2012 Kymco Agility 50 Review

This is a video review of my New Silver Kymco Agility 50 Scooter. Kymco Scooters are Taiwanese made and are much better than chinese scooters.


appelboom sap says:

Is this the 10″ or 12″?

Jtravels says:

Thanks for vid. It encouraged me to make one for my 2013 Agility 50.

Mr1Pratt says:

Good review, just wish you’d blow your nose…

Addison says:

Oh shit sorry i didn’t see what you replied to techrumor

Addison says:

Hey how did you take the governor off?

The end says:

Nice video sir, great scooter.

Royale with cheese says:

How easy is to works on these ?

kylmäesjeesaisnytniinbirusti22 says:

Best scooter ever made- Kymco Agility. Got mine back in 2006 when i was 15. First, i thought it all ugly and slow but slowly i learned how reliable scooter it was. Over 13,000km (8000 miles) without ANY kind of problems. It was also very light weight and easy to move. Now i have this LAME MBK Skyliner 125cc and it seriously blows. Has 8000ml. too and it NOT reliable at all… PSH! FHYI!!!

Author Schopenhauer says:

50mph really?

Xiao Long says:

cool thx bro

semecristian says:

hey, i’m 6’6, you think this scooter would be a good commuter for me?

undertaker says:

Four stroke or 2 stroke ,carb or injection

What’s top speed mph

monstercolorfun co says:

Why are the wheels round i want some triangles?

undertaker says:

There is no way it’s does 55 mph perhaps 40-45 tops

William Mcdonald says:

very informative review.

Deutsche Schützze says:

I want 1 sooo bad 🙁

John Doe says:

Oh thanks. Unfortunately I wasn’t the one who deristricted the scooter. It came deristricted off the dealership floor. They did something with the CDI but all I know is whatever they did doesn’t void my warranty.

Guy Brohski says:

+neothespian – Um…did you hear the part where he said the scooter’s cdi governor was de-restricted? After the modification, the Agility 50 can easily do 50mph, not Km/h.

DriveSpot says:

I got one from 2013 and had no problems with it. I have driven 14.000 Kilometers in that time and the only thing that I have done is an oil chang every year.
They are very reliable scooters 🙂

appelboom sap says:

Is thuis the 10″ or the 12″

Dontae Battle says:

Did you have to register your scooter with the DMV? Is insurance required?

thatgamester says:

I have a blue one and it can reach 80 one a flat surface.

David Collins says:

Thanks for the review. I saw a 2014 Kymco Agility I really like. You helped me make the decision to buy one, when the time comes to replace my current one, a two year old SYM PCH 50.

Kal'loru Stilorroth says:

I got the 2013 red agility 50 for $1800 otd.  Curious, do you still have it and how many miles you got?  Any problems yet? 

ApeX ReA1iTy says:

Blow your nose bud

Bog Seven says:

When it says 55 you’re looking at the kilometers.  Look at the smaller yellow numbers and you’ll see you’re going about 30 mph.  

andy gilchrist says:

Hey, I need some quick information which is how much oil do you put in the Kymco after you have filled up with petrol or even after a couple of weeks? Isn’t their a ratio or something like 2:1?

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