How to drive a 50cc moped

Thank you all for all of the views, likes and comments! As of now, I have a car, and I sold the moped. I have absolutely no complaints about it at all! While this isn’t Yamaha or Vespa quality, for under $800, it serves it’s purpose as a low cost, reliable, and fun little bike with great gas milage! This is a TaoTao ATM50-A1 scooter.


YBPaladin says:

7:49 Im calling the cops

IIii says:

You don’t need a fucking tutorial to drive these granny scooters ahah it’s really not hard

Its_Just_i N says:

I’m 12 and I can’t wait till I’m 14 so I can get my license and get a moped

Kenny Wheelus says:

So if I get a 150cc, do need a license to operate on the main road or no,I have a regular one just incase. I saw a bike for sale for 450.00,literally brand new,only 58 miles on it,your video has been most helpful, I’m a first time rider an buyer.

Thomas Ashman says:

That scooter looks like a Chinese copy of a Peugeot

Moon Stalker says:

Thank you dude, i just got my 50cc and i love it.Its much easier than bicycle.

stephen card jr says:

That looks like John tayors parking lot

Morgan M Horne says:

watched this before getting a moped, i’ve since had a moped and got a car, now this video is extreme cringe

Pine Cone says:

How fast does a 50cc go I thought they had to be 200cc to be legal?

will johnson says:


Minus ZeRo Degrees says:

I wanted to see how that tile of tge video was meant if you know what i mean, was it instructional or “motivational.”

T T says:

I have a motorcycle license. I ride motorcycles. I have a brand new 2018 model of this same moped. They’re fun to ride. Keep aware of your surroundings. In Nevada you need a plain old drivers license. Mopeds can only go 30 mph.( but they can be rigged to go faster, just don’t get caught.) Can’t be more than 2 HP. No insurance needed.

flex x627 says:

Safety first

Vector Rector says:

Very helpful

Black white says:

I ride a yz450f.. now i want this

Matt P. says:

I heard that those scooters fall apart easily. Is that true?

Minus ZeRo Degrees says:

Pop the fools tires if they get over on you lol jk foreal though i just stick with screw em all and do what i want as long as im not being a butthole or anything then screw jerks like that give them no attention just watch your self and safety that way too you wont be the cause of a misfortune. If you care too much about jerks or bad things then it distracts you and you will mess up cant be hesitant on your decisions. Also that thinking will make you miserable in general believe me it will.

G Bennett says:

I was just told by then I’ll put that I’m buying this exact same model from, that you need a motorcycle endorsement license to ride this on the public Road.

Lawrence Roby says:

thats a scooter not a moped d bag

Ruben Suma says:

If you can ride a bike, you can drive on a moped.


I’m in Maryland can I drive it since I’m 14

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

I’m currently 14 and soon turning 15. In my country you need to be at least of age 15 and you unfortunately require a license. The license itself costs around $200-400. The scooter I’m buying will be costing around $1800 and it’s heavy duty made for long distances for very long periods. I live 30 mins by bus away from my school so that’s why I will be buying one of these. Ofc it will be useful for groceries etc. I’m looking forward to it thank you for this tutorial now I get an insight on how scooters works before even getting my license.

TheTransportGamer says:

I am hoping that I be getting one probably next year

Exotic vlogs & gaming says:

ugly nails

Bee Bob says:

Pennsylvania requires a drivers license up to 50 cc. After that you’ll need a motorcycle license

KING RASTAMAN Wilson says:

I got one just like that but lost the key give me a video on how to crank without a key just like that

Kuba. M says:

A moped is easier than a pedal bike

Sandee Alpern Gmail says:

Good video. (“Dive?”)

Mike Cull says:

How to drive a moped? who cant ride a moped?… no shifting, twist and go..If you cant drive a moped you dont belong on any bike, not to mention with different moped comes different button configurations so your horn might be your starter or vice versa> If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a moped. i dont think there needs to be a 12 min video showing you how

Achoo !?! says:

in latvia u need licnense

very creative name says:

Step 1. Fucking shoot it

Javi says:

This is a scooter not a moped

Alexa Hecker says:

Wow this helped alot

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