Overview 2012 Piaggio Typhoon 125

Steve from Vespa Motorsport talks about some of the features on the brand new Piaggio Typhoon 125.

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speedyme200 says:

What’s the top speed?


WARNING: If you buy one be sure to check the battery overflow tube is secured and pointing to the ground. I didnt even know they had this but apparently if you do a lot of small trips it overcharges the battery causing it to overflow. When i bought mine the tube was not secured, just flapping about, and it pissed battery acid all over the engine case and part of the frame corroding it badly. I had to send it back to the shop where they repainted the frame and cover. Get a zip tie and secure the tube so this doesn’t happen. Other than that, the typhoon has been great and i love it. Very comfortable, the 125 is fast enough around town and not too bad for small country rides, if you flatten it you will get to 90kms/hr and possibly a bit more. Great fun and a good looking little scooter.

bucktooth002 says:

I want one of these so bad but I didn’t qualify so now I have to save up 3500 cash in order to get it I did do qualify for a yamaha credit card that has 9000 credit available so I might just end up buy a zuma 125 which is something I don’t want to do.

Charlie Price says:

do a aprilia sr 50/125 motard review, identical bike

Alca Bringer says:

whats the top speed sir?

Anthony Fiore says:

Good review, very tempted to get one

Steve Wilson says:

Mine does 62mph

cooldood83 says:

is the battery down? … then it wud ridiculous to buy such a thing … go on vacation for a week and the vehicle wont start …

LeahRochelleFleites says:

What colors do you have in stock?

You Toober says:

Dam that grey color is hot!

Ugg, they have white and black colors out now.

I missed out 🙁

Jonathan Camilleri says:

HI, I just bought one of these and the supplier told me I need to help with a little throttle in order to start up along with holding one of the brakes. Is this normal for a brand new Typhoon or there could be something wrong? And what is the true proper way to start up a scooter like mine?

Myna Detail says:

I am a proud owner of this moped as of this comment I have been riding it for about 7 months.. Perfect in every way except a few minor issues I have noticed: When at top speed the engine sort of dips/bogs/slows so I can never maintain max speed for more than a few minutes before being forced to ride at just below top speed (if anyone has advice about this please respond to this comment thanks). Also I found out instantly the middle storage compartment is not big enough for a helmet but that is not really a problem.

Other than that great choice highly recommend.

mrbeloli says:

They have got a kick start

KTalksV1 says:

isit possible to install a kick start on this?

dax446 says:

Hey guys just a quick message common faults which I’ve jus experienced are the engine mounts snap and also the cool mount snaps which results in misfire and cuttng out when at lights although is fine when full revs. Peace

Joseph Farias says:

How often do you have to charge it? I mean, if there is no kick start, then is there a need to constantly recharge it? I am about to buy it, but am still hesitant because I am used to kick start bikes.

jetski Dex says:

1 want 1!!!!!!

Larry says:

Can I sit two people on this bike?

Lluís Matas Garau says:

thanks for your video, could you tell me about the top speed and cruise speed? i have doubts about buying it. thanks mate

cooldood83 says:

my went on a vacation and left his piaggio typhoon 125 …. he asked me to start it everyday but i slacked out … i left it idle for one week and it doest start when i press the electric start button … can anyone tell me what could be the problem … and does this scooter have a manual/kick start option ….

SilencerOfficial says:

please do piaggio nrg review ??

Vespa Motorsport says:

You really do not need to put it on a charger if you ride the bike regularly. The only reason you would need to put it on a charger would be if you plan on not riding it for a few weeks, a month, etc. In that case you would put it on a trickle charger such as the Battery Tender, only to maintain the battery’s level. Technically, you would still want to do this even if the bike had a kick start, to insure the longevity of your battery. Thanks for watching!

mrbeloli says:

Ok thanks

qKrissi says:

Its soooo cool! (i have one (50ccm))

Vespa Motorsport says:

This 2012 model does not come with a kick start.

Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus says:

I think you can’t get a better looking little scooter for such a low price. Incredible value for money.

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