Honda Super Cub 125 Review | 2019 |

The new Honda C125 has a lot to live up to! Paul brings in a few familiar faces to help find out if it’s a fitting heir to the iconic Super Cub name.


Gerry Nightingale says:

If forced to choose either the “Monkee” or the “Super”…I ‘d take the “Cub” because of ease
of riding, as well as ‘fond memories’ of my ’68.
Throw the “Grom” in the mix, though…and I’d take that over the others *every time* because
of the tire-dimensions and far more ‘rough’ or ‘no road’ capability…the *Grom wins over the
other two* (I always hated the performance of the ‘skinny tires’ in wet or sandy-type road
stuff) No wonder the ‘Grom’ is enormously popular! If I had the money…*I’d have one next to
my “Metropolitan”* but that would mean I ‘Hit the Lotto’ or some other ‘never gonna’ happen’
circumstance! ( *I consider myself very fortunate to ‘have what I have’ and at least I can pay
the bills and eat and still get some books and DVD’s for entertainment* )

Michael Hayward says:

This version is still not sold here. Maybe never will. However the stock Cub is. Same bike but without the LED lights and mag wheels and ABS. Spoked wheels and drums front & rear ie a more original old skool look. Priced around 1200 quid inc EFI. Regards from NE Thailand.

Jump Forty Four says:

thanks lads yes the price is high, twin seat yes . I have a good 62 cub thinking of new cub but price ???

Mark Wallack says:

Maybe if the seat is a big enough concern a larger aftermarket seat will appear.

Nightster says:

I laughed at the start where the guy in blue did the Rossiesque leg hang out going around the right-hander to the point of near getting the knee down.

They all had issues with the seat not being long enough, this reminded me of back in the day seeing aul-lads going to work, open face helmet with wrap-round-visor, donkey jacket, army haversack with the piece and flask in it sitting on the rear seat reaching forward to the handlebars. I could never understand why they did this as 1. It looked ridiculous and 2.The bike became totally unstable when hitting a bump, cornering and breaking.

Then there was the foreman he could afford to have an excellent screen covering the hands but couldn’t see through after a winter of road grim causing some cutting a slot in it and bringing the top speed to about 30mph due to the aerodynamics comparable to a brick, also sporting a white or black Craven, Stadium, Rickman top box, the posh way to carry the piece.

WTF how much??? I suggest you need to go live somewhere in Asia as Paul Johnstone below. When I was leaving school in 75 I recall them being £99 though to be fair my first week’s wage was £8 and a gallon of petrol 50p.

They used to sell in the Belfast Telegraph (penny a word adds max £10) for guess what a tenner but usually got them for £8 after a haggle and couldn’t count how many I had (not because I can’t count) always keeping one at hand as a layabout for the winter preferably a 70 i.e. mag ignition and side stand, more power than 50’s and no dependence on battery as on the 90’s. As you know most were rotten at the back, I once acquired a brand new frame for a fiver and changed everything over in an afternoon

I mentioned before I still have a 64 C100 pushrod engined cub laying about somewhere in good very solid condition.

I laughed at our fabrication guru unable to open the seat, then sitting in on the chat with a glazed look wondering to himself WTF and how long are these edjits gonna go on about these leg shields on wheels? thinking if I had one for a doner I could use the horn and emm?

Thanks, Paul for the vid, the laughs and nostalgia.

Wooley689 says:


Matthew Beresford says:

Cub, Monkey or Grom? Which would you buy with your $$.

Hepcat Harley says:

They should have these on the Motability scheme for the poor folks with terrible posture. I like how they have adopted the Invacar blue too, marvellous!

Billy Dog says:

Craig looks out of his depth hear.

EdOfTheNorth says:

They have tapered the front splash guard, narrowing it a tad at the bottom. So when riding on wet pavement following traffic, your feet get wet. I agree that the price is way too high but with all of the new fandangled electronic gadgets, those drive the price up. Those gadgets are a nightmare to work on when things go wrong. I also agree that the seat is just stupid. The old dual seat was much better. The package carrier behind the seat is just wrong. A basket on the front works great for packages or the lady’s purse. As soon as a manufacturer moves away from simplicity the machine becomes a disposable item and is no longer a worthwhile investment. As long as the machine runs right things are great. And when they don’t, people just sell them cheap and buy something newer. Good for the manufacturer but terrible for the bike world in this case. This is happening with everything these days. That’s my 2 cents.

TeggyEgg says:

ive not ridden either but i would be curious if the C125 seating position is worse than the monkey?

seeing as people generally sound happily surprised with the monkey seat position but i dont know if thats just because they are expecting it to be bad!

Paul Johnstone says:

I live in Asia and they cost 1100 quid here…..

geoffreyjones2000 says:

I love my vintage bikes, partly due to the lack of sophisticated electronics 🙂 peace

Wayne Lee Ramsden says:

great to hear the barnsley accent on here.boy it sounds weird on camera.nice one paul for putting this together thanks.oh and I’m from barnsley and my first introduction to bikes was a c90 my dad had for going to work and back from the coal mine.he used to take me on the back to get to my grandparents i didn’t have a helmet so i used a pit helmet with string to hold it to my head lol i think i was about 7 years old at the those were the days back in the 70s..

Michael Hayward says:

Added new prices – Grom 16-1700 GBP Monkey 2200, Wave (a cub with modern clothes) 900 quid (really!). Because they are all made here.

MrJmr34 says:

HI, like the video…do you think the seat from the Monkey could be made to fit the Super Cub?

Me Innit says:


James Weber says:

Honda have replicated the Honda 50 in most aspects except the single red seat. What were they thinking ?  It should be a double seat in a colour that matches the bike frame, or a two tone light and dark blue.

carol hames says:

The seat, when I used to own one back in 1974 I used to sit towards the back end of the twin seat. Going back to the earlier video the battery should last at least a couple of months if its not being used, to go flat in a couple of weeks is not good enough.

Michael Hayward says:

Oh and i have not seen a Monkey on the road yet. Just too expensive here. Groms on the other hand – millions of the things.

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