MotoUSA Scooter Shootout: 2011 Kymco Xciting 500 R

Hop on with MotoUSA as we delve into the specifics of Kymco’s full-sized touring scoot. Then read the full review in the 2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout article at


dennis wilha says:

Full size touring scooters, LOL, what about Honda Silver Wing, or Bmw, or Gilera. Guess these are alittle to big for you guys.

sdushdiu says:

Constant comparisons to other bikes, but no mention of the comparative pricing with Yamaha, Suzuki, etc…

“If you don’t take price into consideration” WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Using that criteria then a Porsche GT3 is a better deal than a Toyota Corolla as well!

Asinine comparisons of mismatched units.

houchito C. says:

If this bike is so bad, why in Italy and Spanish have Xciting club? Why so many people buy it? I really can´t understand your bull shit!

janlexlanz bahay says:

this review is full of BS!!! kymco is the best in the world!! you know nothing dummy!

Albert F says:

Great videos.

Angus Cashmore says:

The “Bings” are there your saftey reasons. Ive had mine for 2 years and love everything about it. Expect the tires….

songoku777 says:

yamaha is yamaha, kymco is kymco. both a great bikes / scooters in their OWN CLASS,

devjhold says:

“A bad ass scooter” Thats an oxymoron if i ever heard one…

Edgar Pace says:

Everyone likes the Suzuki Burgman until the belts break. Then you take out a second lien to pay for it. My Xciting 500 runs great, very dependable and looks really good. BTW, I like the sound of the turn signal clicker. It lets me know I have not turned it off.



dracdrum says:

@Onibocho11 The T-Max will do 110+ MPH, the Burgman should at least match it or better with the bigger motor. These arent mopeds.

Famas arfdsafsa says:

what about Gilera 800?

Loveya1038 says:

Kymco Myroad 700,Honda Silver Wing, Honda Integra,BMW Concept 800. How can you leave out these other Mega-Scooters?

Mario Losberg says:

I drive’s a good scooter,but Gilera nexus 500 and Tmax 530 are better..

ty ki says:

the kymco is thousands cheaper than the other scooters. for its price it’s pretty bad ass

frigginjoe says:

It was obvious from the start minds were made up before the actual testing.
I was shopping for a maxi scooter and Kymco is absolutely up there along the likes of the Burgman and TMax.
I actually decided on the XCiting.
There’s no lacking for speed, either on the XCiting 500. That’s just silly and these reviewers are pinheads.

qynsar says:

I have a vespa 250 ie .I have had it up to 96 mph but it started to shake.

Famas arfdsafsa says:

I really think these people in the video are just honest 🙂 they’re not hating nothing

Kevin Hartung says:

You can tell the utter disdain this moron has for the xciting 500 before he even opens his un-educated pie hole. Another Barrett wearing young douche bag, low informed, scooter hating dill-doe that thinks he’s cool? Get a life. If you hate scooters so much, then don’ do a pre-designed bashing of the bike. Only report on motorcycles if thats your thing. I have well over 60,000 miles on my carbed 2007 xciting 500. Only break down was my stator at about 57-58 thousand miles. Cost a little over $300.00 for the dealer to put in a new one. What would the cost be on your ninga/Goldwing etc? I ride all day long at freeway speeds, get 50 plus MPG, and have done several 700 mile days. My longest was 1,004. Could you do this on any of your bikes? I would guess the answer would be no! On cross country trips I have guys on Goldwings, Beemers, Harley dressers etc pass me at 80-85 MPH. Only to have them pass me again, or even several times a day because they have to take long breaks to continue on through the day. My gas tank is small so I have to stop for gas way more times than they do, but I still go further than them in a day. I have owned BMW and Harley dressers. And I would say the X500 is as good as they are! Oh, and shave will you, the hair around your mouth reminds me of a certain part of the female anatomy!

CulichorHimself says:

@ 1:15 she was really talking to about me last night!

10thPanzerKorps says:

Who’s the titty lady ?

Mystin says:

These guys are so stupid because Kymco is the motor in BMWs lol =) Genius!

SuioSchoolZanbato711 says:

Why is this? A shootout to see which one can maybe hit 40mph?


Saeid Momtahan says:

LOL 1:15
‘ I like the size of it, it was big…compare to the other ones’

sam3d says:

retards pretending they actually know what they are talking about.

KyleHuang says:

Only lowlives buy scooters. Move to vietnam if you want heavily polluted environment.

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