Kymco Super 8 50cc 2-Stroke Review

My newest review…
2012 Kymco Super 8 50cc 2-Stroke
OK heres a quick rundown of the FAQ..
Price – £1800 (Approximate price)
Petrol cost £6-7 per fill
Insurance £300 Lexham 3rd party fire and theft
Top speed 30mph (restricted) 45-55 mph (De-restricted)
How to de-restrict the bike? – Take to a bike dealer, £45-£75 depending on dealers price rate
Where is the bike from? – Taiwan
Is it comfy and reliable? – Yes
What dealer was this bike from? – Roadrunner Stroud
Any warranty? – Yes 2 years from new

A True Winner
With its flashy sports motorbike styling, deep shiny paintwork and great looking graphics, the Super 8 50 cc 2-stroke looks as if it’s punching well above its weight. The Super 8 is both light and very agile, which makes it great fun to ride and with a restricted top speed of 30 mph it is more than capable of swiftly manoeuvring around a congested town or city.
The Super 8 50 2-stroke triumphed on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show ‘Top 5 Scooter’ feature in November 2009. The Scooter not only made Suzi Perry’s Top 5, but came Third, beating off stiff competition from the Peugeot Speedfight 3 and Piaggio NRG. The TV show’s presenter Suzi Perry, also a keen motorcyclist, tested and reviewed more than forty 50cc scooters for the feature.

Commenting on the KYMCO Super 8 50, Suzi said: “Unlike some other 2-strokes this is quite smooth. This is a bike you feel like you can just throw around… keep the revs on… it’s really lovely to ride.”

Fuel-efficient and Environmentally Friendly
The Super 8 is a highly fuel-efficient scooter, capable of achieving in excess of 100 miles per gallon as well as producing very low carbon emissions.

Perfect Learner and Commuter Companion
More than capable of swiftly moving around a congested town or city, the Super 8 50 boasts 14″ six-spoke alloy wheels and a long wheel base, to further enhance stability, comfort and safety.
The low seating position at 785mm in height ensures the rider can easily place their feet on the ground making it ideal for both male and female riders. Pillions are well catered for, with pop-out alloy foot pegs and a grab rail, so you can share your journey with a friend if the mood takes you.

Other features include: powerful front disc and rear drum brakes, electric and kick-start, automatic choke, lockable under seat storage box for helmet, shopping or waterproofs, steering lock, rear carrier, centre and side stands

2 Year Warranty PLUS Fantastic Insurance Offer
KYMCO are running a fantastic insurance offer on this and other bikes, including roadside assistance and full claims service 24/7 from only £99, any area. Please click here for more details.

The Super 8 50 2-Stroke comes with a 2-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty.


Sean Brandon says:

“Big enough for my helmet, which is massive” You dirty sod! 🙂

Alana Weaver says:

How does Kymco compare to other moped/scooter brands?

Ben Deane says:

Fuel efficiency is basically the same for both 2 and 4 strokes of this capacity. 4 strokes compromise power for slight efficiency but it is barely noticeable (maybe 120mpg to only 110mpg) 2 strokes are faster in the long run.

Jack Jones says:

Hi mate great review. I’m turning 16 in November and looking to get one of these bikes. I would probably need to get it de-restricted as I’m heavy lol. Can any bike shop do this ? And will it affect the mot ? Thanks mate. Ride safe

CONNER3497 says:

I now also have a 50cc Baotian review on my channel check it out 🙂 

Ben Deane says:

@james Bennett lol yeah most 2 strokes sound like that with a standard exhaust on them

Ben Deane says:

although i thank you for this advice, i have been motorcycling for many years and i understand everything i need to do or to maintain to keep my bike in good health

Ben Deane says:

Roadrunner Stroud (Official Kymco dealer), £1650 (i think) plus £100 tax and preparation charge, and 16 years old. If you need any other help please ask

supercheekykiwi says:

How do you find the acceleration of this bike. I’m a bit nervous about keeping up with traffic even when derestricted.

