2018 Kymco Like 150i Review

2018 Kymco Like 150i Review


Joaquim LLOREN says:

I thought this Kymco bikes are made in Taiwan not China

00Raiser1693 says:

Thanks for this. I’m actually looking for a decent review of this scooter as I’m also planning to get it. While I’d love to have a Vespa, it’s beyond my budget so Kymco Like’s the closest I can get given my spending power.

Got a question, tho. I notice that in the video the digital screen on the instrumentation panel looks like it’s flickering. Is it just the recording, due to (a) the camera drifting to and from focus and (b) angle of view, or does the screen really do that due to the engine vibration?

Jed Taneo says:

Only thing I don’t like is the separate turning lights. Looks ugly.

Joaquim LLOREN says:

I might buy one of this if its made in taiwan. LIKE is a nice looking bike unfortunately its made in China. There’s a big difference between made in China and made in Taiwan. Besides we dont wanna be flooded with these chinese fake garbage anymore

Ken Garcia says:

Does the back breaks also ABS? or just the front?

Ly Chan says:


Paul Perez says:

The intro made me cry. Nice vid btw. I had the old Kymco like 125 carb. I like this one too.

gerbilbill says:

Do you know if it is easy to access the valves or does the scooter need a major disassembly to get to them?

Angelo Lim says:

Hello! I’d like to ask about the fuel consumption of this scooter, have you computed how many km/L or mpg? Thank you

Jumping Wizard says:

I got same one, hit 1100 mls, so far only mirrors bothering me, and the right mirror just got broke while I was driving (guess bc of poor quality of mirror and affect of “vibration” when you driving)
So far fast and nice bike. 5⭐

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