Why I Got a Honda Ruckus

Last week I bought a Honda Ruckus. I was looking at the Yamaha R3, a Honda Grom, and the Ruckus for my 4th bike in the garage. Y’all wondered why on earth I’d buy a scooter. Here’s why!
Why I Got a Yamaha R1 – https://youtu.be/sVLql6PVnBM
Why I Got a Yamaha WR250X – https://youtu.be/FNuBkZJ7qRg

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vic r says:

I’ve had my Ruckus for about a year now. A lot of my buddies ask me why I got a scooter instead of a sport bike. I got it for practicality, not for speed or to just look cool. I love on a military instalation and the speed limit doesn’t exceed 40 so it’s perfect for me.

Jason Henry says:

I have my eyes on one of them, haven’t got it as yet though. I love how you modified yours

Matt Dillman says:

Dude from one Ruckus rider to another. You literally speak my thoughts on owning a Ruckus. #Ruckuslife

Robert Zimmermann says:

I kind of did things backwards with your videos. I watched every single episode of the ruckus build and then finally watched this one. I bought a used ruckus about 2 weeks ago and your build series has truely been an inspiration to me. I have yet been able to give it a good ride because the military makes riding motorcycles (even a 49cc scooter) a huge pain. I’d love to see a ruckus update from you in the future!

JL says:

scooters are way better than motorcycles

Ram Reefer says:

Everything you said they do to that ruckus they do to the grom !

Derrick Thomas says:

like your video

scott O'brien says:


Tim Mit says:

I bought a 2016 Yamaha Zuma FX for the same reasons You bought your Ruckus! I have a 2002 BMW R1150R; (What?!!)
But I like going F.W.O.(Full Wide Open!) at 40+ on inner city roads than I do going 80+ on the BMW! (Crazy, huh?) The BMW
is meant for going Any speed, Any distance, All day long… And get up in the morning And do it all over again! But for inner-
city traveling and getting around town, it’s the Ruckus, it’s the Zuma, it’s the Piaggio Typhoon, it’s the Fly 50, etc., or other
under 50cc scoots for going” FWO” and not getting busted for speeding!

Kocainum says:

10:07 I love that quote, know i heard somewhere else a long while back

James Truong says:

” it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast then to drive a fast car fast”

advanced muffin says:

My 2003 xr50r Honda might be able to beat it, 35 mph max


I have been testing 2 cars for 3 years developing a friction reducer as engines are 60 % FRICTION…..SUCCESS looking at results 27 % increase in MPG raised compression and speed.
My RUCKUS is going to stay engine temperature cool and go like my cavalier has a turbo.

Adam Bell says:


Michael S says:

What the hell Town do you live in,no traffic to speak of?

Cory Boyd says:

dude you got some muscular legs!

Liam says:

I’m buying a ruckus in two days

Niko Veter says:

Is there much difference frame-wise between r3 n yzf r125? Call me crazy but I’m looking at a few different 250, 300 engines to stick in my 125.

valveman12 says:

I love the Ruckus because it is smooth, easy on fuel and cool looking.

Zombi_ripper says:

Is this a 50cc scooter?

Moses Berkowitz says:

So why did you buy the f-ing Ruckus? After 3 minutes you didn’t say, so I quit. You need to start doing some editing, pal.

Noel Burger says:

I got the zuma 125 I can go a little faster without mods. It’s fun as hell

mr bad example says:

my first “bike” was an ’82 Honda C70, in ’82, in ’83 i got a Yamaha Riva 180, at age 57, thinking about about a small bike or scooter (i wish i kept that C70! only $400 new in ’82). i have a smart now and get 50mpgs in the summer and 45mpgs in the winter. buying a scooter for $2500-$3500 would never get a “payback” date in my lifetime (15 years) with current gas prices, that will drop with Trump opening up the country and oceans to oil drilling (Thank you Obama, stay on that little island away from extradition, you little shit!)

Jose Guzman says:

I’ve been planning on getting a Ruckus since last summer. Living in Chicago, we only have about 4 good month to enjoy riding weather. After hearing how much fun you’re having I’m sold. I’ll see if you can get part of the commission. Oh, and you have a new follower. Thanks

Troy H says:

by the way, you may as well buy one of the ruckus clones if you’re going to do 150 GY6 swap and go from there.

Aco747lyte says:

Great video. I liked the laid back way you have and good reasons for owning a Ruckus.

I bought one second hand last year, just for buzzing about, you know? I can’t fault it. Smashing to ride around, especially in this hot weather.

Troy H says:

When I want to go somewhere, I take my Kymco 250cc. When I want to have serious fun, I get out Rat Bob, a formerly 50cc chinese moped, with a 100cc bore kit, head, cam, carb and fart can exhaust that will run 50 on 10″ wheels.

Teddy riding a Moose says:

If and when I have a ruckus, I’ll probably call myself a bad ass mother rucker. Ruckus owners are known as ruckers, or even better, bad ass mother ruckers.

ratrod diesels says:

nice video

Ed Hiebert says:

It’s like riding an office chair on the street. 🙂

Dank Memes Made Here says:

I wanna get the honda ruckus, but in my state, it has to go 30 mph or less, can i limit it to 29 mph?

Chad Ellis says:

My questions are about your electronics… your phone mount, the way you’re powering your phone, the app you’re using to show the route to take, the helmet cam, the mic set up. I really would like to use my phone while on my scooter like that or record with a helmet cam or talk to another rider via 2 way radio or listen to music. You are already doing this stuff. What equipment would you recommend and how do you set it up?

Tom Robert says:

do you need a bike liscense to ride this?

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