Rhys says:

how would you fit a top box on this bike?

SuperMotoGuy99 says:

Hey man how do i un-restrict this scooter when i have my A1 licence as i don’t want to be told off for having it un-restricted on a AM scooter licence. Thanks. 

James Roberson says:

45 on a flat or hill?

Callum Sullivan says:

No it’s about 55 to 60mph because mines a aprilia make moped and aprilias are racing moped so that’s why dude

Ben Deane says:

60 mph is fantastic! for a 50cc mine did 45ish but i am far heavier due to my height and size. PS keep in mind the outer set of numbers on the speedo is in kph, mph is the little ones on the inside. Your 60 mph may actually be kph 😉

Ben Deane says:

@Dj Danis for me it cost £300 for 3rd party fire and theft through kymcos recommended lexham insurance

Robert Weston says:


StanceMiru says:

Doing 80km/h on my stock PGO G-Max 2010

Nathan Dance says:

I can get the same speed on my 4 stroke 50, but I only weigh 10 stone. Are two strokes that much worse on fuel? I might want to get a faster 50 as you don’t need a bike test, just a car licence and a single CBT

Mmmm Tasty says:

DAMN! 100m per gallon?!?! I must get a moped just like this! I love everything about this moped. Now I don’t have to catch the diseased busses! Thanks a lot for this review mate.

Dodie Hoyt says:

This video is very helpful. I’m a first time buyer for these scooters/moped. so I’m watching all videos to find a good one get. I will start out slow & work my way up to the more powerful bikes once I complete the motorcycle course at my local college. Thank you for posting it.

JoeCnNd says:

Is it still running lean? or did you make it rich?

Andrej Gorgiev says:

Best review of the Kymco Super 8 on youtube. I have the same model, also 2 stroke 50cc and same colour aswell. But i have a little problem, it wont pull more than 35 mph. So may I ask, how did u derestrict it, and what should I do to make it go faster like your does? 🙂

Callum Sullivan says:

How fast can it go because mine only gos 60 mph ):

DeathAwaitsYou says:

this1 weigh 112kg

Hamdaan Javed says:

How much does it cost to derestrict a moped

Oliver Langley says:

Wear did u buy bike from n how much n how old r u

LegitGamer697 says:

how tall are you I’m 5ft 3 . would I be tall enough . can a 5ft person use this

Nancy Clemmens says:

All in all how do you like the Kymco?  I’m thinking about getting one for my spouse for birthday. Thoughts on 2 or 4 strokes? Thanks!

1,000,000 subscribers weapons says:

Anyone do you know why gov website it says that the max speed you can go is 30mph why anyone? Thank you

Dante Solis says:

Are these sold in America

Harry Rafton says:

how fast?

DeathAwaitsYou says:

dude u trimmed it?

Mmmm Tasty says:

50cc only goes up to 30mph Im sure of that because I am thinking of getting one when I get my CBT to go to school and police cadets and back again. How much is it to fill the tank? How much is your insurance?

Funtastic K9 Training says:

where can I buy this in the US?!

Mmmm Tasty says:

Sorry man I did not mean to cause trouble but thanks for telling me cost of petrol, much appreciated.

james bennett says:

It’s a nice scooter but it sounds like a leaf blower aha

danny chenoweth says:

where can i get this bike i really like it. how much did it cost and how much is the insurance.

Fiesta Street says:

Were you 16 when you made this, just wondering as to whether I should de restrict

Robert Weston says:

Which moped make is the best??

Ben Deane says:

@Harry Rafton 45-55MPH please check the description for FAQ’s

Ben Deane says:

thank you for your contributions, this will be very useful to all the new bikers out there (by the way the recommended oil is pp2 semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil) fully symthetic can damage the components and reduce the bikes reliability or overall use life even if it does seem like a better option for the bike. Be warned what oil you buy!

Demanize CSGO says:

do you have it restricted? if not how did you unrestrict

Deiye Kin says:

I got the same one in a different colour! It’s a good bike in my opinion 🙂 Nice video!

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