KYMCO Ionex Electric Scooter

KYMCO Ionex is a game-changing electric scooter solution that eliminates all barriers to go green.

The Kymco Ionex looks like an exciting proposition to the scooter market.

Here’s hoping we will get in Australia. We will make updates at as we hear.


Alessandro says:

Nice work Kymco!!

linh hunt says:

very cool.

mohit sharma says:

India m laao

JAMES says:

Great idea! If you can start by installing stand-alone unit to every Kymco dealership so ppl. who buy electric Kymco scooters can swing by to swap out the battery quickly will certainly increase the range greatly. Awesome idea indeed.

Marciel Luta says:

I think you tell the truth but some people will be indenpendent from all we need some tehnology what we kan doe’s the batery recharge direct from the sun, that could be the best invents ever !

D Jay says:

Scooter n idea also good, pls don’t launch in India, so many cheeters over there.

Jitendra singh says:

Agar ye aaya to sabse best hoga

Harald Engels says:

Cool. I want one 🙂

Raees Ahmad says:

Launch it in India fast. Don’t waste time.

Sumit Tyagi says:

Launch it in India and make sure the scooter will reach every Indians budget

Scooterwolf's Motovlog says:

Some good innovations, but how long does the core battery charge last? How far can you go on it? With five batteries at a range of 200 kilometers (124 miles) that seems to be about 25 miles per battery.

I also wish they had discussed coast, charging fees and the bikes speed.

Yuri Nidahara says:

Gasolina funciona porque todos os carros/motos de todas as marcas usam a mesma gasolina, com o bocal de abastecimento padronizado. Enquanto algo semelhante não for inventado para os elétricos, o carregamento e as baterias continuarão sendo um grande impeditivo, impeditivo maior que o preço.

Hareesh Kumar says:


Fábio Correia says:

Portugal se faz favor!

Akkenapally Veeranna says:

Any contact number of kymco

perget01 says:

I want a Kymco Ionex.


Guys when u people are coming to India same idea I also got but financial problem so it don’t happen u guys must come to India fast man

tarnaka504 says:

when it is coming in india

Chris Baird says:

> “Their pricing structure involves buying the bike with a contract to rent the batteries for a preagreed mileage (a bit like a phone contract”

Game LOSING move. It’s as bad as KTM’s idea of renting the batteries out for the same cost as the same mileage in petrol.

photonrayswaves says:

What a retarded way of handling battery recharging! Batteries should be rechargeable anywhere you can plug one in. Just sell the damn scooter and be satisfied. Trying to force the consumer to depend on you for batteries and recharging them is an Edison kind of greedy move which will guarantee this will fail.

Jeffrey Gale says:

To many batteries, dont like the rental side of things

Ali Baramy says:

Concept are beautiful hope in future self charging while running the bike will come soon. Scooter model beautiful

MaximilianMus says:

How much?

MaximilianMus says:


Veranda Tales says:

Kymco here are some ideas for your cool product 1. no flat tires 2. redundant backup electronics 3. bullet proof 100% service warranty for xx years or xx miles/km? which means no out of pocket for consumer 4. free loaner during service event 5. anywhere delivery of charged battery if stranded 5. battery upgrade option 6. 100% return policy within xx days

markart157 says:

They copied Gogoro hehe

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