Kymco Downtown 350i user reviews Part 1

Review the features of the 2015 Kymco Downtown 350i from a user’s perspective. Also, comparing against its predecessor in terms of design and features.


張博軒 says:

can I share this video? thank you~

Yuval Shapira says:

Very good Review !
I have the Downtown 350i and I like the scooter is excellent !
And have a RAM mount and is very comfortable to use.
How did you do two lamps work?
I have one lamp is on and want to do two lamps work like you did, how do you do it?
Thank you !

yehern says:

Thanks for the thorough review, SGscooterGuy! Only thing you missed out is the price (vs the Downtown 200i). We only have the Downtown 200i, Xciting 300i and 400i across the causeway. The less-than-friendly local Kymco people tells me they are not bringing in the 350i.

To nitpick, I’m not a fan of the 350i’s filler cap. On the SYM VTS 200, the filler cap is a spring-loaded, pop-out design which you operate via the ignition key. Very smart. I do wish manufacturers would make the accessory compartments lockable. Unfortunately, no full-face helmet would fit under the VTS seat either.

I also don’t like the skyward-facing keyhole. Even with the security shutter, water ingestion would eventually wash out the lubricant and cause your lock barrel to become sticky.

sya khir says:

Hi bro. i super like your bike and looking to own one. i see your carpark is at jelapang or segar is it? can you pls contact me. shah 96666234 staying @ fajar. Tq

Derek Ko says:

Great review !


Trovo che Kymco abbia costruito un gran bel mezzo!!!… Penso che farò una follia e lo comprerò!!!…

mzjinnai87 says:

hi, amazing review.

Lostmysoul Today says:

Good no fluff review.
1 year on, what’s the verdict, are you happy with it.

Hany Nabil says:

Hello SGScooterGuy, could you please tell me how often you change the engine oil? the catalogue says every 5000 km but the local agent here says I should change it every 2000km. Also could you please advice on the type of transmission oil you use as I’m confused between the different types (there are those for wet clutches which are different from those used in cvt) and how often it should be changed as well? Thanks in advance for the reply

γιωργος παπαδοπουλος says:

fuel consumption in liters please ???

Aldo Xhanari says:

Very informative video. I am planning on buying Downtown 350i. I would really like to know where can I get a universal motorcycle phone holder like yours! I’ve been searching the whole web and nothing.

Can you please help me SGscooterGuy?

Jeffery Gravitt says:

Please, does anyone have information on the 350i coming to the USA? We’re really interested in this bike. Thank you.

mar Velde says:

Thanks for the info, i`m exited for part two.
I`m not certain if i should buy this model or the “old“ model with discount.
I will try this model in july.

Paul Davies says:

Hi I’m wondering what the device (small box) is between the windscreen and the top of the dashboard thx Paul

Nur Hisham Nuruddin says:

Hi, are there any locks for the 2 compartments in the dash?

Sam B says:

Hi mate, i’m currently in the market for a scooter and I’m stuck between the Downtown 350i abs and the Honda Forza 300. How is the bike so far? Any problems with it? Are you happy with it? How many KM’s have you done so far? Sorry I’m asking a lot of questions 🙂 When you were in the market to buy a scooter did you check the honda forza 300? What do you think about it?

Weilson Yeo says:

Hi @SGscooterGuy. Just got my downtown 350i too!
May I know where can i buy the phone holder you are having? How much is it?

Alexis Biancospino says:

Dear all,

I live in France and I am very close to purchase tje DT 350.
On a french web site , I have seen that due to issue with the engine the launch had been postponed.
On an Italian web site, someone mentinned that there was an issue with “Tension regulator” :Molti non sanno che questi modelli Kymco hanno il regolatore di tensione nel flusso massimo del calore emesso dal motore! Quasi tutti nel breve periodo bruciano il regolatore..Puo’ sembrare una stupidagine ma questo crea un effetto domino fastidioso sia alla batteria ed anche agli avvolgimenti dello statore. é un problema elettrico serio, il carico non è affatto dimensionato per quei regolatori che andrebbero sostituiti o messi in posti dove possono ricevere un maggiore flusso di aria. Figuriamoci poi inserire anche il carico del nuovo dispositivo gps satellitare! La gente signori della Kymco ormai è attenta, sistemate il regolatore..Il resto va’ bene..Ma ricordate di cambiare l’olio molto spesso molto prima delle scadenze dette,con un prodotto di altissima qualità, sono motori al limite lo bruciano subito! – See more at:

does anyone could tell me if you have any issue ?
Thanks a lot

Erez Kataby says:

Hello SGscooterGuy. Can you tell me please how to turn off the Oli Service light? I couldn’t find the right Owner’s Manual for my scooter. I have Kymco DownTown 250i

itrabos says:

THanks for this very good real user review. I have no trunk light in my polish version of downtown, which sucks I guess :/ Oh, and I DO have hazard lights in previous version of Downtown (2014).

mzjinnai87 says:

hi! amazing review. may i know where you purchased your bike in sg? or perhaps recommend me? I’m thinking of getting one for my daily commute. thank you!

yorkshise end says:

How they are install h7 and h4?it is the same lamp???

itrabos says:

Hey come on, I’ve never tried to put helmet this way, try to rotate it by 180 degrees.

mzjinnai87 says:

hi! amazing review. may inknow where you purchased your bike in sg? or perhaps recommend me? I’m thinking of getting one for my daily commute. thank you!

Paul Davies says:

Great review thanks

Courior1200 says:

HI. I have the downtown 350i as well. I am wondering if you get any vibration when accelerating? mine vibrates through the seat and bars a little, especially when going full throttle.

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