Honda X-ADV Review & Testride

This is a scooter that is not, and an adventure bike that is not.
The guys that thought this up must’ve been smoking something weird… but hey, it works!

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Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
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Cameras used: Gopro Hero 3 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver.


hellmekun says:

man if only honda have 250cc version of this…

Max Cherkasov says:

Wow, it’s like Africa Twin in scooter skin. I’m 197 cm tall, does it fit me?

Kevin Wilkinson says:

Yay! He did it! He reviewed the X-ADV! Thank you very much for another one of your excellent videos in a language I can understand. I think this is the first extensive ride test in English that I have found on You Tube beyond a simple show-and-tell video.


Bless my soul!  I am so glad that not only this is the first review of this bike I have seen, but YOU were the one reviewing it!  Your reviews are always extremely informative, great quality, fun, and absolutely as good as anyone could do one. You tell it like it is, and I thank you for that.  And this review.  Cool little scooter there!  Not that I could call a 700+cc scooter “little”  lol.

Kevin Phillips says:

Scary, but an impressive machine. Not my idea of a “scooter.” 😉

baskiria1 says:

this bike is pointless.

Matas Raškauskas says:

Can you please review Yamaha WRX125?

johnny mars says:

Good review, as usual, Cager. I could see this replacing my awesome Suzuki V-Strom dl650 as the ideal city bike. I like thebuilt-in storage, the top box, and the easy-on, easy-off seating and foot placement. It looks like it does okay off-road, but it’s no KLR. But then, how many city slickers go off-road? If it’s like the 700 series, it should average 65-70 MPG. I am not liking the price, however. For about the same money you could be riding the Yamaha FJ-09 or even the Kaw 1000 Versys. Sell it to me for $9500, Honda.

Darius Z says:

“Then it eventually decides that I’m being an idiot and brings it back to 4th again” I can’t stop laughing! And this hint of disappointment in your voice. 😉 That’s the cager I admire! Great review! Bike is quite interesting too, but rather expensive.

Leonard Khoo says:

I know that they are two different scooters, but for someone who does mainly commuting, is this better or the tmax?

Daniel Basantes says:

Hi Cager, I always enjoy your reviews. I was curious about your tracers’ fuel consumption. I was going to write mpg, but I suppose it’s KPL over there haha. Thanks.

Soon Haur Teo says:

Great detailed review
how do you compare it with NC750x?

Richard S says:

The pricing is ridiculous. I know part of that is Brexit and the fall in the pound, but it simply will not sell at these prices.

Lim Wiching says:

Off road should test more. is seat position too high ? i feel too expensive. the chassis not scooter, it more like “underbone” bike chassis in South East Asia

Nate Briggs says:

Very entertaining review. I’m probably in the marketing demographic for this model – but the money is intimidating and it looks like a project of the Klingon Design Team. Scooters can look swoopy – scooters can look ugly. This one scores “ugly”.

Numb Bum says:

Those spokes though..

McGee Kim says:

Greetings from S.Korea. Please review Honda CB1100RS. and compare it to the CB1100ex you reviewed a few years ago.

Jimo368 says:

This is the best designed bike on the road today.

zhong zhou says:

The dream bike !!!!

Ralf S says:

i like that “scooter”. but the price!!!! ouch.

Alan Wright says:

wow so you get tubeless tyres and a power socket but honda can’t do that on there flagship adventure bike the africa twin

Duarte .Oliveira says:

Esta será um substituto da tua quando te reformares ou nao tem que chegue pra ti? Eu smp que penso na reforma penso na mp3 500 ou uma trike

Knoz says:

Disappointing. That money will buy an MT 09 Tracer…..easy.

Shadowmonkey187 says:

In comparison to the new nc750x which one is better. I am having problems with my left wrist so looking at the dct options rather than cvt .

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