Yamaha Majesty 125 Review & Testride

This wonderfull 125 scooter is quite an alternative to the Honda PCX…. bit more expensive, but BETTER!

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ElvenMan says:

I’m not riding or driving (yet) but i see that a lot of scooters like this, accelerating vise, i mean i often see they are slow at accelerating. I don’t think it’s too bad tho.

civilitas08 says:

Great review. Let me ask you though: I read somewhere that if you’re more than 1.80cm tall you may have problem with your knees hitting the steering wheel during turns (??). Do you confirm? (or, how tall are you??)!!

Tom OfNorthCal says:

I’m glad you review scooters and automatic motorcycles.
Have you ever tested a Kymco or Sym?
I have tested a KYMCO Super8 150. It was quick, but with a stiff ride.

George Sobczyk says:

what is the top speed of this one?

mac wong says:

great review! i like it very much.
Have u test the Yamaha NMax too? What would you prefer ?

Kate S says:

Hi Cager! What is the top speed of this scooter???

masterblastoid says:

I have recently acquired a 16yr old Yamaha YP125cc Majesty Scooter (1999 model) with only 7800kms. It is in IMMACULATE condition. I believe I have the original Majesty that came out before 2000. I have been blessed with an amazing machine. It easily does 100/110km/hr. Only one low beam headlight works at night…..but when I switch to long beam, both headlights are on. Is this normal?

gacekigor says:

Greetings from another country starting with the letter P – Poland. This review is brilliant!!!
To be honest I’m planning to buy the previous version of Majesty but the scenery and comparison took my attention so much I watched the whole:)

TLMYC says:

Majesty isn’t a good name. Majesty suggest a large, grand machine. Not a tiny 125 Scooter O_o

ComandanteJ says:

Hey Cager, about what happended with the merc in that roundabout, i’d say you two were to blame, him, because he entered the roundabout too soon, and you, because to exit, you need to position yourself in the right lane, if youre in the left lane and indicate right, youre indicating a lane change, not an exit. I had a near-crash because of that my first year driving, from that day, i always stay right if i’m going rigth or front, and left if i’m going to turn more tan 180deg. Before reaching my exit, i change lane to the right.  Never had a problem.

Senna Kurosaki says:

Hi Cager, could you also do a review on the Yamaha Tricity, a new three-wheeled scooter?

krasky says:

16:50 lol I wish to know what the people in the cars were thinking 😀

HatcheDWheeL says:

I came here because I want to support you, but I friggin hate scooters, i connot understand the fascination with them.

Nervous Wreck says:

Great review, because of it ive just bought a Yamaha Majesty s, thanks Cager on Two Wheels    🙂

Chris Till says:

Thank you for the great review Cager. This video made me decide on this bike after I was thinking about it for a while.

It’s amazing fun to ride and a perfect first bike for anyone. I wish it had a lockable front storage area and a taller screen, but other than that it’s ideal for my needs. I hope it challenges the PCX in sales because Yamaha deserve this to be a success.

Tony Hensleigh says:

Good work :))))))))))))))))

alonaultf1 says:

Must do a review of Honda SH 125i. The King of 2 wheels since 1984 in Europe. Good job as allways and look forward to watch more and more. Thank you from Spain!

lul123 says:

is it more confortable than cbf125 or is the cbf125 is more confortable? i mean suspension wise.

Oakenshield says:

I really enjoy your review man!! spot on!! had the old majesty and gotta say it was the best scooter I ever had and I am really thinking to get this one now! anyway good job and keep them coming!!

blipco5 says:

Among several motorcycles I also have a Majesty 400. It handles well and is very fast but like the 125, it also takes a half a second before it starts to boogie.

nelson santos says:

Igual à minha Yamaha S MAX 155cc

davecoop100 says:

i ordered one today as a runaround

林尚傑 says:

In Taiwan, YAMAHA call it S MAX  155, and it looks a little different compare with Taiwan version…I hope I could have one huge wind screen in Taiwan version too! XDD
Finally, thank you for film this video!! It’s awesome!

Rec Helmet says:

Very nice, fellow tuga.
I´m not a big fan of that bike but i do like your reviews though!!! 😉

Damian Wojcik says:

Another good video form Cager! Could you please do review of Yamaha N-Max?It suppose to be direct completion to PCX. Also any idea about fuel consumption on tested MajestyS?

damian2001111111 says:

Hi Cager, it looks like now is time for Maxi scooter test drives:-))) I cant wait for Suzuki burgman 400 and 650 test also Yamaha t-max500, Honda silverwing 600, bmw c600….do it if U can please.I cant wait…God bless.

