Kymco super 8

This is a video of My kymco 150X. I just a little walk around review. I haven’t had it for to long so sorry if I’m unfamiliar or forget to mention something. If you have any questions leave a comment and ill respond as soon as I can. us cool folk gotta stick together you know lol.


michael adams says:

great review dude. let’s hope you post more videos of it, such as rides and such. enjoy it.

teseglet says:

Good review. I have a Super 8 50R on order… for weeks I’ve been trying to find a review how the LCD gauges work… was concerned speed was only in kPH. Good to know I can toggle to MPH.

David Collins says:

Thanks for the review. Tried a Super 8 50. Seat back rest helps for back support Thanks for sharing.

DiscoPotato says:

Hey TheBrooklynKnight, I thought I might give you a heads up about the helmet hook underneath the seat. When you pop the seat open, there’s a little pillar thing towards the front where the seat hinge is, all you do is put your helmet D-ring through that pillar thing and shut the seat and its locked in. I see two of them in your video (one of each side)

ty ki says:

Good review, I’m curious how that scooter handles off road. Kymco are making some nice scooters these days.

HAZE87x says:

I own a 2014 and love it, but these newer models are so plain, it’s just too simple and boring looking, mine stands out and people stare at it, and as far as I’ve seen I have the only super 8 150 on Oahu, so that helps, nice scooter though, I love kymco’s.

Bruce Fox says:

Thanks for the review I’m thinking about getting this scooter just wish it was fuel injected vs carb. But good review. Oh NY here too. Long Island. Be safe. Peace.

ArcticRedRanger says:

thank you bro bout time somebody did this!

RLucra Karaoke TV - High Res Audio says:

I’m thinking about buying this scooter. Is this a good scooter. when I saw the display at the store and I tried sitting on it. It is kinda high for a guy like me. I’m 5-3.

Bear_Yoga says:

Only Single Rear Shock? Weird…..!!!

Yodaismycopilot says:

Thanks for the tube. Before this I could not find a single review by either a private owner or journalist that had ridden one. I almost bought the Super 8 150 for the years 2009-2014 which is a completely different bike. I was discouraged because I heard the headlights were horrible. So I am curious to know more about the “HID” lights on your bike. Do they throw a lot of light out ahead of you? Thanks. Also, the Kymco website says 57 MPG for this bike. Not really very good for a 151cc scoot. I would be interested to know what you find out regarding your fuel economy. Thanks again.

Michael Alexander says:

Thanks for the video. Looking to get one as well. Top speed?

Pete Joyce says:

good review, I’m interested in the 150r which has the street tires. But other than that I think they’re the same.

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