vawn davis says:

i love your scooter holy smokes do you build stuff for the public? i sure would like to chat with you

John Mazur says:

I love these instructions! “you will notice an instant power increase! this is normal and ca be adjusted by lowering the idle set screw to compensate for the extra fuel your engine is getting”
lol if in fact it did give your engine extra fuel the idle would lower in rpm a lean mixture raises the idle. what absolute trash!

GuitarGuys7299 says:

For God sakes, quit with the useless yapping and GET TO THE TOPIC OF THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!! Half of this video is a waist of the time!

Will Taylor says:

Think of it as pressure regulation. Its a reservoir for pressures. Helps with efficiencies. You sound very nice for the most part but u let in on your petty ugly ignorant side. U said that u know how it works then u said that u know everything then told experts to go to hell. watch out we have someone who knows everything. hes gunna solve the earths energy crisis with the boost bottle. The trolls will eat u up cause your to petty. For a second i thought youd get into the history of the wheel and when you invented it.
maybe ya wanna send me back some zingers? its ok ill see them in 2020 when im online next and wont care. good lock on build. it actually looks really nice.

Nathan Dean says:

are u saying that the makers of the device can go to hell?

Dr. Cherney says:

Hey! You never actually talked about the physics of the boost bottle. This video’s title should mention that Tasmaniam Devil Fire ant, and complaining about getting the wrong color product.

andrew srenson says:

did the boost bottle work out or not?

burntrubberballs says:

above cause the vapor is heavier than air.

jack long says:

you a reed bank

Mr Beldon says:

blah blah blah…..

lord storm says:

he’s must have been high when he made this lmao distraction by a bug haha

anonymous says:

back in 1970s/80s they tried to sell them.for ATC’s..yes 3 wheelers before quads..and boost bottles are bullshit

Nitro Revolution RC says:

lmfao…its been proven these DO NOT work.

Phil Licciardi says:

looks like I’m going to hell.

minibike322 says:

no hate but the only reason I didn’t finish this vid is because all the pauses when he wouldn’t speak annoyed the crap out of me

vawn davis says:

dont bother commenting on this go to hell i know everything about this he says roflmao i love it still smiling

Brandon West says:


dougie350 says:

Why does it have to be above the carb man???? YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! I’m gunna kill your stupid tasmanian BS ANT. How TF you have this many subscribers?heh

austin callahan says:

how much do the go for

master4365 says:

Can you put a nitrous bottle like that on a scooter like a goped sport

Kalle Klæp says:

The boost bottle will boost the bankaccount of the manufacturer …nothing more. LOL


Ive just come across this post via looking at the same principle for rc nitro engines. I’m really struggling to head my head around how these so called boost bottles work. In effect its just a tube with a cap on the end, there is no flow of air in the tube because its basically blocked. Do this little test yourself, blow down and suck the tube and see what happens….totally nothing..!..its a sealed so cant do anything what so ever. 
Just another gimmick to steal your money from you.

jt says:

im new to boost bottle but no wave comes back  to carb with reeds u need the bottle befor the reeds . I like ur  video Ive saw a lot of them and looks like ur in to 2 strokes like I am to

John Mazur says:

these things are a money making scam! you would have to design it for each application every engine is different you cant just make the bottle bigger for a bigger engine. ever wonder why when Yamaha made one it was a really funny shape??? it was shapd like that to get the correct sonic wave at the correct rpm

George Doane says:

Tasmanian Viper ants rule!

Taylor Anderson says:


Gabriel Maharshi says:

Dude, you just drag on and on. Get to the point!!!

Alexander Newton says:

yeah you need a larger bottle but you could alwas hook 2 together also a plenum manifold will work way better

Roy Nelson says:

Hey brother Damon what does the boost bottle does it just give it better throttle response it don’t give it any more power does it had a guy out in California tell me that dyno tested one and it didn’t give any more power but there’s a lot of people that like them check out my channel if you want bad I have a gas powered RC cars and I know some people use them I thought about getting one I just got another new one and I thought about putting one on here to see how I like it Thanks for your cool videos man I think you have the best videos on more understanding of these thanks man

cruelmarksman11 says:


Zackary Restifo says:

Sorry mum

albert costello says:

put some nitrous oxide in there ,

GoodOlJoe says:

It has to be above because the liquid that gets condensed in the bottle needs gravity to return to the carb.

Ron Marlin says:

wow- really? Boring? i made it to 2:54 and had to quit watching. Slow and un-informitive– except for the bis-racing.com.. how the hell did he make 10K vids?? 

TheSkunkhill says:

smoke more dope dude

rory scanlan says:

The ‘boost bottle’ is sealed so how is the air supposed to move freely?
Take a balloon and blow into it, it expands… because the volume of air and thus pressure within has increased. Now try this with a metal bottle, you cannot blow into because the bottle cannot expand, unless your lungs are capable of compressing air. The same applies for sucking, the bottle is sealed how is air supposed to escape from it without the bottle imploding ?

canadastreetmedia says:

your making shit up

Butters says:

to me its an ant he fucking names the dame thing lols

Eugen N says:

the volume of it should be twice of your engines displacement,,,

Warren Qualls says:

what go to hell. that’s just what we expect coming out of an ignorant amateur. boy talk about an inflated ego. you sound like a fool and a chump.

J Martin says:

  Obviously, Tank Must be above to gravity feed fluid …which would, as you said, be backwards vented and wasted fuel.  So, Improved economy due to capturing some of the wasted fuel and giving it another chance to burn.  Also may be functioning as a cold vapor tank  allowing unburnt fuel to vaporize inside tank and line. Black tank will be slightly hotter due to solar heat and might actually work better..  I wonder how it would work on a Gasoline powered Car engine.

Mark H says:

You have a lot of air going through the carb then the reed cage closes and extra air and gas slam into the area making fuel puddle intakes and exhausts are tuned for velocity in the length and waves .

canadastreetmedia says:

it may help atomize and mix the fuel better , and thats about it …its not to hard to figure this out , its not magic

ever smell your farts ?
no magic wave there man !

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