Ricardo Santos says:

Gostei de ver a tua performance e critica (sempre) construtiva. Os meus parabéns 🙂

Xazhax says:

Yesterday I had a test ride on Majesty S. I can confirm that this is a very good bike and as you said it is a a wonderfull scooter. Today I am gone do a test ride on the PCX.

Gary West says:

That long take off can be fixed very easily by changing out the Roller weights to Slider weights from DR Pulley to a Lighter slider weight, They Last for EVER!, the OEM weights wear out as they get worn spots in them. these slider weights will take about 1.5 to 2.0 seconds off of you 0-60 mph time which makes the bike a lot faster and the DR Pulley slider weights also increase your final drive gear ratio, so not only would you have better/faster take off but you would also have better fuel economy MPG because of a higher final gear ratio

Mustafa Yigit says:

9:38 someone? The Mercedes didn’t do something wrong in my opinion? Am I wrong? 

6Foot4Honda says:

Damn that trunk is sick!
I like your reviews man, very in depth

Lunar To Inferno says:

There’s more space under the seat in the newer models

barnbersonol says:

THESE vids are definitely the best bike reviews ANYWHERE on youtube, AND the bloke is English 2nd language !

Sinonim Anonim says:

A dude tests bikes and does a perfect Dracula accent.

osiek999 says:

Could you test Suzuki V-Strom 650 and Yamaha XT660Z Tenere?

Alex LaJeunesse says:

Just got these in the US as the Smax 155 for $3699. I think I’m gonna buy one. Very cool compared to PCX150.

fountou1 says:

The price now in Greece is 2.690 e .and the pcx 125 is 2.700  , which is the best ?

TTeh says:

i love these 125- reviews. Keep ’em comming, you dont know how much you help us, who are stuck at 125’s 😉
If you get the chance, review the Aprilia Atlantic 125, it would be very greatly appriciated.
Keep up the good work!

howard881216 says:

in Taiwan we call it S Max

Saif Khan says:

good comfortable bike. main problem is you can’t stretch your legs out properly, no space. you’re seating position is quite cramped tight. the seat is also restrictive, the pillion seat is so high compared to driver seat level which makes the driver unable to move back to get comfortable.

Gripper Stebson says:

I hired a scooter in spain and it made me realise how much fun they are. I’ll always have a fast bike but I’m currently on the look out for a scooter. They are just so easy and convenient to ride. Make traffic much less stressful.  I think you might have helped me choose the one.Yeah the Honda looks nice too but I much prefer the flat area you put your feet on the majesty.
I’ll get laughed at I’m sure,especially with the name but you have to ride a scooter first to understand lol

Boon Heong Lee says:

Good positive review on the Yamaha Majesty. Thanks!

Darrell Grisham says:

This is a scooter trying to become a motorcycle, I think this is the wrong way to go. Scooter’s are supposed to be scooters, not motorcycles and are becoming more and more and cost more and more. If a person wants a motorcycle there are many to chose from. Hope Honda keeps there’s a scooter.

monck55 says:

We’ve got far better weather than this in the north of England every day. Now where’s my raincoat.

Chris Cheung says:

Hi, perhaps a silly question. I am looking for a 125 scooter. The priorities are stability, ability to carry a piliion, and storage space but I am not too sensitive on price. Thanks to your videos, I have so far shortlisted X-max and Tricity (need a big top box..). I know they are very different bikes but would be great to hear your thoughts as to how I should compare the two. In fact, what are your top 2 favorite when it comes to big/maxi 125 scooters? Many thanks!

Curt Flory says:

Cager, love your reviews of motorcycles AND scooters.  I’m afraid that your aggressive driving style is going to be the end of your reviews.  Maybe that’s just the way it is Portugal but its a little to aggressive for me.  Can’t decide if I like the NC700 better or the new CB500, or a scooter again; love them all.  I really like the hybrid but the cost may keep me away.  Stay safe and keep up the great reviews!

ripmax333 says:

any chance to get a review on the Honda Forza 300 scooter?

Mahesh Belnekar says:

Please review yamaha mt-125

ElvenMan says:

I would like to have a bike, but this going throu cars is just not my thing.

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