Honda Forza 125 Review & Testride!

This is the new Honda Forza 125.
It is quite a speciall little 125 scooter. And I don’t mean “short bus special” either!


Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
Go check ’em out here:


Nick Whetstone says:

After owning one of these Forzas for 11 months, I am still loving riding it every time. Everything Pedro points out is true, and I can add in the low fuel consumption as another bonus. I have averaged 130 MPG on mine since I bought it (and I am quite a large man). I am so glad that I came across this video before I bought something else.

Galaxy Records says:

Loved the video. Keep up the great work, it would be awesome if you could check out our channel and possibly subscribe.

Buby Bubs says:

why dont you review an honda sh 300?! I know its not in your range a simple scooter but it would be quite interesting to listen what you have to say about it

KimJongWins says:

what do you guys prefer? the forza or Yamaha xmax 125?

Luís Fernandes says:

15:09 “I’m fisting a bike” ….errr ok :p … the good thing is that you’re always positive and happy about stuff

Luís Fernandes says:

7:22 made my day 😀 ahahah

jon ngochua says:

please try the Kymco brand. the S8, like, down town and the rest. have fun and be safe.


Nice video. I’ve got a question: Where do you live? Thats such a nice place where you have filmed this.
A friend of mine lives in north italy on the border to France. It looks similar.

Greetings from Germany and have a nice day 🙂

barnbersonol says:

2.10 I don’t think u know what five metres is. It’s not even twenty feet!

Ashen Prabath says:

supper bike

Ahilles2004 says:

what is best, PCX 150 or Forza 125 ?

Sameer Malik says:

Your reviews are usually so fun to watch, I didn’t able to realize when those 17 minutes passed away. Good Job!

Roger Pouplard says:

Yeahhhh!! ône euh gène ou bistou flaille !!

Adir Elfasi says:

Can you do review on- sym joyride s 125 please?

Jacob Glen says:

In my country, this model will use 150cc engine, and on <1500 euros price range,,haha.. but for sure, with much less build quality than the European version.. lol.. we are just taking the model's look.. it will face to face with our Yamaha Nmax 150 (125 for Europe).. it's a cool looking scooter, and I never really like a scooter but yeah, I said that.. cool..

drewbehr says:

honda can we get this in the US? please?

Domestic Rider says:

120mph or kph ?

KimJongWins says:

I bought the forza

demirmurat says:

CBR 1000 rr’s mirror 😀

willewinky says:

I’ve just bought this scooter today brand new from the dealer. Your review was one of the reasons I decided to purchase the bike, after not owning a bike for 30 years I’m looking forward to exploring Scotland. Thank you for a super review of this scooter.

resats says:

You are funny guy, I enjoy your videos very much

Stevie Burrows says:

very good road test thank you

Nnnuuk says:

Mr Cager, I was all set to buy a Sym Symphony ST until I came across this video, and now my bank account is much lower, and I have a Forza 125 parked in my shed. No regrets though, it is a great scooter, and I thank you for the review. Keep up the good work, your reviews are entertaining as well as informative.

Patrick McDonald says:

Thanks for an excellent review I have now watched all your videos and must say You could easily work for a Bike/Scooter magazine. how do you do your commentary its always good and clear.

confuse026 says:

funny review 😉

fabse64 says:

You guys have a lot of roundabouts!

Uri Serrano says:

Xmax 125 or Honda Forza 125?

Samuel Cane says:

Not totally related, but can you tell me what gloves you wear @cagerontwowheels? They look great!

Icansee u says:

If only this was mono shock I’d buy it straightaway, just can’t stand those almost vertical rear shocks they look horrible, funny enough the pcx rear shocks look better positioned which is a lot cheaper option.

Gerry B says:

How does it compare to the Suzuki Bergman 125, please?

conner glass313 says:

it has cbr1000rr mirrows

YOHOHOto says:

I am getting one of those next week or so. I am on a course this sunday. To be honest, your video helped greatly in my decision making. And the fact that I went to the shop and the guy convinced me this is the scooter for me… and the fact that I liked how it looked like. Havent had a test drive yet, but once I have the CBT course, im going to ( CBT in UK )

Mani Norbit says:

I have the 2015 sh125i my friend has a forza, we raced and the forza is a bit faster, I think it’s same speed as the pcx. Forza is bigger so you won’t be able to filter through traffic as well but it’s comfy and feels like you’re on a big cruiser bike or som,ething. It gives off a nice presence with the led lights, The windshield can be raised and lowered.

Vagabond says:

Would this scooter be good for long distence travel? Like 5000+ KM trips?

craig black says:

would you say this is the best 125 maxi scooter?

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