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The 2013 Kymco Agility 125 offers plenty of bang for the buck, but how does it stack up against similarly priced scoots? We find out in our $2000 Scooter Comparison: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/14/17464/Motorcycle-Article/2013–2000-Scooter-Comparison.aspx

$2000 Scooter Comparison Videos:
2013 Honda Metropolitan – http://youtu.be/B6jF3KNsXGs
2013 Piaggio Typhoon 50 & Aprilia SR50 – http://youtu.be/gI8tbrcZEwk


Kabir Portillo says:


Cherry Colla says:

I have a kymco agility and the front turn signal doesn’t work; it won’t turn on when I signal and the back signal moves extra fast.
I want to change the bulb, but not being mechanically inclined I can’t even figure out what kind of bulb I need.  Anyone know if it’ll be a bulb I can buy at autozone, or if it’s something I’d have to specifically order from a Kymco dealer?

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what kind of bulb I should buy.

SwPiotrek says:

They mean it’s made in People’s Republic of China?

tigerfanman says:

i dont understand how 50cc scooters and vespa justify their insanely high price..

medicineman9 says:

Just make sure you CHANGE THE STOCK TIRES on the Kymco Agility 125, reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HpjVq084-0
And yes, the stock tires will cause you harm if you dont, lol, i crashed once with them but was lucky. Now I have better tires.

I'm Simon says:

I’ve been looking at the specs & reviews of dozens of scooters… Sold my “last”‘ Harley a week or so ago. The interstates are no longer a safe option in my opinion; nor are the three lane arterial roads (not in my area of Florida is concerned). Out of State drivers, uninformed geographically. Distracted drivers the darn cell phones, unskilled drivers (both young and old) and the worst group the impaired drivers, have all combined to create an environment where most major roads are high risk for two wheels. Riding 46 years never had an incident and don’t want one now. So I’ve been tossing the idea around in my mind of a smaller ride (a scooter) for the neighborhood and a few short runs nearby. I’m 5’9″ and 180 pounds with a 32” inseam. I was thinking the Agility 125 would be a good fit for me. It would be just me (solo) on the scooter. What have you found as far as durability of the Kymco? What would you guess my top speed would be? How frequent is the intensive maintenance, like valve check and cvt belt replacement? Any solid info would be appreciated, thanks!

undertaker says:

@Jason Leo some of the Peugeot scooters are actually Chinese scooters like the peugeout v clic

Tim Sharky Productions says:

So I will be getting a scooter for college. My school allows mopeds to be parked on the bicycle racks as long as they are under 50cc. Would they be able to notice if I parked a 125 there or could I just get a 50 to be safe? 
Thank you in advance for the help, 

dbauernf says:

I’ve owned the 2006 version of this scooter, 75MPG was rare, it was usually 70MPG, and there was no rev limiter on mine. I actually managed to hit an indicated 73mph with the wind in my back and the engine screaming. The speedometer is hugely optimistic though, at an indicated 37mph you’re actually going only 31mph. Same 6mph difference at 60mph. Overall it was a blast to ride, light, agile and not comparable to ANY 50cc scooter really, even if it’s built on a budget and has worse brakes then some.

Adam Louisy says:

I want one

Okie Rider says:

I’d rather buy the MadAss 125cc scooter.

Choirboyjr11 says:

The 79 Honda CM185T Twinstar got 85 MPG and it had more cc’s, one more piston, and it was a full size 70MPH capable ,heavier, motorcycle. How can this only get 77MPG? 

Darcy Chu says:

Kymco got extensive experience in 125 c.c. scooters. There are 20+million scooters in Taiwan, more than half are 125 c.c., Kymco accounted for 45% of market share. I like carburetor better for less trouble and reliability, though thirstier. The fuel-efficient injection scooters sip less fuel, however, trouble prone for humidity and flood. My carburetor Kymco 125 c.c. got soaked in typhoon flood. I took it to bike shop for repair. The acquainted shopkeeper used straw blower of air power tools to blow off all dirt after replacing a new spark plug, then he jump started my scooter with a car battery(took several ignitions). Once the scooter started, lot of water was blown from the tailpipe. He kept the engine revving till no water dripping. Voila! He told me that I was lucky to get a carburetor scooter. Should it be a fuel-injected scooter, it would cost at least US$200 or more to replace those sensors and electric components.
Meanwhile, Kymco, Yamaha, Honda and most brands have “stolen” the “kick starter” from their fuel-injected scooters. That means when your battery is aging, you will get stranded away from home. Only Suzuki keeps the “kick starter” on their fuel-injection scooters. Looks minor, but important when far away from urban.

Joey Mantka says:

He said full sized people.. what about the others? Only 2/3 of a people? hehehe. Just kidding.

spamburglar808 says:

When you said “its made in the People’s Republic”, that would be incorrect. Unless you meant China, Taiwan is the Republic of China. Not the People’s republic of China. Different countries. Anyway nice review.

andy gilchrist says:

Any throttle lag?

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