2016 Kymco K-Pipe – Bike Review

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Ed Victory says:

I think Kymco is Taiwan.

Ed Victory says:

A drum rear brake actually has more contact braking surface than a disk brake.

michael whitfield says:

wonder how this would do with some dual sport tires on logging roads?

Kahn Graves says:

Can you 2 up on this bike ?

MrMoneyHelper says:

Thanks for the great review. I’ll check it out. I prefer small motorcycles to large ones. The big ones might go fast but in city traffic they are ungainly and take more effort to park for a small guy like me.

Alvaro Ochoa says:

taiwanese motorcycles and scooters are sold by bunches in italy, and others parts of europe,
israel; even here in the usa.

EXCELLENT review though.

Punky Nene says:

the real question is… is it as fun as the grom? (can you mess around with it like all the motovloggers)

Brannu Studios says:

I’m a new rider, never rode before and this bike seems perfect for me…I’m sold, buying one in 2 weeks! 🙂

IHeartGaming says:

im sold. i want one. already have some money saved up

Juhhoo_ says:

Only 8hp and it is 125cc? My Honda CR 125 makes 38 hp.

Dar Tice says:

Good review, interesting. I would like review from someone that has owned for a year or two and see how it holds up.

all free 100% free says:

Kymco makes good stuff for a long time .im always trust them

Ash says:

70mpg??? jeez a 150cc scooter is more fuel efficent than that!

Romario Mohaboe says:

to be honest you realy made me happy because i just purched one online and i’m allso having my first motorcycling lesson in March. Now i can’t wait to get busy on the two-wheeler in the city.

Hanalogue says:

KYMCO’s warranty for body components is still garbage. A reflector falls off, they will tell you they will not do anything about it. I bought a KYMCO moped from that shop and regret it to a certain degree. I know how to fix and modify everything on a moped now, so there is the upside;)

sc1212able says:

Really good review, I have been looking at the Kymco 125 agility scooter until I saw this, both well do 60 mph, this looks more appealing, wonder if you could put a tank bag on it and maybe some sport panniers

stashouse617 says:

So this bike is automatic

louie jack says:

we’re can’t get one

mario ingargiola says:

wanted to get this as my first bike just to ride around the neighborhood. I know how to drive clutch but in a car, not a bike. would you recommend this to learn on? Also, can you disengage the auto clutch?

Alvaro Ochoa says:

the best thing about kymco name brand .
its that they make BULLETPROOF engines.

dencel maglente says:

What is its top speed is it only 96kph? Im planning to buy a bike and this one caught my eye Haha is it okay for Long rides? It would be a big help if you answer my question. thanks

Ryan Wilson says:

Grom/z125pro or the kymco k-pipe? which would you recommend?

L'UBX - TV says:

I have the KPW 50, it’s a nice bike for learning and start, visit my chanel if you want tuto for unlock the cdi or carburator and air filter etc.
I have install a 75cc kit too, it’s very fun with it (80kph).
V and ride safe

Douglas Murphy says:

Just ordered mine today.

gingerfootman says:

they sell it for $1255 here in the Philippines 🙂

Lukas Schneider says:

i actually own one. but it´s the german 50cc version
i just have two major complaints.

first off, it doesen´t have an auto clutch pull. if you want to slowly let the clutch slide into gear you have to do that with your foot. its hella uncomfortable and really impractical when you try shift gears sometimes.

and second – the performance. boy was i let down. 1.7bhp. the bike feels great but come on, its not fast at all. i really try to get more performance out of it and i will ask my dealer tomorrow about that clutch the american version has. i need that :c

Fritz Gerald says:

Looks like kpipe use a moped transmision, am i right?

Lane Splitter says:

Finally someone gives this bike the light of day. It is a MUCH better option than the Grom in my opinion, which for most is a novelty item and not a mode of transportation. Plus the $1000 price difference, the size of the wheels and overall package you can’t go wrong with this. Plus the semi auto is just like the Honda Cub that so many adored, now because it says Kymco and not Honda everyone hates on it. SMH…

Jiffy Sitjar says:

Thank you so much sir for redeeming my faith on this bike. to be honest, this is my first and top choice for a bike.

Niko Lolz says:

Is this a full size bike or about the size of a grom/z125. Im rlly curious about this bike.

Climatic Hawk says:

So is this classified as a moped?

joetca says:

This is probably the best price per performance 125cc.

Lan Tis says:

Kymco is a Taiwanese brand, not Chinese. It’s made in Taiwan.


Corey Hopkins says:

i picked one up 2 weeks ago. shift pattern is back to normal. the guy at the scooter place called it “semi automatic”. but honestly, i cannot sit stopped in gear so im not sure what he meant. unlike the one in this video, it will stall. the owners manual says total load limit is 233lbs so 2up is not ideal (plus, lack of power). It is a lot of fun, i use it as a commuter for now. its nice having a 2 year parts and labor warranty and a brand new bike for 2k. however the range is limited, you do not want to be ringing this things neck on the highway.
ive been desperately looking for aftermarket parts and cant find them anywhere.
but yes, go get one.

Solano Cycle - The Scooter Superstore says:

As someone mentioned, you can change it from KPH to MPH by holding one of the buttons. We are a KYMCO dealer and these bikes have gotten a great response. They sell out as soon as we get them. They’re smooth, easy to drive, and come with a 2 year warranty for just $1999 msrp. Quality is great. KYMCO built for Honda for decades. Today, they build for Arctic Cat, Kawasaki, and BMW…including the Gas extended range motor in the BMW I3.

peter m says:

Wtf. You have a clutch? 125cc?

bacorable says:

k-pipe? the name inspires me to do plumbing.

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