Honda X-ADV launch review

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AoToGo says:

Well done Honda, the brave will prosper!

Mar'Taja Jackson says:


I want to HEAR IT!!!!

Mar'Taja Jackson says:

I looked too fast. I thought the guy had no head when the first picture showed up.

Constantinos Charalambous says:

238Κg? That’s quite heavy i would say. Even heavier than most middle weight purpose designed adventure bikes

Al GESBREK says:

needs another storage compartment where the step through is ,perhaps a after market product. hey ,may make it seam more like a motorcycle for thoes of you that have a hang up —– re scooters

vual grimoire says:

I don’t need a 238kg scooter. Would be a pig for commuting and filtering.

muhammad wahid says:

very nice

Dr Gre says:

Dear Honda, please take the ADV design and make it f…ng ELECTRIC!

Nandu Kumar says:

will it be launching in India or not?

David Hardstaff says:

great product but priced too high

King Land says:

how much the price..

DervMan says:

Can we have a video of the dash in operation?

tokai lighter says:

Seems impressive. I can see this quickly becoming the transport of choice for the feral yoof gangs in London. The T-Max is dead, long live the X-ADV Jordan was heard saying to Leroy.

RJ says:

where to buy one?

Daniel Pinedo says:


Poul Hansen says:

erh erh erh.

Wyattchoi A says:

basically an nc750 in disguise

Jepoy Garcia says:

too expensive..

Slack Man says:

want but to too expensive.

Prestonesfpv says:

Here in Denmark it is almost 18000 pounds including all the taxes

Joe W says:

Looks like a Sachs MadAss with plastic bits. But, I’m sure it makes a fine in town bike for the bistro set.

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