Yamaha Aerox R 2014 Review/Tour! (Update, In Real Life Video :D)

Yamaha Aerox R 2014 Review/Tour! (Update, In Real Life Video :D)

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vex official says:


Z93S says:

why did you choose the Yamaha over the susuki address ?

Josh Ireland says:

I don’t know what this is but it looks interesting aha! It’s your suspension

Keiron Beddoe says:

I have just bought a brand new aerox r 2015 can’t wait to drive it

Gamebred says:

nice aerox! 😀
I got a honda NSC 50 R a couple months ago, I really like it :p
But your aerox looks very nice too ! 😀

Harry Doherty's life says:

Hi mate! great bike vids, I’ve watched all of them. what was/is it like riding a restricted 50cc on the roads?

Bar 12345 says:

“Airintakes” – Grille of your scooter. If you look through it you’ll see the radiator. Through the waterpump and natural flow coolant flows from your engine too the radiator and gets cooled. The other “airintakes” you talk abouth at around 5:40 are just for show. At 6:54 you can see a hole at the side of the scooter. When the scooter is warmed up you should put your hand there when riding. You’ll feel the air that is warmed by you radiator.

4:36: Shockabsorber and spring.

 You can see the level of coolant in the resevoir on the right side of the cover at: 3:38
Didn’t notice before that they took the Neo’s dashboard for the 2014 model. The 4stroke version uses the Neo’s engine also. The oil resevoir is placed at a way better place than previous models, not that it’s your concern but at my 2011 one the filler is placed in the glove box between your feet.

Although your engine may sound a little different then it did before, mine sounds about the same so I guess it’s the normal sound. It’s funny to see how they finally changed the look off the aerox, but still use the same engine as the 2005 model :p.

Hope you enjoy your Aerox! I still enjoy mine as much as I first did when I bought it, although I did derestricted it!

lucas j says:

the “spoiler” is for ur duo rider for the rest good revieuw

Jack Nicholas says:

I have got the 62 plate aerox and was wondering if there was allot of difference

EasyWalkthrough says:

Your the first person to do a review on this well done

Adi Ipiet says:


Emil Årebrink says:

Hello guys today i’m gonna do a review of this moped. I don’t know what anything is called but it looks intresting

Anton Liljekvist says:

My left ear enjoyed this video…

tesnim 2014 says:

I have little bit difrent yamaha and i dont no how to open seat

zak mo says:

how much was it mate?

PhatLonelySkater PLS says:

Nice. I’ve searched for a while 4 this. I really needed to know the space under the seat. Thanks

vex official says:

Can you Tune thuis?

うつ病窮地 says:

“air intakes make it go faster”

TheStig23100 says:

I just wanted to share with you guys what i like to do outside of youtube in my life 🙂

Ge7 0u7 says:

Do you know is it possible to change old aerox covers to this model ?

MikeyPinnockk says:

I’m really after a cheap 50cc which is good for a new rider like me I don’t want to go slow I like my speaks but I don’t want the hassle with gears anyone know any fast cheap 50cc mopeds

GYPlay says:

Why is on the Front an “L” ??? 😀 Sry I am from Germany and we haven`t that :3

Connor Humphreys says:

no one puts the L plates there they put it on the mud flap you make the bike look shit even though its not

Valdemaras Rogoža says:

max speed new yamaha aerox r 2014? 🙂

soccer02sweden says:

I can’t open My trunk what is the problem?

kerem arslan says:

I have a problem with my aerox i habe the same one. I hope you respond.

chadet boris says:


supra Is bae says:

Could u do a ride with a go pro

Trol Kid says:

50 pounds for a side stand you get fucked i pas 15 Euro in the netherlands

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