2012 Kymco Super 8 150 Personal Review

A quick review of my scooter after one year of usage


Emir Şen says:

I am 6’6” so if i buy this can i use it ? Or what do you propose to me as a 125 cc and scooter.

smartunnel says:

I think your exhaust muffler is missing its end tip

angelisone says:

Can you tell how to start the scooter electronically?

Symbols on right side of handle are all worn out.
I have the key set at “On”.

Alex Pirnuta says:

Good thinking, riding my scooter is something I look forward to everyday.

koolfoolable says:

75mpg seems pretty low…. some other similar bikes get 100-115.

Knarf28 Coc says:

honda beat is way better i think

j2000 j2000 says:

Does your full face helmet fit in the trunk?

Alex Pirnuta says:

it’s 1.3 gallon so about $5 (+/- $0.50) 😉

Dx CL says:

You can customize the seat.

Alex Pirnuta says:

It’s possible, how’s it behaving?

Rhys says:

how are you able to add a box on the back of this?

Chris Love says:

I got a 2013 kymco super 8 150 — i love it! I think I’m already having carb problems…. it’s got 400 miles on it…..

I'm Simon says:

I’ve been looking at the specs & reviews of dozens of scooters… Sold my “last”‘ Harley a week or so ago. The interstates are no longer a safe option in my opinion; nor are the three lane arterial roads (not in my area of Florida is concerned). Out of State drivers, uninformed geographically. Distracted drivers the darn cell phones, unskilled drivers (both young and old) and the worst group the impaired drivers, have all combined to create an environment where most major roads are high risk for two wheels. Riding 46 years never had an incident and don’t want one now. So I’ve been tossing the idea around in my mind of a smaller ride (a scooter) for the neighborhood and a few short runs nearby. I’m 5’9″ and 180 pounds with a 32” inseam. I was thinking the Super 8 150cc would be a good fit for me. It would be just me (solo) on the scooter. What have you found as far as durability of the Kymco? What would you guess my top speed would be? How frequent is the intensive maintenance, like valve check and cvt belt replacement? Any solid info would be appreciated, thanks!

jessefresh says:

how much petrol do u pay for full tank 🙂

Michael Diodato says:

How much down do you have to put on one of these? I want one but my fam will think ide lost my mind if I drop 2 stacks on a scoot .

Port1539 says:

I have had less problems with a 50cc stand up scooter I ordered from China.  Even funnier they all started happening just after warranty expired and I only have 3400km  I guess that’s my fault for not getting it serviced monthly, spending more than I did on the bike in the first year.

Pinche Pendejo says:

slow and overpriced, just like a Harley.
 Better off getting a TaoTao powermaster  VIP 150cc for $650 new in box (N.I.B.). I’ve had mine at 72MPH on a rolling highway. Usually tops out about 63 real MPH on levels. no mods yet. 250 lb rider. same problem with the seat. I’ll probably buy another of these as the other 150 I bought, a Kinroad topped at only 54MPH.  A few problems like muffler vibration (had to reweld and remove the axle mount, 4 mounts now instead of 5) and offroading blew a fork seal  :)) 15 months/4000 miles.

Michael Diodato says:

Down payment. … thanks auto correct .

hiro villamor says:

fuel consumption?

Alex Pirnuta says:

Haha! I gave my agility 50 to my good friend. He fell down and had to walk it home. Seems like we learned our lesson..

Alex Pirnuta says:

Great, the carb needed to be replaced since cleaning didn’t fix the problem. The warranty covered it so I didn’t pay a dime. Besides that no problems. A lot of fun to ride!

Diko Dimo says:

That’s kymco super 8 125 not 150.

flightexpress says:

How did you like your agility 50 any problems…


marco antonio raschetta says:


Alex Pirnuta says:

55-65 depending on temperature, wind, and slope of road.

Alex Pirnuta says:

I only had it for about 3 months last summer. It was a 2007. The electric start did not work and the kickstart broke down and wasnt worth fixing. So I just bought a new one. That was my experience.

smartunnel says:

Hi, have you tested the speedometer accuracy? How fast does it go? I think I want to change my SYM Symphony SR150 to this.

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