windshield and synthetic oil, averaging 107mpg overall.  Very low ownership costs.

Rory on a Bike says:

I’m a fan of the Piaggio Liberty because of the larger wheels, but it isn’t available in the U.S. Great to see you do this video. The detractors, who are already weighing in, will all be Americans who have never been anywhere.

SuperFrankieOSX says:

I plan to get this once I’m able to get a motorcycle license and take all the courses, my dad said he would definitely let me get this. Hopes high!

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