Yamaha NMAX 125 Review & Testride

This is (finally!) Yamaha’s answer to the PCX.
Come check out what I though of it. Special bonus appeareance by Cagerina!

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Crap Ratchet says:

I’ve never seen your helmet until this video and I just noticed we have the exact same one!

hasbvllah says:

Got this for almost a month now. Here in Malaysia it’s 155cc instead of 125cc. But with no ABS. In Indonesia and Thailand 155cc equipped with ABS. Nice bike, traded my Duke 200 for this and not regretting anything.

vishagan sheagar says:

hi there, good review. will it fit a guy over 6 feet?

Mariana Pinto says:

Português era bom

undertaker says:

cager wot byke is viktoria breh

13TH2275 says:

Thank you very much for your Reviews about the 125cc Scooters. It helped me a lot and was very much fun watching! 🙂



Christian100773 says:

I have tried the Xmax 125cc. How does that compare with the Nmax? It would be cool if you were to test a Xmax 250cc or 400cc. I really enjoy your videos/reviews. 🙂

Andrei Lucaci says:

Pcx or Nmax? I prefer low seating

Jensfos says:

Are there any 125 scooters that are faster accelerating than your KTM?

zedcharlie says:

In rainy england looking at the weather there. Lucky you, Enjoy the reviews. Thought what a lovely name cagerina is, Then i realised! He he

Martyn Lewis says:

Nice to have a bit of glamour in the video for a change 😉

brandywell44 says:

3,643 Euros is the price here in the UK. I’m getting more and more annoyed at the price levels we have to pay here in the UK for Yamaha products. £530 more for the same bike here in the UK. We have to pay VAT @20%. What is the VAT in Portugal? 
Another example, though price differentials can seem random, the XT660R, a bike I would like, is £1,700 more in the UK than in France. Yamaha UK what gives?

Uncle Jane says:

The only venomous snake in Great Britain is the Adder.

ripmax333 says:

Nice scooter from Yamaha, the luggage space on the PCX is much bigger tough, a full size helmet can fit very easy in all size’s and still will be left room for a bag and maybe something more. The PCX doesn’t have ABS ..BUT it has combined braking which is very very good even for beginners, if you slam the rear brake alone it will put pressure on the front brake as-well and it will stop very efficiently and very stable and quickly.

PCX has also the start and stop feature.

But great scooters from both brands

Saif Khan says:

can u do video comparing yamaha nmax and yamaha majesty 125cc.

Christie Nel says:

That’s a fabulous little scooter.  I won’t trade in my x-max just yet, but I wish mine had ABS.

Fábio Dias says:

Cager, para quando o teste á keeway cityblade?? Nao deve ser dificil de arranjar uma para test ride 😛

Conrad Schäfer says:

greetings…i never drove a car or a bike..i want this i will apply for a license.. i also im going to drive 60 km everyday..do u guys thing is this bike good for beginers

jmuz says:

nice, i’ve recently made a video on it myself, pretty cool scooter, only thing, we get 150cc version here in indonesia

Kelvin Vine says:

v-cool review.

Haryono Adigunawan says:

200cc engine upgrade !.. also good silent sport exhaust, intake power boom for nmax !


JRat says:

a cagerina não faz ideia o que é raspar as pernas ou as mãos no asfalto quente senão andava com luvas e calças. eu sei pq caí de bicicleta há mais de 20 anos atrás e ainda tenho as cicatrizes. 🙂

Sousa KTM says:

aie aie a menina sem luvas e de calções…

Sustri says:

2 ke?- tires

gue lagi says:

Actually you can put your full face helmet in the luggage perfectly by place it sidewise.

Manuel Martinez says:

Great video as all, I’m thinking on buying a bike, a honda crf 250 m and I was wondering if you could please do one of your great reviews of thay bike

TLMYC says:

She needs gloves and trousers/pants. She has nice skin, it would be a shame to see it grated on the floor like cheese.

bisscoteful says:

Ugly scooter.

Andreas Ka. says:

could you tell me one or 2 bikes that are good for begginers i watched the video and nmax impressed me so it is on my list

Vicario says:

Any chance we get your review of Yamaha X-city 250cc? Anyway, really like your first hand, real time testing and commenting.


You forgot to mention VVA on Nmax engine.. VVA is something like VTEC on honda car

BenalRida says:

Hi Cager, thanks for the review. At that time they weren’t very many reviews around about the NMAX. After your review I ran to the dealer and bought one. Thanks again for your help!!

undertaker says:

cager wots the top speed n comfortable cruising speed brah

Marco Bento says:

Great video. Now it’s time to ride T-Max 530 and show us a video. Thank you

capitainelesang says:

Duplop somethingsomething :DD

Jukka L says:

majesty S or NMax?

Joey Caro says:

Nice review Cager.  The Nmax was just recently released here in the Philippines at US$2500.  Much cheaper than the Honda PCX!  Now you just showed how it is better than the pcx in all aspects!  The only advantage of the pcx is bigger luggage space and has idle stop.

Mikolaj1406 says:

F**k…. riding in shorts. She must not like her skin much…

ComandanteJ says:

Cagerina turned this otherwise “just another friggin’ scooter review that i just watch because Cager is the man” (i’m aguy who actively hates scooters), into a fun, different, slightly silly review that i actually enjoyed quite a bit. So, bring her whenever you review boring scooters! LOL.

Sousa KTM says:

agree about the abs, doubt the handling is better then pcx, but is uglier hehe top speed is lower, only advantage would be rear suspension and abs, but looses on looks,top speed at least

Sherif Taha says:

waiting for Tmax review

Ardent Fan says:

You forgot to mention that the Yamaha NMAX engine is more superior than the Honda PCX 150 because it has 4 valves compared to the 2 valves on the PCX. It also has VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) which is something like variable valve timing on cars.

Joop Gord says:

Seen one today they look cheap the rear shocks look thin and weak!

mestido says:

abs sold me on this one

Daryl Amon says:

Asiahas 150cc more powerfull

Ruben Tedja says:

Cagerina said “I think i am going to change my superbike for this one!”, well, i’d like to say, “i just did it” 🙂 Agree, it is a nice bike!

Donato Gentile says:

Hello,i have to choose between this and the majesty, for a city use mostly wich one would be your choice? Thanks

Franco Javier says:

8:07 OMG! 60! 61! 62!

drummer says:

Great review guys.

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