Mid-Size MotoScooter Melee


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zematt zhan says:

I would be glad if bike reviewer would talk more about the technical aspect of the bike, after all we know that for scooter require yearly full servicing and will be good to talk about the value for money part. I don’t think there is so much to talk about the comfort level, handling, weight…practically the value to upkeep this bike is more of a concern for scooter bike…

Donovan Tyler says:

so where’s the NM4 lol, I gotta go to bed

Rahul Rymbai says:


989Bigboss says:

Good reviews I own a forza in the states good bike. Awesome no regrets.

n3rdbear says:

They all look so ugly. Only the Honda NM4 looks good.


I know this vid is a year old, but for future reference, and this goes for all bikes and scooters, could you all please comment on seat comfort as well.  The thing is, not everyone can go take a new bike for a day of riding before we buy it.  If there is ( like in this comparison ) a particular model that is unanimously bad, , , or great, , , it would be good to know.   Love your vids and have watched every one of them.

lb150t says:

I think it would be nice to see a new version of the Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie or Piaggio’s BV 500, what you guys think ?

67claudius says:

Vespa is the most beautiful, no doubt!

Savage rants says:

long beach

Jose Franco says:

The Kymco people 300 it’s a nice scooter to

paul reynolds says:

One of the good things also about the Vespa is if you get a flat tyre all you have to do is take off 6 nuts swap the spare over and of you go so easy.

TheUnitedEstates says:

Always fun when you realize this video was filmed about 4 walking minutes away from your apartment

Pavel D1 says:

Best looking is the Kymco

Uncle Meat says:

2:54 Why would you need to go above 70mph, let alone 80?

Joseph Williams says:

do I need a motorcycle license to drive these scooters. Because if so it doesn’t make sense you might as well just by a real motorcycle.

Milton Pandjaitan says:

ada orang batak

Little Bigman says:

80 mph…? On a Vespa ?

cbr9927 says:

Forza is wide, kind of like a hoovercraft. I think I like the Burgman 200 better.

John Falkenstine says:

I ride an older Kymco xciting 250RI with the dual front disc brakes. This older engine was replaced with the 300 engine in this test. I found that the intake is seriously choked down, perhaps to meet emission regulations. So I drilled four .250″ dia holes in the filter housing and this made a huge difference in the performance of the bike. The Kymco recommended tire pressures are on the low side and the factory tires just plain suck. I went to Michelins and run higher air pressure. With the holes in the airbox, the better tires and slightly higher tire pressure the scooter handles much better on twisty roads. You have to get used to not having gears to slow the bike down and on twisty roads under hard braking the bike will understeer so you have to plan your turns.
Kymco still needs to upgrade some of their materials, especially the waterproof jacketing of the wiring harness and I also used numerous tiewraps to hold the harness in place better. For the price, the Kymco is hard to beat and the drivetrain has no issues at all, except as I noted. I cover large distances on this bike often as much as six or seven hours continuous riding and find it huge fun, much better than my large 650 street bike which is going to find a new owner soon.

Sidney Hemphill says:

Got the 2014 Forza (used with only 2000 miles on it!)this year and no one views it as a scooter. The average person is convinced it’s a motorcycle.

I love it. Good gas mileage, nice under seat storage, can keep up with traffic on the highway, and has a sporty style to it.

opengates777 says:

Scooters for the city all day.

Jibril Rouag says:

Could you guys do more with scooters.

Immy Tweed says:

Vespa are a 70s bike well nice wtf is that vespa you should be ashamed of that crap you made to suit the shirts it’s disgusting

Anonymous user says:

Even though I don’t care for most of the bikes reviewed, I still very much enjoy all the bike reviews. Keep up the good work guys!

Jorge Sotolongo says:

3:26 #motorcycleproblems

Garyntara7788 Burbank says:

the Honda and kymco both have the sports bike look

minddisturb says:

hi troy, are your parent from medan – indonesia?

Kam Zeng says:

The Honda and Vespa/Piaggio are the Scooter experts. Why is Yamaha not included?

Nerven1986 says:

wtf wrong with the background music?!?!

CKPHH says:

The host guy seems to hate on Honda, he never talk much about it.

lb150t says:

I’m gonna buy the GT300i within the next six months or less.

Taylor St. Pierre says:

Scooter prices seem way off. You can get a grom for the price of a ruckus, or a ktm Duke 390 for cheaper than a vespa. The storage on these bikes is much better than their motorcycle equivalent, and having no clutch is what some folks prefer.
Some day here, honda will bring out an all electric scooter. That’s what is really needed I think. I’m sure it’s in the works.

Immy Tweed says:

All butt ugly (gilera sp 180 220 cc beta ark now that’s what you call scooters )
vespa new look shit and are girls bikes them ugly long big red things only oaps buy them grandad bike put some real scooters up and to the retard that wants to defend them don’t bother and dont come with learn to spell or speak English I am english that’s why I hate the fake plastic hair dryers they call scooters

KnewWorld says:

Why did you leave out the Burgman 400? Ain’t cool enough or just allergic to Suzuki are we?

lb150t says:

I wonder why the didn’t include the Kymco People GT300i, or the Honda SH 300i ?

stickvortex says:

And yamaha’s xmax? It looks better than all of those for starters… is it even available in the us?

mrcaptaincrazy says:

For those prices I would just get a motorcycle. This is coming from scooter owner.

qynsar says:

I had a 2007 Vespa gt250i. It looked just like the blue one that they had here except mine was red.  I had a top speed of 96 mph but it began to become unstable at that speed. Which really no one needs to be going that fast on a scooter anyway. I was on the interstate and just wanted to see what it would do. The motor is awesome on that thing especially considering it’s size. It was a lot of fun to ride and I was getting about 65 to 70 mpg. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the seating position. It was to short for me and I’m only 5’9″. I had to slide my butt back onto the passenger part of the seat to stretch out my legs. That’s going on a fairly long ride about 100 miles or so. If you were only going around town it would be fine.

slimdudeDJC says:

Oh man, New York Police ride scooters?? Not in L.A. Freeways too massive, too long!!!

Jason Chicoine says:

I was really looking at a burgman 650 and my reason for not getting a scooter (I really want an automatic touring bike)
I found the wheels too small. Potholes are a real issue in Quebec, also no knee controle, my 2 cents

I'm Simon says:

Kymco is rock solid. Two year warranty. They also sold a millions engines or more to Honda (not only BMW)… The Kymco People GT 300i I have (2016) pulls from 15 mph to over 80 mph (haven’t been over 80 as the scooter is still in the break in phase). 16″ tires give a smooth ride and she is getting about 65 mpg, with me riding her at 60 to 70 mph all the time. Fit and finish are certainly equal to what the Japanese manufacturers are producing… The Downtown (seen in this video) shares the same engine as my ride, the People Gt 300i… Bergman 400 may offer a bit more than all of these; but the price tag is thousands above these. I researched these (in the video) for a year before buying. The Kymco is the “Value” leader IMO.

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