My Wife’s 50cc Honda Scoopy Scooter

In this video I show you my wife’s new scooter. This is a 4-stroke, 50cc Honda Crea Scoopy, also known as the Honda Metropolitan in the USA.

Kit Lens:
Prime Lens:
Lens Adapter:
Camera Batteries:
Audio Recorder:

Song: IDENTIFY – Here & Now


Adham Ahmed says:

does it require licenses

Ryan O'Connor says:

Did you deresrict it?

potatochobit says:

if you are not int he states, where are you, bruh?
can’t decide if I want this blue one or a mio 50.

mohammed aldwerji says:

thank you for this post ,,i was looking for this video because i will buy one tomorrow

Jesus de la Rosa says:

Best video. I’m getting one next week. Sick of the traffic. This would work just perfect. Cheers from the Caribbean DR

cmflippen says:

Dude that sj4000 footage is clean. Looks as good as my GoPro Hero3+. Maybe I should sell my gopro and pocket the $250 difference?

İlhan Kocbas says:

adam yeri izletti 😀

Mike Shugart says:

Would you feel secure leaving the scooter outside a market while you shopped? If not, how do you secure it, assuming some people drive to work, market, etc.

LethalCookieMonster says:

keep up the videos. really interesting

Cara Bear says:

how do you go backwards

Hamim Hidayat says:

where is the fuel intake?

Furkan Aktaş says:

Alternatif allegro 50cc =

Jesus de la Rosa says:

thanks you for this video. I’m about to get one. cheers from Dominican Republic. between, Does an universal tail trunk case could fit on this model? thanks. 🙂

Gerry Nightingale says:

As soon as I hear ‘Mo-ped’ used twice in thirty seconds…I’m all done.This is a very sophisticated two-wheel vehicle, built by the #1 manufacturer in the World…a vehicle that is ultra-reliable, dead smooth and very comfortable and very easy to maintain.Treated properly, a Honda scooter will easily last fifty-years or more without any major failures…maintenance being the key to longevity.

number nine large says:

its so quite almost like a asmr vid

壹貳 says:


Drive By Reviews says:

Where are the cup holders!?

Chen Zhang says:

only 1 seat?

Okie Rider says:

This is NOT a Moped! Its a Scooter. There’s a big difference.

Wild Bros says:

Can I ask why and when did you and your wife come to Japan?

Trupti Sawant says:

CUTE scooter.

Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

Nice vid! Is there a way to attach a wind shield to this bike?

Josh Foote says:

Scooters are the best!

David Meskhi says:

so good seeing english speaking person having this type of honda scooter, mostly this type of scooters belong to uk and asian users

Motora Başlıyoruz says:

Lİke it

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