Honda PCX 125 – 2014/15/16 model – Full detailed owners review and scooter walkaround staff member, Ade, gives us a detailed analysis of his very own new Honda PCX 125, the good and the bad.

We don’t get his usual superbike screaming but it’s an informative review of a nice looking bike.


jackwednesday says:

Hi mate, do you get a lot of side wind blast?

wayne west says:

brilliant review. i’m 42 years old and i’m off to buy one of these in pearl black ! it’s a huge maxi scooter with a big bike feel. just the ticket for my commute !

Nick Smith says:

Thanks for the vid. I’ll be picking one of these up this week. It’s even the same colour .

Alex Alex says:

Install big bore 164cc

Peter Stewart says:

Thanks for all the info, had my 125 for a week now, just getting my balance. At the age of 55 I never thought I would end up on one of these. The usb is really going to be for me as I use Bluetooth and phone all day.

I will be getting mine logo’d as a wasp with my business name on the side, I run a pest control business, I am sure it will get noticed.

Stephen Williams says:

Annoying fuck.

Blitzerman says:

So would you not recommend I buy one and use it to do mainly A roads at about 60mph for 20 odd miles?…or is that maybe pushing it a bit too much? i’d most likely buy second hand because i like the price range!! other option is a burgman 400?..

Sousas Adventure says:

Nice Bike! xD
check out our review also Honda PCX 125
+1 subscriver

Lee says:

Rented one of these in Thailand where they’re absolutely everywhere as they’re made there so are very cheap, cost me £3 a day to rent the pcx 150 2015 model.

Was my first time ever on a scooter in a country where they all ride like lunatics and the roads ain’t great and I felt perfectly fine.

Alan Hayward says:

This 23 minute long video, could of been about 10 minutes, way too much unnecessary dialogue. It also does not have ABS all round…

Gary Green says:

my pcx 125 is the some as in the scooter in the video

Sonny Fish says:

It’s not a Bike! It’s a Scooter! 🙁

Ky Street says:

Rode one of these for my CBT yesterday and now I’m looking to purchase one 😉 Honda did good, fair play to them

GTR MAN says:

First of all, many thanks for your video.You done very well mate ! I have a Kawasaki ER6N and live in Thailand,( Croydon born ), and am looking for a runabout.Scooters choices are enormous here but your review has made my mind up.Honda owe you some commission.
Stay safe sir ! ☺☺

LazyApe_ says:

So now my big question this or the ybr?

Gary Green says:

I get good fun from my 125 pcx

Glenn Lane says:

Good review buddy. I’m getting this as my first bike. A bit daunting as it’s my first two wheel experience.

Gary Green says:

hi johnny m8 how it going how the bike bud

1stMrSceptical says:

Quite enjoyed being your virtual pillion, however very naughty of you overtaking on the Zigzags, three time I went for the brakes.. I was a London courier in the late 70s/80s. I went through two bikes, a Honda CB500T, a few gearbox parts later I ended up with a CB400f2 which I knocked up 80 odd thou on ( still in the sable). What a shame this scooter wasn’t available then, I would have made a few more bob riding one..

Gary Green says:

I went to the salisbury mag bike show on the 17th April it was very good loads of old bike have a look on y tube Salisbury mag 1216 Gary green

Johnny Wragg says:

Absolutly love this vid. I just did my CBT (at almost 40 a late starter) but had to swap to scooter as I struggled with the bike (maybe nerves) so I’m now town between a motorbike or PCX.

I’m a landscape photographer but don’t drive so needed another form of transport that the bus. Love the look of the PCX and looks like I’d plenty of room for my photography gear with a top box. Also love how I’d be able to ride in my hiking gear instead of the tough motorbike gear!

designbysix says:

Since we’re sharing the love for the Honda PCX 125 I’ll share my little story.

After spending years getting around by walking/cycling/trains I decided it was time to get a little more independence. After much thought and research I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to spend thousands of pounds on driving lessons + car + insurance + tax + petrol. The obvious alternative was a motorcycle. I’m not too fussed about speed, all I wanted was something that could handle a carriageway and the A roads. I booked a CBT and tried both a motorbike and a scooter. I didn’t much care for changing gears and using a clutch. I could have learnt it with enough practice, obviously, but I realised I’m not and probably never will be a proper biker. It’s not something I’m passionate about. I just loved the scooter for it’s simplicity in getting me about.

One thing I will say is I’ve often looked at kids tearing around the streets on mopeds and thought they looked ridiculous, sounded ridiculous, and they stink. That did initially put me off getting a scooter. But then I came across the PCX 125 and I knew that was the one I wanted. It looks fantastic; not at all cheap and dirty like many scooters/mopeds. I also love the fact it’s not really noisy so you don’t piss people off.

Anyway I bought a PCX 125 2013 model back in February and I’ve done almost 2000 miles. It’s a fantastic way to travel and it costs peanuts. I was surprised at how quick it is from a stand still. It can easily leave most average cars for dead at traffic lights. Anyway I think eventually I’ll upgrade to a more powerful scooter, as it’ll be more convenient for dual carriageways. I still have no interest in getting a motorbike.

Uncle Meat says:

Perfect for my new commute. I don’t need to go above 30mph.


Just watched the YBR review and stupid noises at 11:05 … came to watch this and at 07:00 more stupid noises … just grow up and do a sensible informative review for once.

Joseph Azzopardi says:

I am interested to buy one like this any comments pls 🙂

soyal bagawan says:

So butfull

Dave Evans says:

Just bought this and done my CBT.. quality bike!

EinkOLED says:

The NEW honda forza 125 is a good alternative to the PCX.

Judge Starkey says:

Had mine for two weeks now, and absolutely love the bike, just so smooth, comfy, and nippy, such a pleasure to ride,
Managed to get it for £2,199 no box though from Vertu Honda Nottingham,

Anyway after seeing a couple of videos regards to wet weather riding, people have said the tyres are probably not the best and be better to change,
I’ve not rode in the wet yet, but wondered how you feel about this as this is your pcx and more than likely have been out in the wet?
Thanks 🙂

atizeg says:

Would you review the Suzuki Address 110? Thanks.

TGC_gamer says:

dam nice scooter but way to much


100 miles to a tank thats not bad.

I got a cbf 125 and i do that to my reserve lol

Cheeksta Rides says:

great vids mate had a look through would mean alot if you could check out my channel aswell please 😀 sub 4 sub maybe too ?

Gary Green says:

I have a pcx 125 I got last year I love

Breaking 3 says:

Hi, is this bike any good for doing the Knowledge??

alistair young says:

can you fit a helmet under seat?………Really goldsworth park and woking wow! i live here too one of the dullest places to live in England

STARKEY75 says:

I’m told I’m due to change my back tyre on my pcx as it’s on the bubble after about 4300 miles
just wondering what you thoughts are on wether the michelin city grips are a better trye or stay with the original stock tyre,

TJZone8 says:

I have hit 70 on the pcx 2013, but only with a givi screen, slightly downhill and not too much headwind lol before the new screen 65 was my top speed

Josh Smith says:

Your voice is like golden butter on a warm summers day

DITLOW says:

How do you think this would cope with a 62mile journey that is quite hilly? I often travel to Scotland to visit family and was wondering how it would cope with a relatively long journey that has some small hills and a couple of big ones

Adam Mills says:

Hey you. Yeah you, what do you think of the Honda Forza 125? What do you think to the New Vespa 125 GTS???

The Exile says:

I did my CBT on this bike and I fell in love with it then. I’m looking to buy one  next week.


hello from california, USA thanks for the review, how about some more ride along london VIDEOS.

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