Kymco AK550 Super Tourer Review

And now for something completely different…

Tally Bally Ho!

Here is my review of a bike that was leant to me to do this review. It’s actually very good!

Hope you enjoy this slight departure from the norm and maybe it will go some way to install bike / scooter relations?

I must admit that I loved it but for £9000 I’d get something else…

Thanks for watching! As ever, please put any comments or questions in the boxes below!

Tally Bally Ho!

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Perry Jones says:

So, I just watched a review of a scooter… there’s a first. I wonder when we’ll start seeing integrated sat-nav on bikes? Only a matter of time I guess.
I was lent a Honda NC750 Auto a while back when my T120 gearbox broke, and yes confusing to ride a bike with a boot and no gears.
The future is a blend, surely… A Booter, if you will. 🙂

Phil.T.McNastee says:

Nine. Thousand. Pounds.

matty d says:

Those super scooters always catch my attention and I think how cool it would be to actually own one but then I think about how stupid I would look and forget about it.

Simon Wiltshire says:

Thankyou captain, very practical machines , great video as always.

Nestoras Bellas says:

Excellent and unusual review. Through the entire video though, i see the struggle of a guy from Great Britain to not like “the scooter”, while loving it!

Chris says:

That was nice Kymco makes good products , The teenage girl giggle says it all That was fun like all scooters are lol ahahhah

gwynnus says:

I recently moved from sportsbikes to maxis. Years ago I had a Majesty 400 and crossed Europe on it – I loved it but it was scary round corners. Last week I bought a TMax DX and I’m as happy as a pig in sh*t. The AK550 cost around 900 euro less but it looked and felt cheaper – the Yamaha’s finish was better overall and it didn’t feel as heavy (the TMax isn’t light either) – so Yamaha vs Kymco was a bit of a no-brainer although I liked the Kymco too. Ok, the Kymco is marginally faster but if I were into drag racing and speed I would’ve kept my Ducati.

TheGolden Hour says:

Kymco supply the engine for the BMW 600 scooter..with my 300cc Aprilia touring scooter which has a 15l tank I can easily cover a 500km range…this Kymco is really nice love the brakes.

tony robins says:

Scooter riders like feeling the wind in their VAGINAS.

Peter Forster says:

Well, that’s probably that then, isn’t it… :’‑(

1957khartung says:

Kymco also builds all single cylinder motors for BWM bikes, as well as the 650cc motors for the BMW big scooters. Yes, ride a BMW scooter, and you are riding a Kymco.

Andy P says:

I didn’t see where you put the key, so does this have a keyless lock / start system?

James Braun says:

Been riding for 6 years ? The way he is driving he be damn lucky to get 5 more . Stupid driving .

staninjapan07 says:

Thanks for the video.
I am impressed that they outsold Piaggio in Italy – that’s astounding, and that they are the 3rd most ridden make in Spain.
So many are praising Kymco now, and when you learn what it has been doing with/for Honda for so long, it is no wonder.
This kind of sporty big scooter is aimed at people who want the convenience of a scooter when they need to do traffic stuff and something akin to the performance of a small to mid sized sports bike when they want to play… and of course the touring potential.
I am currently looking to swap my (superb, and I cannot fault it) bike (mentioned below) for a bike like this (Tmax / AK550/Burgman650).
The more people make videos of these, the less surprise people will express that these bikes are good, I am sure.
Honda’s ‘automatic’ transmission is called DCT (dual clutch transmission) and your AK550 has CVT (constantly variable transmission).
The former is a gearbox, pretty much like any, but with an automated clutch for the odd numbered gears and another for the even numbered ones.
Many motorcyclists, quite naturally, mix them up.
Why do so many riders in the UK feel that 60 to 70 miles per UK gallon is so good?
My 2013 V-Strom 650 V-Twin has given me that and more consistently for 5 years. Admittedly that is manual.

Neil Cole says:

Go electric Captain!!

Matthew Perry says:

Great review! I’m a fairly recent convert to maxi-scooters, so it is nice to see them get recognition.
This one is pretty close to the Yamaha T-Max, so would be interesting to hear a back to back review on them both.

Phil480 says:

Hahah AK47! Looks a bit like it should be called the Bat-Scooter, especially with all them gadgets.
Nice review Cap.


Modern scooters have progressed leaps and bound. I used to ride older scooters then mopeds and manual clutch bike. I recently bought a Yamaha Nmax 155 . I tell you that I was surprised by its handling and drivetrain smoothness. scooters nowadays have all the bells and whistles that shames some larger motorcycle. I’m a scooter convert now.

Humpty Dumpty says:

I ride a Honda SH300 scooter for commuting to work and a Tiger 800 as my toy. The SH is amazing for filtering and it’ll give me 90mph plus with two up and all with a very healthy fuel economy. I can get several bags of shopping on board and the suspension is one of the most comfortable experiences I have ever had on two wheels. But, it simply doesn’t put the smile on my face that the Tiger does, briefly….it’s boring!

John Oleary says:

Well done sir

Robert Akerson says:

Well then.

Neil Cole says:

Seems strange but this bike seems to make perfect sense!!

SC8ter Rider says:

I Like KYMCO brand a lot because I have a KYMCO Super 8 125cc 2009 model which 9 years old right now and it’s alive and kicking.

Peace Corp says:

I ve sold my scoot fr a nrmal bike… Regret it..damn

Sir Ride A Bit says:

Nice in depth review Sir, as scooter’s go have to say that’s probably the best looking one I’ve seen especially the style of the front with the light set up.

LazyApe_ says:

its definitely a good option for a second bike for commuting

Rocket3Guy says:

Sir Captain,
I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from your lack of new videos. I Sincerely hope that all is going well with you sir. I love this video!
Sir Ed of Sandy Hook

Karl Bryant says:

Rear view mirrors are a lot better on Suzuki 650 Burgman

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