Super8 150 – My Review

Get yourself a KYMCO scooter. You’ll love it.


Yodaismycopilot says:

This may sound like an odd question, but can you see your front tire meet the pavement if you look? Or, say, when you’re at a stop light? Reason I ask is here in CA we have to keep the front tire within a pretty narrow circular path for the DMV skills test. Thank you.

Aldrin Detablan says:

thanks for this great review good getting this one..

Kamaseya says:

Sharp looking scooter, great review… Thanks!!

I'm Simon says:

Aside from the bike, I just wanted to say your video review is very good. Clear concise info. that is usable/helpful to the viewer!

Senex says:

I have a Kymco super8 in Denmark its called a 30, and scooters in Dk may only drive 30 kmh, but mine can come up on 65, due to a ring on it thats missing 😀 just need it fixed and then i can starte drive.

big nick says:

i forget to mentiion ive seen one forty thousand miles on clock and still going strong engine parts here in uk are ver cheap

Sugar Cookie says:

Thank you! I am in the Philippines and will buy my Super 8 150 tomorrow. I am 6 foot tall and the Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki scooters (as well as most of the motorcycles here) simply do not fit me. The Kymco gives me plenty of legroom and the most bike for my pesos by far. It costs 72000 new. The Honda Flickr is 89500.

David Seferos says:

I just bought a 2012 super 8 with 976 miles on it seems to have pronounced gear whine,any thoughts..dave

Cajun Kevin says:

LSU Tigers!
Are you from here in Louisiana?

Jun Torres says:

want to see some modifications on your super8? check this on FB..”SUPER 8 SCOOTER”

Dx CH says:

what is the top speed of this scooter?

Kal'loru Stilorroth says:

Hmm, kind of surprised it cant hit a verified 59-61mph? I guess 53mph aint bad.  Id like to request a GPS check please.  LoL thatd b cool.

Cajun Kevin says:

Where you get the tach and temp gauges ?

Gonzalo Austria says:

I would like to know how many miles will a scooter that’s resonably maintained last? Can it last 50.000 miles ? Also how much do you pay for insurance? Thanks

Dx CH says:

I have kymco super 8 150 but it consumes lots of gas compared to other scooter like yamaha. Is there a way to improve fuel efficiency of kymco super 8 150?

Nathan Brewer says:

Could you show how you installed your hour meter & cylinderhead temp meter? And where to purchase them?

I'm Simon says:

I’ve been looking at the specs & reviews of dozens of scooters… Sold my “last”‘ Harley a week or so ago. The interstates are no longer a safe option in my opinion; nor are the three lane arterial roads (not in my area of Florida is concerned). Out of State drivers, uninformed geographically. Distracted drivers the darn cell phones, unskilled drivers (both young and old) and the worst group the impaired drivers, have all combined to create an environment where most major roads are high risk for two wheels. Riding 46 years never had an incident and don’t want one now. So I’ve been tossing the idea around in my mind of a smaller ride (a scooter) for the neighborhood and a few short runs nearby. I’m 5’9″ and 180 pounds with a 32” inseam. I was thinking the Super 8 150cc would be a good fit for me. It would be just me (solo) on the scooter. What have you found as far as durability of the Kymco? What would you guess my top speed would be? How frequent is the intensive maintenance, like valve check and cvt belt replacement? Any solid info would be appreciated, thanks!

David Seferos says:

wkreps,thanks for answer-changed the gear oil.used Castrol 80-90 wt.-6.8ozs.- still quite a bit of what I assume is gear whine,maybe its the nature of the beast,i hope.any thoughts….dave

poisonforlunch says:

people who have never owned or at least ridden a scooter have nothing good to say about them. But once you get to know them and get the hang of them, they can be very pleasurable. speed is the only shortcoming but considering cost, fuel consumption, ease of use, maintenance and overall practicality..nothing can beat this.

hiro villamor says:

fuel consumption?

Kokong says:

hey wkreps i have a friend who like to buy this bike for his daily use but his a very heavy person like 300 pounds and i always see him and his girlfriend ride with him on his old bike Suzuki Smash 115,  so my question is does this bike can climb up hill? cozz his old bike can climb up hill with no prob what so ever.  

Vett Stunna says:

This was a great review! You helped me settle on a scooter, thank you!

Yodaismycopilot says:

I’m considering buying a used Super 8 150 but I expect to do a lot of night commuting and I’ve heard that the headlights are absolutely terrible and this worries me. What is your opinion? Thank you for the nice video.

big nick says:

i dont know if you know this the kymco scooters are actually designed by honda and the parts are made by honda. i believe it was a honda staff walk out by group of staff and kymco was formed. i have one and five years on still runs perfect that front brake still bloody sharp though.

kallitluck says:

How does this bad boy tackle hills? Idk if there are hills where u live but I live in The Rockies so yeah

Kenley Powell says:

Does all the bolts come loose on your exhaust shield and exhaust cap?

Kenley Powell says:

Thanks man, that’s the only problem I have out of mine

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